Adam Beyer - Remainings III micha2007

January 4, 2018

A1 is very similar to the Air Frog "Bon Voyage" 12" from the same time but even better.
Pressing is very good and ultra loud, my norm-level soundcard overdrives when digitizing.

Adam Beyer - Remainings III TrondC

August 5, 2012
This one is a proper winner, such a drive and force.. raw power. I can't decide if I like the A or B side the most, they both are killers in their own ways. the A-side is pretty straight forward, with just a few breaks in between to interrupt the flow and give some dynamics. The B-side on the other hand is a little more dynamic, and the altered bassline works even better than the original. Menacing and unforgiving, this bassline will even make the dubstep heads go wild as it tears the house down. One of the highlights from the Drumcode catalogue for sure

Adam Beyer - Remainings III as reviewed by Stuck_In_1992

March 7, 2006
edited over 12 years ago

This was the first Drumcode I ever bought and it makes me wish I was paying attention to this label all along. This record delivers the 1991 'Ardkore sound by sampling the drum loop from Quadraphonia's "Quadraphonia" only its used very little. The main bassline itself sounds as if its trying to sound like Cybersonik "Technarchy" which is even cooler. As retro as this record sounds, it manages to sound completely fresh and upfront. If your a collecter of Drumcode, I can tell you that this one is worth tracking down.

Adam Beyer - Remainings III as reviewed by blindwatch

August 16, 2002

This record doesn't ask, it just gets you moving and bouncing as you were a puppet in a storm. astounding dancefloorkiller pumping bass into your veins and letting your body produce amphetamine on its own. Fabulous drums sounding like chopping trees in the woods. Great Stuff!