Ben SimsTribology

Ben Sims - Tribology album cover
Label:Machine (4) – MACHINELP001
51 x File, MP3, Compilation, 320 kbps
Style:Techno, House


DJ MixBen Sims
2Vril (2)Magnetar6:40
FeaturingStefanie Parnow
4DJ DeepThe Machine
FeaturingKerri Chandler
5Museum (2)Mango5:18
6TadeoReleasing Focus6:02
7Albert ChiovendaPrototype 454 (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
RemixBen Sims
8Ben GibsonMutability5:54
9Ø [Phase]Distorted Logic5:13
11Oscar MuleroThe Calling5:33
12BiemsixGestio 25:41
13Jeroen SearchVector Sum5:46
15Stef MendesidisSairex5:35
17Charles Green (16)Musikbox5:33
19Mark BroomOutside4:13
20Mike GervaisSlink6:11
21Jeroen SearchOstinato Pattern4:54
22ViL (4)Field5:22
23AssailantsEffort 7 (Demo Mix)4:56
24SP-XConcrete Faces5:52
25Marco Bruno (6)Any Given Sunday6:00
27Planetary Assault SystemsThe Grinder7:13
28George TounisidisPithoprakta4:03
29Rod (16)Embase5:26
30Damon WildStatus5:20
31Tasha (26)In The Zone5:00
32Blasha & AllattBroughton 936:00
33Mark BroomPeak4:33
34Mark BroomLoop It5:16
35Mike Storm (4)Subsequent Actions6:44
36Mike GervaisSolo5:31
37BiemsixThe Payback5:53
39James RuskinTZR5:05
41Ritzi LeeSketch Take 75:37
42ShinedoeRoad 777 (Ben Sims Unreleased Remix)
RemixBen Sims
43Ben SimsHiding The Horizon4:54
44Julien H MulderThe Depths7:29
45Steffi (8)Gentle Uplift6:16
46AlienataThe 8th Passenger5:56
47Museum (2)Viola Hold6:13
48Marcel FenglerCortex5:27
49Ben SimsDrop Out5:05
50Robert HoodGun Talk (Ben Sims JFF Edit)
RemixBen Sims
51Kirk DegiorgioThe Interest6:37

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Tribology (51×File, WAV, Compilation)Machine (4)MACHINELP0012018


  • maroko's avatar
    The DJ mix by Ben Sims smashes it out of the proverbial park. Taking fifty brand new tracks and seamlessly blending them into an exploration into modern techno (as the maker himself put it). It amounts to a monumental ninety minute manifest of present day techno music. Boasting tracks from producers as diverse as old school techno giants (P.A.S. and Damon Wild) to hungry new comers yet to receive full recognition (Tasha and Charles Green, to name a few), the mix is compiled with material which - at the time - was not yet released. Which means you get a lot of exclusive goodies, and a robust, forward thinking set, not a trip down memory lane.
    Now mixing 50 tracks in 90 minutes is more than most DJs go for, but those who are familiar with Ben Sims' glorious mixing technique of the past, you'll still get the up-to-the minute relentless drive his mixes are known for. I assume that by this day and age Ben Sims has gotten around to using digital software to enhance his style, so no, this is not a 100% vinyl mix.

    That said, you shouldn't be worrying about what is being used to make. You need to carefully listen to the sum of all the parts, and judge the end product on its own merit. Techno music par excellence. I have been using it all year long (thus far) as a showcase of where techno's at. Then, of coarse, the first two-three listening sessions will simply floor you, as all material used has been unavailable prior to this release. Meaning that there won't be trainspotting or reminiscing over that tune you heard back in 1998. It's modern, confident, punchy and masterfully mixed by one of the scene's most gifted DJs.

    There is also one other aspect I would like to comment upon. As good as he may be, and the praise is justified, all of his previously released mix sessions were just an inch away from a gold medal. Being a proud owner of both installations of "Escapism", "Welcome To My World", "Theory Of Interpretation" and his contribution to the Essential Undergound saga, his sessions have more than had their share of play time at my place. However, Ben Sims, and I am only expressing an opinion here, always had a tendency to be trigger happy on his own productions. Meaning that, either under his main alias, or through various projects he was a part of ( Killa Productions, Killa Bite, Greenwich Allstars...), his own tracks and edits / remixed material would frequently dominate the mix. Now, technically, that isn't much of a problem, as you always want to promote the labels you run through the music you play out, my issue here was more that I felt like this choice did not really do him any favors in regards to his reputation as being one of the most technically agile DJs. Now, even if you are, and you've earned it, by dropping twenty of your own tracks into your own mix, it's kinda hard not to get it right, right? If the backbone of your set is your own material, then I suppose it'd be quite a disaster for someone to wreck a transition with a bag of their own tunes. Don't get me wrong, I have never heard him deliver a sub par session. Ben Sims on an average night is approximately 85% of the scene on an all stars alligned show, with Ableton doing the work for you. Yup, that good. So when you're that good, and have a reputation that goes for miles on end, are you really cementing that street cred by mixing together your own output? It's a minor grudge, I know, but being aware of the immense skill he posseses, at times I was tired of him producing, editing and remixing the same stuff you'd get on a disc, months after having purcahsed the actual records. So, not only did he produce it, publish it, remix it and release it, he also included it in his new mix, just in case you missed it. I understand he had three labels going strong at the same time (Theory, Symbolism, Ingoma), but come on man. Anyways, minor rant over. Usually, when you are dealing with the greats, I strongly feel that you need to expect a lot. Ben SIms is in the jaw-drops-to-the-floor league of the jockey conferderation, and luckily, the higher the bar is raised for his performances, the greater is the joy watching him raise that same bar for himself, riding a musical blizzard whilst doing it...

    "Tribology" on the other hand does not suffer from any of the above. It's not a label showcase, it's a celebration of a musical movement. It takes the unexpected route and rather than building up to an anthemic hands in the air climax, Ben Sims absolutelly kills it with a wicked selection of freshly baked techno goodies, as diverse (and thumping, mind you) as the many branches the genre spawned over the years. With tight, focused and in-control quality mixing, I would dare call this a class act. An energetic confirmation of tip top form from a DJ who never lost his hardcore. Well done, Ben Sims. Very well done.
    Favorite tracks? They start at 1 and finish at 50.



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