Syko & Mak - Homicide EP tobysrecords

February 4, 2020
Such a shame reading the reviews on this record. I dont understand why repress and make it sound worse? Really wanted to buy but not after the reviews.

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP record_crawford

May 21, 2019
Anyone comment on the sound quality of this? My original, especially Hertford side, is poor...

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP john.regal78

May 6, 2020

I've got one and its horrendous. Hurts my ears where it's so tinny. Shame

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP oldskoolculture

November 23, 2019
This is really poor, worse than the original, stick to the original

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP dangaran

April 6, 2019
does any one know where can i buy this when its released?

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP biotic

March 24, 2019
Good tunes but labels should repress records that are really hard to get
Hold off or unrealised material would make more sense to me

Syko & Mak - Homicide EP leggyemulous

March 28, 2019
Well, the original of this certainly isn't cheap - I'll grab a repress for sure.