Label:Astral Industries – AI-13
Vinyl, LP, EP, Compilation, 180g


A3Outer Shell
B1Quiet Piece For Bram
B2Inner Structure
B3Bay Hatch



Actually it's a compilation of six previously released tracks. Tracks originally appeared on:
1. "Probes & Prisms", 2007
2. "Vladivostok", 2005
3. "Probes & Prisms", 2007
4. "Vladivostok", 2005
5. "Vladivostok", 2005
6. "Probes & Prisms", 2007

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Nachtmuziek (6×File, WAV, EP, Compilation, 24 Bit / 44.1kHz)Astral IndustriesAI-13UK2019
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Nachtmuziek (6×File, MP3, EP, Compilation, 320 kbps)Astral IndustriesAI-13UK2019
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Nachtmuziek (6×File, FLAC, EP, Compilation, 24 bit)Astral IndustriesAI-13UK2019


  • paredis's avatar
    Any chance of a repress? Love this release but +40€ for 1 vinyl is a bit pricey :)
    • zevulon's avatar
      I'd have to say that this is the least likable release on AI. First of all I'm allergic to those quirky and annoying minimal click sounds on some of the tracks, I just skipped those. The incessant mangle and fibble on a casette and a cassette box on Biosphere's Substrata is the max of what I can tolerate.
      Maybe this is too much of a stale laptop product? I find it passable but nothing more. If others find it innovative and thrilling that's all good, but for me it's too bland and with those annoying sounds I'm really stretching it w 3/5.
      That being said, I will continue to buy anything on AI without any hesitation, simply an outstanding label.
      • chris.topp's avatar
        Edited 3 years ago
        I can't believe I haven't encountered this artists' music before. It combines everything I love about warm and soulful ambient music.

        It's a dreamy mélange of many subtle mood flavors. Sometimes for example, it has the vibe of To Rococo Rot. The first track "Probe" especially sounds like "Prado" from their masterpiece "The Amateur View". But it is more mellow und serene, without evoking the rhythms of urban life. In that regard, it more strongly resembles Shuttle358, which has the same feeling of a warm digital embrace, sounding like the soothing afterglow of a night of peaceful meditation.

        "Vladivostok" on the other hand has strong hints of Monolakes ambient triumph "Mass Transit Railway" from his Hong Kong album. It has the same wide open ambient washes, enveloping you like a cocoon, even adding the same distant flavor of japanese metropolitan spaces with a few well chosen voice samples.

        And then, on "Outer Shell", the sounds of a beguiling harp evoke the mediterranean lushness of Emanuele Errante, another brilliant ambient composer. But here too, it is more subdued, less openly romantic, sounding like a gentle walk in nocturnal twilight instead of a stroll at the beach in sunlight.

        There are so many more mood particles interwoven in these wonderful ambient journeys, like the SND-like clicks n' cuts atmospherics on "Inner Structure". And overall, it often reminded me of some forgotten early gems on the Spekk label, especially the wide ambient rumblings on the "Cycla" album from Level.

        This richness is what I love most about this album. It has a rare depth of imagination and maturity. Amazingly, these compositions are sourced from Sonmi451s first two albums. Fully formed visions like this are truly rare.

        Speaking of sourcing: I liked Astral Industries quite a bit before, but found their ouput to be a bit too samey and Chill-out inspired. With this re-issue, the label shows it's true explorative qualities, with a surprising move towards the hidden treasures of early 2000 laptop ambient. I can't wait how their discography will evolve in the future if this is a sign of things to come.
        • adam01's avatar
          Edited 3 years ago
          It is such a wonderful sonic treat that Astral Industries masnifested the first complete vinyl offering by this long time tech - ambient master, "Sonmi451”. Taking tracks from 2 of his first 3 LP's, "Nachtmuziek" radiates with a loving warmth of hi-fidelity. The original albums that these songs are from "Vladivostok"and "Probes & Prisms" are classic albums within the genre, but were originally released on CD. The mastering on this vinyl album is superlative. It brings much more clarity and warm detail to the listening experience, than the original CS's did. I can only hope AI will release a "Nachtmuziek part 2" since the rest of those two albums are sublime.
          As it is always, Astral Industries continues to ignite sonic torches that are not always in plain view, but certainly burn bright in their corners of the universe. "Nachtmuziek" is beautiful, serene, and totally body/mind enveloping. Amazing music for most walks of life, as well as spiritual journeys.



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