VariousCajun Country 2 (More Hits From The Swamp)

Label:JSP Records – JSP7749
4 x CD, Compilation
Genre:Folk, World, & Country


1-1Dudley And James FawvorT'Est Petite A Ete T'Est Meon (You Are Little And You Are Cute)
1-2Segura BrothersA Mosquito Ate My Sweetheart
1-3Segura BrothersNew Iberia Polka
1-4Delma Lachney & Blind Uncle GaspardRiviere Rouge
1-5Delma LachneyBoille
1-6Angelas Le Jeunne*Bayou Pom Pom One Step
1-7Angelas Le Jeunne*Valse De Pointe Noire
1-8Columbus FrugeBayou Teche
1-9Columbus FrugeThe Toad (Saud Crapaud)
1-10Guidry Brothers*La Valse Du Marriage
1-11Delin T. Guillory & Lewis LafleurQuelqun Est Jalous (Somebody Is Jealous)
1-12Delin T. Guillory & Lewis LafleurStop That
1-13Delin T. Guillory & Lewis LafleurAlone At Home
1-14Bixy Guidry & Percy BabineauxJ'Vai Jouer Celea Pour Toi (I'll Play This For You)
1-15Oscar Doucet & Alius SoileauOh! Baby
1-16Oscar Doucet & Alius SoileauWhen I Met You At The Gate
1-17Artelus Mistric*Belle Of Point Clair
1-18Artelus Mistric*You Belong To Me
1-19Soileau CouzensSur Le Chemin Chez Moi (On My Way Home)
1-20Bartmont Montet* & Joswell DupuisL'Abandoner (The Abandoned Waltz)
1-21Bartmont Montet* & Joswell DupuisJ'Men Suis (I'm Going Away)
1-22Joe Creduer & Albert BabineauxMa Cherie (My Cherie)
1-23Joe Creduer & Albert BabineauxLa Fille Que J'Aime (The Girl I Love)
1-24Breaux Brothers*La Valse Du Bayou Plaquemine (Plaquemine Bayou Waltz)
1-25Joe Falcon* & Cleoma FalconMes Yeux Bleu
2-1Amede Ardoin*Madam Atchen (Mrs. Atchen)
2-2Amede Ardoin*Two Step De La Prairie Soileau (Prairie Soileau Two Step)
2-3Amede Ardoin*La Valse Ah Abe (Abe's Waltz)
2-4Amede Ardoin*Two Step De Eunice
2-5McGhee* & Ardoin*Amadie Two Step
2-6McGhee* & Ardoin*La Valse A Austin Ardoin
2-7McGhee* & Ardoin*Blues De Bastille
2-8McGhee* & Ardoin*La Valse A Thomas Ardoin
2-9McGhee* & Ardoin*Two Step D'Elton
2-10McGhee* & Ardoin*La Valse De Gueydan
2-11McGhee* & Ardoin*Valse Des Opelusas
2-12McGhee* & Ardoin*One Step Des Chameaux
2-13McGhee* & Ardoin*Valse A Alcee Poulard
2-14McGhee* & Ardoin*One Step D'Oberlin
2-15Amede Ardoin* & Denus McGhee*Le Blues Du Voyage (Travel Blues)
2-16Amede Ardoin* & Denus McGhee*La Valse Des Amities (Love Waltz)
2-17Amede Ardoin* & Denus McGhee*Les Blues De Crowley (Crowley Blues)
2-18Amede Ardoin* & Denus McGhee*Oberlin
2-19Didier HerbertI Woke Up One Morning In May
2-20Dewey SeguraRosalia
2-21Dewey SeguraYour (sic) Small And Sweet
2-22Dewey SeguraFar Away From Home Blues
2-23Slim DoucetChere Yeux Noir
2-24Floyd Shreve & The Three Aces*Lonesome Blues
2-25Dixie RamblersBarroom Blues
3-1Miller's MerrymakersPine Island
3-2Miller's MerrymakersLake Arthur Stomp
3-3Miller's MerrymakersElton Two Step
3-4Miller's MerrymakersRound Up Hop
3-5Miller's MerrymakersCajun Breakdown
3-6J. B. Fuselier & His MerrymakersMon Chere Vieux Maison Dan Swet
3-7J. B. Fuselier & His MerrymakersTwo Step De La Tell
3-8J. B. Fuselier & His MerrymakersRedell Breakdown
3-9J. B. Fuselier & His MerrymakersMa Chere Bouclett (My Curly Headed Girl)
3-10J. B. Fuselier & His MerrymakersVien Don Ma Reguin (Come And Meet Me)
3-11Jolly Boys Of Lafayette*Jolly Boys Breakdown
3-12Joe Werner & The Ramblers*She's My Flapper And My Baby
3-13Joe Werner & The Ramblers*Crap Shooter's Hop
3-14Joe's AcadiansSi Tu Voudroit Marriez Avec Moi (Marry Me)
3-15Joe's AcadiansIl Ya Pas La Claire De Lune (No Moonlight)
3-16Four Aces*Aces Breakdown
3-17Four Aces*Lake Charles Waltz
3-18Leo Soileau & His Three AcesHackberry Hop
3-19Leo Soileau & His Rhythm Boys*Chere Liza
3-20Leo Soileau & His Rhythm Boys*La Valse De La Rosa
3-21Hackberry Ramblers'Neath The Weeping Willow Tree
3-22Hackberry RamblersLouisiana Breakdown
3-23Hackberry RamblersRice City Stomp
3-24Hackberry RamblersJ'Ai Pres Parley
3-25Hackberry RamblersDarbone's Creole Stomp
4-1Nathan Abshire & The Rayne-Bo Ramblers*One Step De Laccissine
4-2Nathan Abshire & The Rayne-Bo Ramblers*La Valse De Riceville
4-3Nathan Abshire & The Rayne-Bo Ramblers*One Step De Morse
4-4Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Rayne Breakdown
4-5Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Vain Ton Don A Ma Mort
4-6Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Oublies Moi Jamais Petite
4-7Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Valse De Maria Bueller
4-8Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Nouveau Grande Gueydan
4-9Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Les Blues De Bosco
4-10Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*La Place Mon Coeur Desire
4-11Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Les Ecrivis Dan Platin
4-12Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*La Reponse De Blues De Bosco
4-13Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Ta Oblis De Vernier
4-14Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Au Bal Se Te Maurice
4-15Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*Gran Prairie
4-16Happy Fats & His Rayne-Bo Ramblers*La Veuve De La Coulee
4-17Thibodeaux BoysLes Vieux Vals An' Onc Mack
4-18Thibodeaux BoysTu Pen Pas Me Retter De Revere
4-19Thibodeaux BoysLa Two Step A Erby
4-20Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Apres Jengler A Toi
4-21Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Tu Ma Quite Seul (The Prisoner's Song)
4-22Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Tu Peus Pa Me Faire Ca (You Can't Put That Monkey On My Back)
4-23Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Quel Espoire (What's The Use)
4-24Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Jolie Petite Blonde
4-25Alley Boys Of Abbeville*Abbevile Breakdown

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