Yagya - Stormur as reviewed by nexxuss

June 3, 2019
edited 4 months ago
Sadly there's nothing left of Yagya that I fell in love with a few years ago. If I didn't know it was his record, I would've never guessed.

Yagya - Stormur Impulsteve

August 8, 2019
If you would like to sell it I'll keep myself recommended!

Yagya - Stormur as reviewed by zevulon

May 30, 2019
edited 4 months ago

Wow! This album is surely imported directly from 1993-95 or there about, and that is NOT in a bad way. I did miss out on the Yagya ‎– Stars And Dust 3 LP so I haven't even heard that album and probably never will, but this surely is a pleasant surprise. Somehow, even if this by no means is a "never heard this sound before" kind of album, it just hits all the nice trancey wiggle your body buttons for me.
Ps. I also think that the distro could have been better and that it probably "deserved" a bigger number as it sold out in like 10 seconds or similar. That in itself says it all.
Loving this to bits already, ASIP!
...maybe it would be a good idea to press one edition in Europe and one in the US? It's kind of off to import from USA to Europe these days anyways, it just doesn't work anymore.

Yagya - Stormur zevulon

June 6, 2019
edited 4 months ago

True, I don't think about that. 😒 but surely it is cheaper to buy from Germany as a US citizen than the other way around. One 12" from US to Europe is like $20 -25..
Not to speak about additional 12"s - then the price is easily doubled and more, for like 4-5 records?! In about 2004-2008 there was a fixed box shipping from the US that tolerated about 26 records, can't remember, but the price was like $40? Not to mention that the US $ is worth a lot more these days, so, I think that US has the better deal 😁

Yagya - Stormur trwolfe

May 30, 2019
edited 4 months ago
If you think that's bad, imagine how much we Americans have spent on shipping from all the great labels in the EU.

Yagya - Stormur as reviewed by calipheron

May 29, 2019
A swerve towards a more rhythmic, melodic, involving techno. Fjogur is pretty much head-spinning midnight techno, Tvo a beautiful flying melodic piece, Sjo another almost warehouse take, Sex lushious space flight melodies, Niu mates pulsating bass with super-galactic vocal motes... yeah, Yagya keeps evolving, and keeps breaking dub techno rules As It Should Be. Making it a continuously mixed 60 minute journey even is the icing on the cake. Bravo.

Yagya - Stormur draeke

May 27, 2019

I would like to point out that the distribution of this record was a disaster. It is the first time that I ccouldn't buy a copy of a ASIP on vinyl and I am very disappointed. I pre-ordered a copy at Red Eye Records, and and each of them reserved a copy for me, however, when the time came, all of them cancelled my order and they claimed that either they did not get any copies or the ones they got were too little and they had too many orders. I do feel that because of this major *-£k-up the label should seriously consider a repress. Or are you happy a lot of re-sellers will simply make a lot of cash as they bought to resell? It would be appropriate for all the fans and I for one am truly unhappy. Think about it.

Yagya - Stormur albundybzh

June 2, 2019
Wow your life is so exciting! You should watch "what we do in the shadows". You really are the boring vampire whose power is to suck people energy by being extremely boring.

Yagya - Stormur Gregory22

May 31, 2019
I missed out on the Juno release (3 days early and 4am Aus time), so I ordered at Dj de (emailed me to say they had to cancel my order due to lack of stock), copies were gone from Boomkat before they even listed it, can’t possibly pay nearly $100 AU from bandcamp (shipping rate possibly the largest in the world!!).. So yes I agree it was bloody hard to get a copy of this. Didn’t give up and I finally tracked one down at a great record store. So perseverance is the key, and some luck. Cheers to all you ASIP collectors.

Yagya - Stormur draeke

May 29, 2019

Because I knew it would come to this, and I did intend just to buy one, but I wanted to be sure I had a chance, if they all confirmed the record i would just go through with one. I have never bought a record to resell like the flippers do. I am selling some of my fathers collection for high prices, but records bought by him in the 60-80s.

Yagya - Stormur acidAlex

May 27, 2019
there is still one question - why did you make 3 pre-orders for 3 copies of the album?..

Yagya - Stormur asip

May 27, 2019

Thanks for pointing it out. Agree, the distribution did not go well, unfortunately, and I have been helping people secure copies since. To clarify, it's often the shop's fault for overselling on quantities they were never going to get, not necessarily the distributor. And no, I do not agree with resellers applying heavy markups, thus why I have held copies back for people who have got in contact with me still wanting a copy, should you wish to do the same.

Yagya - Stormur Aleas

May 23, 2019
edited 5 months ago
The alter ego of his older works...
I'm crying in the last scd of this album.

sometimes I said me "I wish a bit more kickdrum on yagya tracks, I hope he will one day come with". So here I am, Here he is. Attraction law ?
Anyway. Thank you
please more
really happy for your signature and collab on this (new?) label ?

Yagya - Stormur as reviewed by DamonNomad

May 21, 2019

This album starts off with two familiar dub techno Yagya-style cuts, quickly drops the dubby elements and leaves a relentless 4/4 that becomes more grating as the album continues to the end. There is little variation throughout the album and for a longtime Yagya fan like myself this departure from his warm soundscapes is boring and lacks that special something that make most of his releases such treasures. By playing straight techno on this album it seems like he's trying to get a gig at Berghain, and maybe it'll happen, I just wish there was more to this release.

Yagya - Stormur matitama

May 17, 2019
Wow...i'm really pleased with this release, it's a smooth dubby blessing trip...
Beautifully crafted from beginning to end, Yagya at his best!

Yagya - Stormur lgentili

May 11, 2019

I would love to dance this with a live in Berghain!

Yagya - Stormur as reviewed by adam01

May 9, 2019
edited 5 months ago

Do you like main room techno, but with softer sonic edges? If yes, you will love this new LP by the Dub Techno sultan Yagya. On his new release, Yagya drives the money shot home with a relentless 4 on the floor that just begs the listener to get some knee pads on and strap in for the ride. Gone are the blissful dubs of his earlier albums, and here today are storming heavy hitters, blowing away expectations that one may have based on his earlier work.

Personally, I do not love this album. As a fan of Yagya's work, I am looking for more of his soft, dubby massage techno. This album, although fantastic in its own right, just pounds a little to hard for my personal sonic palette.

Yagya - Stormur Sorry_Mom

May 10, 2019

I agree with your review. I LOVE the soft Yagya sound. But, I headphoned the continuous mix during a late night headfog session and I found what I was looking for. I am not really a fan of '4 to the floor' (esp at home) but when it ended I found myself searching for something more like it...Some really beautiful moments on this record.

Yagya - Stormur davidwood15

May 9, 2019
Glad I picked this up early as it seems that the dweebs are already selling at 5* the price.

One of the best of the year so far.

Yagya - Stormur obertsounds

May 17, 2019
Longtime Yagya fan here, just realized this album was out and all vinyl copies are sold out already a scant week later! The album sounds great but I'm not paying 4-6x the original price for it to sellers wanting to make a quick buck. I think there's enough demand for a repress of 600-1000 copies, if the label were up to it.

Yagya - Stormur sajelaelse

May 15, 2019
edited 5 months ago

Directly from label I paid 12$ -for cd only- and 14$ for shipping...
Doesn't matter for this marvelous album!

Yagya - Stormur Mark_Anthony

May 13, 2019
Yes it sounds good :0) I'm just pointing out that they can always press more if they want to.

Yagya - Stormur citizengreen

May 12, 2019

Doubt this will be the case for this label. Such quality artists and product - it will be sought after for years.

Yagya - Stormur Sorry_Mom

May 10, 2019

But Mark, did ya like the album? Did Sabrina like it?

Yagya - Stormur Mark_Anthony

May 10, 2019
I try not to take the cheese anymore with the self proclaimed "limited edition" releases. It never stops. Every week there's a new one. Next thing you know its 4 years later and you've got a collection full of "limited" records that arent worth what you've paid, and your bank account is emptied out. This sounds interesting from the samples but I'm not paying more than $25 for it.