Various ‎– Wierd Compilation Vol.II : Analogue Electronic Music 2008

Wierd Records ‎– VR004
4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A1 Xeno And Oaklander A Beginning 2:37
A2 Martial Canterel Windscreen 3:43
A3 Envenomist A Vague Disquiet 3:31
A4 Staccato Du Mal Su Ultimo Secreto 2:51
A5 Demons Sick By Water 5:00
B1 Spine Scavenger Weighted Ghost 2 5:00
B2 Epee Du Bois Misery 3:45
B3 Xeno And Oaklander Blue Flower 3:23
B4 Angel Of Decay Malignant Tumor Of The Heart 1:49
B5 Flesh Graey Display A Smoke Filled Room 3:39
C1 Wave Tank For Whom The Bell Tolls 4:36
C2 Hive Mind Omission 3:41
C3 Human Puppets Faces (Behind Walls And Closed Doors) 4:26
C4 Waves* :59 1:03
C5 A Squared* Soulfood 3:59
D1 Carlos Giffoni There Are Other Gates 6:27
D2 Xeno And Oaklander Celeste 3:36
D3 Pax Titania Cycles:13 4:53
D4 Audiodakt Wahrheit 3:01
E1 The Siamese Pearl Destroying The Prefrontal Cortex 0:57
E2 Vendome Lightwave Emissions 3:56
E3 Waves* :10 0:13
E4 Sleep Museum Nepal (Departure) 4:37
E5 Charlie Draheim Guts On The Dancefloor 3:29
E6 Private Entertainment Serenade (For A Changed Heart) 4:47
F1 Martial Canterel Pathway Splits Apart 3:38
F2 A Vague Disquiet In Fives: Failure Edit 4:51
F3 Angel Of Decay Cold White Beds 1:09
F4 Three To Forgotten Frostbite 4:55
F5 Tobias Bernstrup Enemies Of The Earth 3:17
G1 Sleep Museum We Who Are 3:24
G2 Opus Finis Perplexed Pathos 5:02
G3 The Siamese Pearl The Rape Of Persephone 1:07
G4 Led Er Est Woman In A Cafe / Communication 4:26
G5 Hive Mind Templar 3:43
H1 Cadaver In Drag Hair, Skin, And Teeth 4:02
H2 Epee Du Bois Jurieux In The Garden 3:52
H3 Ronin (10) For A Dead Lady 4:43
H4 Zug Im Veins Je Suis Un Autre 5:21


  • Featuring [A Little Help]Rudolf Drobowski (tracks: E6)
  • Performer [A Squared], Electronics [Analogue]Andreas Arndt (tracks: C5)
  • Performer [A Vague Disquiet], Guitar, VocalsMark Solotroff (tracks: F2)
  • Performer [A Vague Disquiet], Synthesizer, Bass, Programmed ByIsidro Reyes (tracks: F2)
  • Performer [Angel Of Decay]Jonathan Canady (tracks: B4, F3)
  • Performer [Audiodakt], SynthesizerDilettant2 (tracks: D4)
  • Performer [Audiodakt], VocalsDilettant1 (tracks: D4)
  • Performer [Cadaver In Drag], Synthesizer, ElectronicsJosh Lay (tracks: H1)
  • Performer [Cadaver In Drag], Synthesizer, Programmed ByBen Allen (6) (tracks: H1)
  • Performer [Cadaver In Drag], Vocals, Synthesizer, Lyrics ByJason Schuler (tracks: H1)
  • Performer [Carlos Giffoni], Electronics [Analogue]Carlos Giffoni (tracks: D1)
  • Performer [Charlie Draheim]Charlie Draheim (tracks: E5)
  • Performer [Demons], SynthesizerNate Young (tracks: A5), Steve Kenney (tracks: A5)
  • Performer [Envenomist]David Reed (tracks: A3)
  • Performer [Epee Du Bois], Music By, Lyrics ByCheyney Thompson (tracks: B2, H2)
  • Performer [Flesh Graey Display], Lyrics By, Vocals8* (tracks: B5)
  • Performer [Flesh Graey Display], Music By, Backing VocalsRamiro Jeancarlo (tracks: B5)
  • Performer [Hive Mind], Electronics [Analogue]Greh Holger* (tracks: C2, G5)
  • Performer [Human Puppets], SynthesizerNickos K. (tracks: C3)
  • Performer [Human Puppets], Voice, Synthesizer, Electronics [Machines]Stathis L. (tracks: C3)
  • Performer [Led Er Est], Guitar, VoiceSamuel KK (tracks: G4)
  • Performer [Led Er Est], KeyboardsOwen Stokes (tracks: G4)
  • Performer [Led Er Est], Synthesizer, Drum ProgrammingShawn Noeq* (tracks: G4)
  • Performer [Martial Canterel]Sean McBride (tracks: A2, F1)
  • Performer [Opus Finis], Lyrics By, VocalsCarlos E. Oni (tracks: G2)
  • Performer [Opus Finis], Music By, Composed ByRamiro Jeancarlo (tracks: G2)
  • Performer [Pax Titania]Christopher Cprek (tracks: D3)
  • Performer [Private Entertainment]Mk D (tracks: E6), Polly 800 (tracks: E6)
  • Performer [Ronin], Vocals, SynthesizerCarlo Vajra (tracks: H3)
  • Performer [Sleep Museum], Music By, Lyrics ByRobert Anthony (3) (tracks: E4, G1)
  • Performer [Spine Scavenger]Aaron Dilloway (tracks: B1)
  • Performer [Staccato Du Mal]Ramiro Jeancarlo (tracks: A4)
  • Performer [The Siamese Pearl], Electronics [Analogue]C.E. Oni* (tracks: E1, G3)
  • Performer [Three To Forgotten], SynthesizerCheyney Thompson (tracks: F4), Sean McBride (tracks: F4)
  • Performer [Three To Forgotten], Synthesizer, VocalsMiss Liz Wendelbo (tracks: F4)
  • Performer [Tobias Bernstrup], Music By, Lyrics ByTobias Bernstrup (tracks: F5)
  • Performer [Vendome]Andreas Sippel (tracks: E2)
  • Performer [Wave Tank], Noises [Provocative], VocalsCpt. Mission (tracks: C1)
  • Performer [Wave Tank], Percussion, Organ [Destroyed], VocalsMr. S (3) (tracks: C1)
  • Performer [Wave Tank], Vocals, Synthesizer, Guitar, Bass, Programmed By, Composed ByMr. XIII (tracks: C1)
  • Performer [Waves], Electronics [Analogue]Damion Romero (tracks: C4, E3), John Wiese (tracks: C4, E3)
  • Performer [Xeno And Oaklander], SynthesizerSean McBride (tracks: A1, B3, D2)
  • Performer [Xeno And Oaklander], Vocals, SynthesizerMiss Liz Wendelbo (tracks: A1, B3, D2)
  • Performer [Zug Im Veins], Lyrics By, VocalsLe Monk* (tracks: H4)
  • Performer [Zug Im Veins], SynthesizerRamiro Jeancarlo (tracks: H4)


Packaged in a deluxe gatefold sleeve and accompanied by a 32 pages book containing lyrics, band bios, and over 300 photos, many taken from live performances at the weekly Wierd label party, which has been active in New York City since 2003. Also included in the booklet is a statement of purpose for this vast project entitled "2008 : The Analogue Synthesizer as a Folk Instrument of Humanist Resistance".

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 6 16892 06836