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June 26, 2014
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The Bug - London Zoo as reviewed by scoundrel

October 3, 2011

It may seem with LONDON ZOO that The Bug has backed off some of the aggressiveness on PRESSURE, but don't be fooled: the digital ragga of "Angry" packs a political punch that was notably absent on the earlier album. In fact, the political aspect of LONDON ZOO gives it that more heft, even as you shake your booty. The production is much more clean, as well; the wobbly bass on "Skeng" doesn't overwhelm the track and the dissonant horns on "Too Much Pain" seem to work in the with theme of the lyrics. The noisiness returns on "Jah War," crisp and sharp with its clear digital blips. But The Bug also excels at creating atmospheres, whether it's slow "You And Me," with a creeping menace that quickly gets under your skin, or the spookiness of "Freak Freak" or the dark thuds of "Judgement." But my favorite vocalist, Warrior Queen, brings it on "Insane," which gets the dancehall groove going and doesn't let up, and also on the grimy grind of "Poison Dart." It's a zoo you want to visit again and again... as long as the animals don't get out.