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    Magnetrixx - Didge Land album cover

    MagnetrixxDidge Land

    Label:AP Digits – APD091
    2 x File, WAV, Single
    Style:Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance


    2Arnhem Land7:59



    DjLarzarus's avatar
    So Underrated music and musicians (I listen to songs he made 1 and 2 decades ago , and it´s like its made fore 2022, before its time. Or in other words timless" (you could say sadly for the composer that it was not "popular 20 years ago) But Man, when you understand what is quality and it is your gift from Heaven, You use the gift and make this. Developing the talent more and more for all this years. Even if you don´t get more than some hundred (or some thousend views) Insted of hundred of thousend+ on every song that this art should have if people would be lied to by mainstream McDonald music industry.
    Almoust like super famous painters that didn´t get recognized before after their death.
    But I dont think this guy have to wait until than. (would
    not be surprised if this music gets a Sudden Ultrasonic Rocket speed lift. Into youth generation (and also older generations) Super smood fine buildups. Cool good base. No annoying sounds (like an open hi hat running in the background all the time, etc.) I really hope that this composer Stefan Lewin does not get discouraged because there are so few views. I really thought this was made either this year or max in 2017. And I've been listening to Goa / psytrance since 1998 (and still listen to it daily)

    What is also so artistically good about the music / musician. Is that he is true to the genre he make and does not deviate from it becouse of make it mainstream "popular" to get it liked. As so many many many have done before him.
    To satisfy the masses and get money.
    It is understandable that many do it because they need money, but it can not be fun and great to paint pictures, or make sculptures you dont really like or think are nice (when you are a Real artist) but because then many people clap and lift you up. (and give you money) I hope this composer gets enough money from other places to pay bills ect and to get the equipment he needs) So he can focus and use his time and talent to get to even higher level in his development in progressiv music sound.
    I think it is not the case that northern Europe ++ does not have rhythm in the body (like in Africa ect) But it is that society and people have suppressed the rhythm they have. They have seen it as being "wild", or not behaving properly correct. And they have somehow lost the rytem. But there will come a time (most likely soon) when people will stop caring more and more what others and society think of them when they do their rythem. Then they also open their eyes to quality in music as this is.
    apc12432's avatar
    Very beautiful tracks with a tribal taste. I usually don't like more progressive stuff but this stands out way more than the other crap labels are pumping out these days. Well done Magnetrixx and AP Digits.