Alphaville - Forever Young pastillen

April 24, 2019
So does the documentary work for anyone? The music videos are fine but the documentary only works a few minutes. Tried to rip it but no success. Read somewhere more has same issue.

Alphaville - Forever Young M.Capochef

April 29, 2019
Except the title dream machine, it's exactly the same but remastered in 2018. It's sounds good. May it helps you.

Alphaville - Forever Young hjh9907

March 27, 2019

Yes, those tracks are the same ones. The ones heard here in this compilation are a fair bit cleaner (especially Blauer Engel)

Alphaville - Forever Young Ahmulator

March 22, 2019
Yes, I think so. (Remastered now, me thinks as well :)