Edward Elgar*The Collector's Edition

Label:EMI Classics – 5 03603 2, EMI Classics – 50999 503603 2 1
30 x CD, Compilation, Remastered, Stereo
Style:Romantic, Opera


Symphony No.1 In A Flat Op.55
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
1-1I. Andante. Nobilmente E Semplice – Allegro21:39
1-2II. Allegro Molto –7:03
1-3III. Adagio12:15
1-4IV. Lento – Allegro12:46
1-5Introduction And Allegro Op 47
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
OrchestraSinfonia Of London*
Symphony No.2 In E Flat Op.63
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
OrchestraHallé Orchestra
2-1I. Allegro Vivace E Nobilmente19:24
2-2II. Larghetto13:50
2-3III. Rondo: Presto8:19
2-4IV. Moderato E Masetoso14:18
2-5Elegy Op.584:22
2-6Sospiri Op.705:10
Falstaff Symphonic Study In C Minor Op.68
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
OrchestraHallé Orchestra
3-1I. Falstaff And Prince Henry3:15
3-2II. Eastcheap – Gadshill – The Boar's Head, Revelry And Sleep13:02
3-3Dream Interlude: 'Jack Falstaff, Now Sir John, A Boy, And Page To Thomas Mowbray, Duke Of Norfolk'2:19
3-4III. Falstaff's March – The Return Through Gloucestershire –4:24
3-5Interlude: Gloucestershire. Shallow's Orchard (Allegretto) – The New King – The Hurried Ride To London2:38
3-6IV. King Henry V's Progress – The Repudiation Of Falstaff, And His Death8:46
3-7Cockaigne (In London Town) Concert Overture Op.40
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
3-8Froissart Concert Overture Op.1914:12
Variations On An Original Theme 'Enigma' Op.36
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
4-2C.A.E. (The Composer's Wife)1:47
4-3H.D.S.-P. (Hew David Steuart-Powell)0:49
4-4R.B.T. (Richard Baxter Townshend)1:28
4-5(W.M.B. (William Meath Baker)0:30
4-6R.P.A. (Richard Penrose Arnold)2:16
4-7Ysobel (Isabel Fitton)1:16
4-8Troyte (Troyte Griffith)1:03
4-9W.N. (Winifred Norbury)1:47
4-10Nimrod (A.J. Jaeger)3:34
4-11Intermezzo: Dorabella (Dora Penny)2:25
4-12G.R.S. (George Robertson Sinclair)0:59
4-13B.G.N. (Basil G. Nevinson)2:53
4-14Romanza: *** (Lady Mary Lygon)2:46
4-15Finale: E.D.U. (The Composer)5:29
Pomp And Circumstance Military Marches Op.39
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
4-16No.1 In D6:37
4-17No.2 In A Minor5:02
4-18No.3 In C Minor6:03
4-19No.4 in G5:18
4-20No.5 In C6:03
Serenade In E Minor Op.20
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
OrchestraSinfonia Of London*
4-21I. Allegro Piacevole3:58
4-22II. Larghetto6:00
4-23III. Allegretto – Come Prima3:08
Sea Pictures Op.37
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
Contralto VocalsJanet Baker
5-1I. Sea Slumber-Song5:04
5-2II. In Haven (Capri)2:06
5-4III. Sabbath Morning At Sea6:19
5-4IV. Where Corals Lie4:10
5-5V. The Swimmer6:05
Cello Concerto In E Minor Op.85
5-6I. Adagio – Moderato –7:58
5-7II. Lento – Allegro Molto4:31
5-8III. Adagio5:14
5-9IV. Allegro – Moderato – Allegro Ma Non Troppo12:17
Violin Sonata In E Minor Op.82
PianoDavid Parkhouse
ViolinHugh Bean
6-1I. Allegro8:07
6-2II. Romance: Andante8:01
6-3III. Allegro Non Troppo9:11
Violin Concerto In B Minor Op.61
6-4I. Allegro18:06
6-5II. Andante11:38
6-6III. Allegro Molto – Cadenza (Accompagnata: Lento) – Allegro Molto (Tempo I)19:19
Nursery Suite
7-1I. Aubade (Awake) (Allegretto)4:45
7-2II. The Serious Doll (Andantino)3:10
7-3III. Busy-ness (Allegro Molto)2:16
7-4IV. The Sad Doll (Andantino)1:50
7-5V. The Wagon (Passes) (Allegretto)1:42
7-6VI. The Merry Doll (Allegro Molto)1:30
7-7VII. Dreaming (Lento) – 3:11
7-8Envoy (Coda)
ViolinClifford Knowles
Severn Suite Op.87
7-9Worcester Castle (Introduction)2:35
7-10Tournament (Toccata)4:16
7-11III. Cathedral (Fugue)3:30
7-12IV. Commandery (Minuet)5:53
7-13V. Coda1:59
Suite From 'The Crown Of India' Op.66
7-14Ia. Introduction (Allegro)2:06
7-15Ib. Dance Of The Nautch Girls (Allegretto)3:06
7-16II. Menuetto (Moderato)2:11
7-17III. Warriors' Dance (Allegro)2:17
7-18IV. Intermezzo (Andantino)
ViolinClifford Knowles
7-19March Of The Mogul Emperors (Moderato Maestoso)4:03
7-20Coronation March Op.6510:47
Organ Sonata In G Op.28
ConductorVernon Handley
Orchestrated ByGordon Jacob
8-1I. Allegro Maestoso8:32
8-2II. Allegretto4:14
8-3III. Andante Espressivo6:39
8-4IV. Presto (comodo)5:00
The Wand Of Youth (Music To A Child's Play (Music To A Child's Play)
8-5First Suite Op.1a | I. Overture: Allegro Molto1:34
8-6II. Serenade: Andantino2:44
8-7III. Minuet (Old Style: Andante1:59
8-8IV. Sun Dance: Presto2:42
8-9V. Fairy Pipers: Allegretto4:30
8-10VI. Slumber Scene: Moderato3:33
8-11VII. Fairies And Giants: Presto3:49
8-12Second Suite Op.1b | 1. March. Alla Marcia (Allegro Moderato)3:57
8-13II. The Little Bells (Scherzino): Allegro Molto2:51
8-14III. Moths And Butterflies (Dance): Allegretto2:06
8-15IV. Fountain Dance: Allegretto Comodo3:15
8-16V. The Tame Bears: Allegretto Moderato2:27
8-17VI. The Wild Bears: Presto2:20
Three Bavarian Dances
9-1I. The Dance (Sonnenbichl): Allegretto Giocoso3:31
9-2II. Lullaby (In Hammersbach): Moderato3:14
9-3III. The Marksman (Bei Murnau): Allegro Vivace4:40
9-4Chanson De Nuit Op.15 No.14:24
9-5Chanson De Matin Op.15 No.23:00
Fantasia And Fugue In C Minor Op.86
Composed ByJ.S. Bach*
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Transcription ByElgar*
9-8Overture In D Minor
Composed ByHandel*
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Transcription ByElgar*
9-9In The South (Alassio), Concert Overture Op.5019:49
10-1Carillon Op.754:12
10-2Funeral March (From Piano Sonata No.2 In B Flat Minor Op.35)
Composed ByChopin*
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Transcription ByElgar*
Grania And Diarmid Op.42
10-3Incidental Music2:48
10-4Funeral March6:42
10-5Polonia Op.7612:33
10-6Triumphal March From Caractacus Op.357:00
10-7Imperial March Op.324:24
10-8Empire March (1924)4:24
11-1Minuet (From Beau Brummel)3:56
Dream Children Op.43
11-2I. Allegro Maestoso3:11
11-3II. Allegretto Piacevole4:24
11-4Salut D'Amour Op.123:47
11-5Minuet Op.214:35
11-6May Song3:41
11-7Rosemary ("That's For Remembrance")3:25
11-8Romance, For Bassoon And Orchestra Op.625:35
11-9Sevillana Op.74:51
11-10Sérénade Lyrique4:57
Three Characteristic Pieces Op.10
11-11I. Mazurka3:08
11-12Sérénade Mauresque4:43
11-13Contrasts: The Gavotte AD 1700 And 19003:47
Piano Quintet In A Minor Op.84
Cello [Allegri Q.]Bruno Schrecker
EnsembleAllegri Quintet*
PianoJohn Ogdon
Viola [Allegri Q.]Patrick Ireland
Violin [Allegri Q.]David Roth (2), Hugh Maguire
12-1I. Moderato – Allegro13:03
12-2II. Adagio11:13
12-3III. Andante – Allegro10:28
String Quartet In E Minor Op.83
Cello [Music Group]Eileen Croxford
EnsembleMusic Group Of London*
Viola [Music Group]Christopher Wellington
Violin [Music Group]Frances Mason, Hugh Bean
12-4I. Allegro Moderato9:16
12-5II. Piacevole: Poco Andante9:52
12-6III. Finale: Allegro Molto9:51
PianoJohn Ogdon
12-8Concert Allegro Op.46
PianoJohn Ogdon
The Dream Of Gerontius Op.38
Bass Vocals [The Priest]Kim Borg
Chorus MasterEric Chadwick
Chorus Master [Ambrosian Singers]John McCarthy
ConductorSir John Barbirolli
Mezzo-soprano Vocals [The Angel]Janet Baker
OrchestraHallé Orchestra
Tenor Vocals [Gerontius, Soul Of Gerontius]Richard Lewis (3)
13-1Part I | Prelude (Lento, Mistico – Moderato – Andantino – Come Prima)10:12
13-2Jesu, Maria – I Am Near To Death (Gerontius)3:31
13-3So Pray For Me ... Kyrie Eleison ... Holy Mary, Pray For Him (Gerontius, Semi-chorus, Chorus)2:47
13-4Rouse Thee, My Fainting Soul ... Be Merciful (Gerontius, Chorus)4:20
13-5Sanctus Fortis, Sanctus Deus (Gerontius)5:29
13-6I Can No More ... Rescue Him, O Lord (Gerontius, Chorus)2:43
13-7Noe From The Waters ... Novissima Hora Est (Semi-chorus, Chorus, Gerontius)3:06
13-8Proficiscere, Anima Christiana (Priest)1:56
13-9Go In The Name Of Angels (Chorus, Priest, Semi-chorus)4:42
14-1Part II | (Andantino)1:53
14-2I Went To Sleep (Gerontius)2:54
14-3Another Marvel ... My Work Is Done (Soul, Angel)3:48
14-4 It Is A Member Of That Family ... A Presage Falls Upon Thee (Angel, Soul)6:14
14-5But Hark! ... Low-born Clods Of Brute Earth (Soul, Angel, Chorus)1:34
14-6Dispossessed, Aside Thrust (Chorus)3:41
14-7I See Not Those False Spirits (Soul, Angel)2:10
14-8There Was A Mortal ... Praise To The Holiest (Angel, Semi-chorus, Chorus, Soul)6:08
14-9But Hark! A Grand Mysterious Harmony (Soul, Angel, Chorus)9:53
14-10Thy Judgement Now Is Near (Angel, Soul)2:22
14-11Jesu! By That Shuddering Dread (Angel Of The Agony, Soul, Semi-chorus, Chorus)5:44
14-12Praise To His Name! ... Take Me Away (Angel, Soul, Chorus)6:04
14-13Softly And Gently (Angel, Chorus, Semi-chorus)6:56
The Apostles Op.49
Bass Vocals [Jesus]John Carol Case
Bass Vocals [Judas]Clifford Grant
Bass Vocals [St Peter]Benjamin Luxon
Chorus Master [ London Philharmonic Choir]John Alldis
Chorus Master [Director of Music, Choir Of Downe House School]Dorothy Dickinson
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Contralto Vocals [Mary Magdalene]Helen Watts
LeaderRodney Friend
Soprano Vocals [The Blessed Virgin, The Angel]Sheila Armstrong
Tenor Vocals [St John]Robert Tear
15-2Part 1 | I. The Calling Of The Apostles | And It Came To Pass In Those Days8:23
15-3In The Mountain – Night | The Dawn1:27
15-4Morning Psalm4:47
15-5The Lord Hath Chosen Them7:38
15-6II. By The Wayside8:08
15-7III. By The Sea Of Galilee | And Straightway Jesus Constrained His Disciples1:43
15-8In The Tower Of Magdala6:06
15-9Fantasy | This Shall Ye Have Of Mine Hand8:07
15-10In Caesarea Philippi | When Jesus Came Into The Parts Of Caesarea Philippi4:01
15-11And I Will Give Unto Thee7:12
15-2In Capernaum | Turn You To The Stronghold6:39
16-1Part 2 | Introduction4:17
16-2IV. The Betrayal | And It Came To Pass1:59
16-3Then Gathered The Chief Priests And & Pharisees3:23
16-4Hail, Master!5:00
16-5In The Place Of The High Priest | Then Judas, Which Had Betrayed Him3:56
16-6The Temple | Without The Temple9:00
16-7V. Golgotha4:36
16-8VI. At The Sepulchre4:24
16-9VII. The Ascension | We Trusted That It Had Been He5:14
16-10Give Us One Heart9:13
The Apostles And The Kingdom: An Illustrated Introduction By Sir Adrian Boult
Script ByMichael Kennedy (4)
Script By, Read BySir Adrian Boult
16-11Elgar’s Use Of Leitmotiv | General Introduction1:55
16-12Introduction To The Apostles And The Kingdom1:16
16-13Motto Themes Used For The Principal Characters | Christ, The Man Of Sorrows1:49
16-14The Spirit Of The Lord1:07
16-15Christ's Loneliness1:17
16-16The Beatitudes3:08
16-18St Peter1:26
16-19Motto Themes Used For Abstract Ideas | The Gospel1:51
16-20The Church0:48
16-21The Fellowship Of The Apostles1:17
16-22Motto Themes Used Only In The Kingdom | The New Faith (Christianity)3:04
16-23In The Name Of Jesus Christ0:42
16-24The Real Presence (Christ)1:10
16-25Motto Theme Quoted From The Light Of Life2:24
16-26Motto Theme Quoted From The Dream Of Gerontius1:47
The Kingdom Op.51
Bass VocalsJohn Shirley-Quirk
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Contralto VocalsYvonne Minton
Soprano VocalsMargaret Price
Tenor VocalsAlexander Young
17-2I. In The Upper Room | Seek First The Kingdom Of God8:37
17-3Men And Brethren5:30
17-4O Ye Priests!3:38
17-5II. At The Beautiful Gate6:34
17-6III. Pentecost | And When The Day Of Pentecost4:39
17-7And Suddenly There Came From Heaven14:59
17-8Repent, And Be Baptized5:43
18-1IV. The Sign Of Healing | Then They That Gladly Received His Word10:17
18-2And As They Spake ... The Sun Goeth Down11:04
18-3V. The Upper Room | The Voice Of Joy6:45
18-4Thou, Almighty Lord5:16
18-5Our Father5:19
Coronation Ode Op.44
18-6I. Crown The King10:11
18-7IIa. The Queen2:21
18-8IIb. Daughter Of Ancient Kings1:33
18-9III. Britain, Ask Of Thyself3:48
18-10IV. Hark, Upon The Hallowed Air7:25
18-11V. Peace, Gentle Peace3:33
18-12VI. Land Of Hope And Glory4:28
The Light Of Life (Lux Christi) Op.29
Bass VocalsJohn Shirley-Quirk
Chorus MasterEdmund Walters
ConductorSir Charles Groves
Contralto VocalsHelen Watts
Soprano VocalsMargaret Marshall
Tenor VocalsRobin Leggate
19-11. Meditation5:52
19-22. Seek Him That Maketh The Seven Stars7:10
19-33. As Jesus Passed By1:33
19-44. Be Not Extreme, O Lord3:44
19-55. Neither Hath This Man Sinned2:40
19-66. Light Out Of Darkness4:44
19-77. And When He Had Thus Spoken1:11
19-88. Doubt Not Thy Father's Care!2:23
19-99. He Went His Way Therefore5:08
19-1010. As A Spirit Didst Thou Pass Before Mine Eyes5:12
19-1111. They Brought Him To The Pharisees2:41
19-1212. Thou Only Hast Words Of Life!2:26
19-1313. But The Jews Did Not Believe4:06
19-1414. Woe To The Shepherds Of The Flock!3:35
19-1515a. Jesus Heard That They Had Cast Him Out2:09
19-1615b. I Am The Good Shepherd4:24
19-1716. Light Of The World, We Know Thy Praise4:58
The Black Knight = Der Schwarz Ritter Op.25
20-1Scene I: 'Twas Pentecost6:03
20-2Scene II: To The Banner Of The Fight6:10
20-3Scene III: Pipe And Viol Call The Dances8:36
20-4Scene IV: To The Sumptuous Banquet14:40
Scenes From The Saga Of King Olaf Op.30
Bass VocalsBrian Rayner Cook
Chorus MasterRichard Cooke
ConductorVernon Handley
Soprano VocalsTeresa Cahill
Tenor VocalsPhilip Langridge
20-5Introduction: There Is A Wondrous Brook3:17
20-61. Recit.: Summon Now The God Of Thunder (Soloists & Chorus)0:55
20-72. The Challenge Of Thor (Tenor)4:23
20-83. King Olaf's Return (Tenor)6:54
20-94. Tell How Olaf Bore The Cross (Bass)0:47
20-105. The Conversion | King Olaf's Prows At Nidaros (Chorus) –3:21
20-11Behold Me, My People (Tenor, Bass, Chorus) –5:23
20-12As Leaps The Lights Of Winter (Chorus, Bass) –3:44
20-13Then O'er The Blood-stained Horg-stone (Chorus) –2:36
20-14O Brothers Of Iceland (Tenor, Chorus)4:12
21-16. Recit.: Now The Child Of Ironbeard Dead (Bass)0:50
21-27. Gudrun (Soprano, Chorus, Tenor)6:41
21-38.Recit.: How The Wraith Of Odin Old0:53
21-49. The Wraith Of Odin5:21
21-510. Sisters, Sing Ye Now The Song (Bass)0:46
21-611. Sigrid (Chorus, Tenor, Soprano)7:48
21-712. Hark! She Flies From Wendland Forth (Bass)0:44
21-813. Thyri (Chorus)4:54
21-914. The Gray Land Breaks To Lively Green (Soprano & Tenor)9:24
21-1015. Recit.: After Queen Gunhild's Death (Chorus)1:20
21-1116. The Death Of Olaf (Chorus)6:29
21-12Epilogue (Soloists & Chorus) | In The Covent Of Drontheim –3:17
21-13As Torrents In Summer –2:21
21-14Stronger Than Steel5:33
21-15Spanish Serenade Op.235:05
21-16The Snow Op.26 No.15:59
21-17Fly, Singing Bird Op.26 No.24:05
Caractacus Op.35
Baritone VocalsBrian Rayner Cook, Peter Glossop
Bass VocalsMalcom King, Richard Suart
ConductorSir Charles Groves
Soprano VocalsSheila Armstrong
Tenor VocalsRobert Tear
22-1Scene I | Solo: Watchmen, Alert! (British Host)6:03
22-2Recit.: Watchmen, Alert! The King Is Here (Caractacus, Sentries)5:47
22-3Recit.: Father! Sire And King (Eigen, Caractacus, Orbin, Sentries)2:41
22-4Solo: At Eve To The Greenwood, We Wander'd Away (Eigen)3:03
22-5Trio: On The Ocean And The River (Orbin, Caractacus, Eigen)2:40
22-6Chorus: Rest, Weary Monarch (Spirits Of The Hill, Sentries)3:22
22-7Scene II | Tread The Mystic Circle Round (Arch-Druid, Druids, Druid Maidens)5:46
22-8Chorus (Invocation) Lord Of Dread (Druids, Druid Maidens, Caractacus)2:49
22-9Recit.: Bard, What Read Ye? (Arch-Druid, Orbin, Druids, Druid Maidens, Caractacus)8:16
22-10Solo And Chorus: Leap To Light (Caractacus, Soldiers, Arch-Druid, Orbin)5:15
22-11Chorus: Hence, Ere The Druid's Wrath Is Woke (Druids, Druid Maidens, Orbin, Soldiers)2:52
23-1Scene III | Introduction: Woodland Interlude2:13
23-2Chorus: Come! Beneath Our Woodland Bow'rs (Youths, Maidens)1:15
23-3Solo: O'er Arch'd By Leaves (Eigen, Orbin)4:06
23-4Solo: Last Night Beneath The Sacred Oak (Orbin)1:57
23-5Chorus And Duet: Come! Beneath Our Woodland Bow'rs (Youth, Maidens, Orbin, Eigen)6:07
23-6Scene IV | Chorus: Wild Rumours Shake Our Calm Retreat (Maidens)2:25
23-7Solo: When The Glow Of The Evening Had Died From The Hill (Eigen, Maidens)2:31
23-8Chrous: We Were Gather'd By The River (Soldiers)2:09
23-9Chorus And Duet (Lament): O My Soldiers, Tell Me Truly (Caractacus, Soldiers)3:49
23-10Scene V | Chorus And Solo: Captive Britons, See Them! Hark (Druid Maidens, A Bard)4:00
23-11Scene VI | Chorus: The March Triumphal Thunders7:31
23-12Unbind His Hands (Claudius)1:08
23-13Solo: Heap Torment Upon Torment, Woe On Woe (Caractacus, Eigen, Orbin)4:07
23-14Chorus And Recit.: Slay, Slay The Briton (Roman Citizens, Claudius)0:33
23-15Solo: I Plead Not For Myself (Caractacus, Orbin, Eigen, Chorus, Claudius)2:32
23-16Quartet: Grace From The Roman! (Eigen, Claudius, Orbin, Caractacus)2:49
23-17Chorus: The Clang Of Arms Is Over4:45
The Banner Of St George Op.33
24-1Scene I11:08
24-2Scene II – Epilogue (March)17:50
24-3Great Is The Lord (Psalm 48) Op 68
Baritone VocalsStephen Roberts (2)
ConductorRichard Hickox
24-4Te Deum & 12:27
The Spirit Of England Op.80
ConductorRichard Hickox
OrchestraNorthern Sinfonia
Soprano VocalsDame Felicity Lott*
25-1I. The Fourth Of August7:38
25-2II. To Women6:38
25-3III. For The Fallen12:49
25-4Give Unto The Lord (Psalm 29) Op.74
ConductorRichard Hickox
OrchestraNorthern Sinfonia
25-5O Hearken Thou Op.64
ConductorRichard Hickox
OrchestraNorthern Sinfonia
25-6Land Of Hope And Glory
Arranged ByArthur Fagge
ConductorRichard Hickox
OrchestraNorthern Sinfonia
26-1Ave Verum Corpus Op.2 No.12:36
26-2Ave Maria Op.2 No.22:38
26-3Ave Maris Stella Op.2 No.34:11
Vesper Voluntaries Op.14
Organ, ConductorChristopher Robinson
26-6Angelus Op.56 No.13:00
26-7Give Unto The Lord (Psalm 29) Op.748:19
26-8O Hearken Thou Op.643:37
26-9Te Deum &11:50
26-10Benedictus Op.347:41
Organo Sonata In G Op.28
OrganHerbert Sumsion
26-11I. Allegro Maestoso8:48
26-12II. Allegretto6:08
26-13III. Andante Espressivo6:21
26-14IV. Presto (Comodo)7:53
The Music Makers Op.69
Chorus MasterFrederick Jackson
ConductorSir Adrian Boult
Mezzo-soprano VocalsJanet Baker
27-1(Moderato E Nobilimente)3:29
27-2We Are The Music Makers1:57
27-3With Wonderful Deathless Ditties1:41
27-4We, In The Ages Lying3:58
27-5A Breath Of Our Inspiration4:00
27-6They Had No Vision Amazing3:21
27-7And Therefore To-day Is Thrilling4:27
27-8But We, With Our Dreaming And Singing3:31
27-9For We Are Afar With The Dawming2:37
27-10Great Hail! We Cry To The Comers8:51
The Sanguine Fan Op.81
27-11[A Glade0:50
27-12Pan Enters Piping, Then Curls Up To Sleep1:28
27-13A Young Man Enters, Awaiting Someone0:20
27-14Two Girls Enter Gaily; The Young Man Returns The Fan Which The First Girl Has Dropped In The Excitement Of Meeting1:21
27-15The Young Man Declares His Passion For The First Girl And Is Blindfolded: A Quarrel1:16
27-16Echo Awakes Pan, Who Falls In Love With Her; They Dance Till Exhausted5:34
27-17Three Shepherdesses Bring Gifts For Pan1:38
27-18The First Girl And The Young Man Enter, She Angry, He Pleading; Thunder0:58
27-19Echo Snatches Pan's Pipes And Tempts The Young Man0:55
27-20Echo, Now Disguised As A Mortal, Captivates The Young Man0:22
27-21Pan Rouses And, Full Of Jealous Wrath, Pursues The Young Man; Thunder And Lightning; The Young Man Falls Unconscious0:28
27-22Echo, Sans Disguise, Runs Back To Pan; They Embrace Madly And Run Off; The Girl Kneels By Her Prostrate Lover; Pan Glances Back And Laughs Sardonically2:00
The Starlight Express Op.78
Baritone VocalsDerek Hammond-Stroud
ConductorVernon Handley
Soprano VocalsValérie Masterson
28-11. First Prelude: Overture & Organ-Grinder's Sing 1: To The Children1:14
28-2Act I | Bourcelles: The Den At La Citadelle | Scene One | 2-5. The Earth Had Forgotten It's A Star The Lamplighter Passes – Light And Hope – The Organ-Grinder Is Heard – The Star Society – 2:03
28-36-7. Daddy's Star Story – The Star Cave1:23
28-48-10. The Gardener Comes – A Great Un-Wumbler's Coming – Jinny Tries On The Veil1:23
28-511. Interlude: The Organ-Grinder And The Sprites Bring Henry's Luggage0:53
28-612., 14. What Jolly Stars! – Goodnight2:20
28-715. Second Prelude: Organ-Grinder's Song 2: The Blue-Eyes Fairy3:34
28-8Act II | Scene One | Outside Bourcelles: The Pine Forest | 17. Orion And The Pleiades (Melody) – Organ-Grinder's Song 3: The Curfew Song6:37
28-919. Interlude (Home To Sleep)2:23
28-1020-22. Outside The Star Cave – The Wumbled People Call Out For Star-Dust – Arrival Of The Starlight Express3:02
28-1123-25. Entry Of The Sweep – Entry Of The Organ-Grinder – Entry Of The Gardener0:43
28-1226-28. Entry Of The Laugher – Laugher's Song 1: I'm Everywhere – Entry Of The Lamplighter – Let's Ask The Organ-Grinder1:24
28-13Organ-Grinder's Song 4: Wake Up, You Little Night Winds1:18
28-14Ballet: The Dance Of The Little Winds2:36
28-1531-32. The Kind Old Dustman – Into The Star Cave1:34
28-1633. Loading Up With Star-Dust (Sun Dance From The Wand Of Youth, Suite 1)2:38
28-1734. Interlude: The Wistaria Pension At Night1:09
28-18Scene Two | Bourcelles: The Wistaria Pension | 35-36. The Lamplighter At Work – Off Again2:03
28-19Scene Three | Bourcelles: The Den At La Citadelle | 37-38. Un-wumbling Daddy And Laugher's Songs 2 & 3: Oh, Stars, Shine Brightly; They'll Listen To My Song4:11
28-2039-41. The Lamplight At Work Again – Departure Of The Sprintes – The Dawn Song2:18
28-2142. Third Prelude: Organ-Grinder's Song 5: My Old Tunes4:47
28-22Act III | Scene One | Bourcelles: The Den At La Citadelle | 43-45. Jane-Anne's Song – Miss Waghorn – The Source Of Life; Daddy's Inspiration3:00
28-2346. Interlude: The Waltz Of The Blue-Eyes Fairy4:13
28-24Scene Two | Outside Bourcelles: The Pine Forest At Night | 47. Outside The Star-Cave Again ... Laugher's Song 4: Laugh A Little Ev'ry Day ... Organ Grinder's Song 6: They're All Soft-shiny Now – Arrival Of Grannie8:08
28-2548. The Spirit Of Miss Waghorn – Daddy's Tender Light – Daddy Enters1:32
28-2649. Our Fairyland – Ensemble1:59
28-2750. Finale: The Dance Of The Pleiades – Song (Soprano) – Song (Baritone) – The Rising Of The Star4:23
From The Bavarian Highlands Op.27
Chorus MasterGeoffrey Hughes
OrchestraNorman Del Mar
29-11. The Dance (Sonnenbichl)3:57
29-22. False Love (Wamberg)3:55
29-33. Lullaby (In Hammersbach)3:59
29-44. Aspiration (Bei Sankt Anton)2:59
29-55. On The Alm (Hoch Alp)3:17
29-66. The Marksman (Bei Murnau)5:51
29-7Pleading Op.48 No.1
ConductorVernon Handley
Tenor VocalsRobert Tear
Songs Op.59
ConductorVernon Handley
Tenor VocalsRobert Tear
29-81. Was It Some Golden Star?2:06
29-92. Oh, Soft Was The Song1:34
29-103. Twilight2:51
Two Songs Op.60
ConductorVernon Handley
Tenor VocalsRobert Tear
29-111. The Torch2:26
29-122. The River3:40
29-13The Shower Op.71 No.12:36
29-14My Love Dwelt In A Northern Land
Five Part-Songs From The Greek Anthology Op.45
29-151. Yea, Cast Me From Heights Of The Mountains1:22
29-162. Whether I Find Thee1:10
29-173. After Many A Dusty Mile1:52
29-184. It's Oh! Yo Be A Wild Wind0:58
29-195. Feasting I Watch2:08
29-20The Wanderer2:20
29-21The Reveille Op.546:15
29-22Deep In My Soul Op.53 No.23:56
Composed ByHubert Parry*
ConductorOwain Arwel Hughes
Orchestrated BySir Edward Elgar
Text By [Uncredited]William Blake
29-24National Anthem (Arr. Elgar)2:44
Elgar Conducts Elgar
Pomp And Circumstance - Military Marches Op.39
ConductorSir Edward Elgar
30-1No. 1 In D
OrganBerkeley Mason
30-2No. 2 In A minor4:16
30-3No. 3 In C Minor4:33
30-4No. 4 In G4:28
30-5No. 5 In C4:11
30-6The Dream Of Gerontius Op.38 – Prelude
ConductorSir Edward Elgar
Tenor VocalsSteuart Wilson (2)
Serenade In E Minor Op.20
30-7I. Allegro Piacevole3:27
30-8II. Larghetto6:07
30-9III. Allegretto – Come Prima2:33
30-10Piano Improvisation No.44:33
30-11Salut D'Amour Op.12
OrchestraSir Edward Elgar
ViolinW.H. Reed*
30-12Chanson De Nuit Op.15 No.14:25
30-13Chanson De Matin Op.15 No.2
ConductorSir Edward Elgar
30-14Land Of Hope And Glory (Introduced By Elgar)
ConductorSir Edward Elgar
30-15Cockaigne (In London Town) Op.40
ConductorSir Edward Elgar

Companies, etc.



This compilation ℗ 2007 by EMI Records Ltd. © 2007 EMI Records Ltd.

The Elgar Edition was issued in association with the Elgar Society and the Elgar Foundation.
Edition associates: Jerrold Northrop Moore, Andrew Neill and the late Anthony C. Griffith.

CD 1 - Total Time: 67:54 - ℗ 1963
CD 2 - Total Time: 65:40 - ℗ 1964, 1966
CD 3 - Total Time: 63:30 - ℗ 1964, 1963, 1966
CD 4 - Total Time: 73:17 - ℗ 1963, 1988
CD 5 - Total Time: 53:55 - ℗ 1965
CD 6 - Total Time: 74:36 - ℗ 1971, 1973
CD 7 - Total Time: 69:33 - ℗ 1970, 1971
CD 8 - Total Time: 62:29 - ℗ 1989
CD 9 - Total Time: 52:51 - ℗ 1968, 1974, 1972
CD 10 - Total Time: 49:46 - ℗ 1975, 1977
CD 11 - Total Time: 62:28 - ℗ 1964, 1970
CD 12 - Total Time: 77:09 - ℗ 1970, 1971
CD 13 - Total Time: 38:49 - ℗ 1965
CD 14 - Total Time: 59:26 - ℗ 1965
CD 15 - Total Time: 70:40 - ℗ 1974
CD 16 - Total Time: 78:00 - ℗ 1974
CD 17 - Total Time: 57:38 - ℗ 1969
CD 18 - Total Time: 72:19 - ℗ 1969, 1977
CD 19 - Total Time: 64:05 - ℗ 1981
CD 20 - Total Time: 71:12 - ℗ 1984, 1987
CD 21 - Total Time: 72:21 - ℗ 1987, 1984
CD 22 - Total Time: 48:43 - ℗ 1977
CD 23 - Total Time: 54:19 - ℗ 1977
CD 24 . Total Time: 59:01 - ℗ 1987
CD 25 - Total Time: 46:10 - ℗ 1988
CD 26 - Total Time: 76:10 - ℗ 1969, 1965
CD 27 - Total Time: 55:19 - ℗ 1967, 1974
CD 28 - Total Time: 40:40 - ℗ 1976
CD 29 - Total Time: 72:38 - ℗ 1981, 1980, 2006, 1978, 1988, 2003, 1977
CD 30 - Total Time: 76:55 - ℗ 1993, 1992

CD 30 Recordings:
- Tracks 1-2: Kingsway Hall, London, 7 October 1932
- Track 3: Queen's Hall, London, 15 July 1927
- Track 4: No.1 Studio, Abbey Road, London, 11 April 1933
- Track 5: Kingsway Hall, London, 18 September 1930
- Track 6: LIVE - Royal Albert Hall, London, 26 February 1927
- Tracks 7-9: Kingsway Hall, London, 29 August 1933
- Track 10: Small Queen's Hall, London, 6 November 1929
- Track 11: Small Queen's Hall, London, 8 November 1929
- Track 12: Queen's Hall, London, 27 April 1926
- Track 13: Queen's Hall, London, 1 April 1927
- Track 14: No.1 Studio, Abbey Road, London, 12 November 1931 (For Pathé Newsreel)
- Track 15: No.1 Studio, Abbey Road, London, 11 April 1933

© 2007 EMI Records Ltd.

Disc mastering notes
CD6 originally glass mastered by EMI Uden for reissue of Sir Edward Elgar, Hugh Bean, David Parkhouse, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves - Violin Sonata In E Minor, Op.82 / Violin Concerto In B Minor, Op.61.
CD8 originally glass mastered by EMI Uden for 2003 release of Sir Edward Elgar, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley - Organ Sonata; The Wand Of Youth.
CD 12 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for 1999 release of Sir Edward Elgar, John Ogdon, The Allegri String Quartet - Piano Quintet, Concert Allegro, String Quartet.
CD 13 originally glass mastered by EMI Uden for disc 1 of 1999 release of Sir Edward Elgar / Richard Lewis (3) • Janet Baker • Kim Borg • Hallé Choir & Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus • The Ambrosian Singers • Hallé Orchestra • Sir John Barbirolli - The Dream Of Gerontius.
CD 14 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for disc 2 of 1999 release of The Dream Of Gerontius.
CD 19 originally glass mastered by EMI Uden for reissue of Sir Edward Elgar / Margaret Marshall • Helen Watts • Robin Leggate • John Shirley-Quirk • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir • Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra • Sir Charles Groves - The Light Of Life.
CD 20 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for disc 1 of 1994 release of Sir Edward Elgar, Teresa Cahill, Philip Langridge, Brian Rayner Cook, London Philharmonic Choir & London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley / Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Sir Charles Groves - King Olaf / The Black Knight.
CD 21 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for disc 2 of 1994 release of King Olaf / The Black Knight.
CD 24 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for 1994 release of Sir Edward Elgar - The Banner Of St. George / Te Deum And Benedictus/Great Is The Lord.
CD 26 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for 1994 release of Sir Edward Elgar / Herbert Sumsion • Choir Of Worcester Cathedral • Christopher Robinson - Sacred Music • Organ Sonata No.1 In G.
CD 28 originally glass mastered by EMI Uden for 2004 release of Sir Edward Elgar, Valérie Masterson, Derek Hammond-Stroud, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vernon Handley - The Starlight Express (Incidental Music, Op. 78).
CD 30 originally glass mastered by EMI Swindon for 2000 release of Sir Edward Elgar, Various - The HMV Recordings.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 099950 360321
  • Barcode (Scanned): 5099950360321
  • Label Code: LC 6646
  • SPARS Code (CD1 to CD8): ADD
  • SPARS Code (CD8): DDD
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  • Mould SID Code (CD29): IFPI AAHP9
  • Matrix / Runout (CD30): 574001 2 1 EMI SWINDON 010201
  • Mould SID Code (CD30): IFPI AAHX6




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