Led ZeppelinStudio Sessions Ultimate

Label:Scorpio (3) – LZ-07001~12
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Unofficial Release
12 x CD, Unofficial Release
Style:Hard Rock, Blues Rock, Classic Rock


1-1Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 8)
1-2Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You (Take 9)
1-3You Shook Me (Take 1)
1-4Babe, Come On Home (Take 1) (aka Tribute To Bert Berns)
1-5Babe, Come On Home (Take 2) (aka Tribute To Bert Berns)
1-6Babe, Come On Home (Take 3) (aka Tribute To Bert Berns)
1-7Untitled Instrumental (take 1)
1-8Untitled Instrumental (take 2)
1-9Untitled Instrumental (Take 3)
1-10Untitled Instrumental (Take 4)
1-11Untitled Instrumental (Take 5)
1-12Untitled Instrumental (Take 6)
1-13Untitled Instrumental (Take 7)
1-14Moby Dick (Intro & Outro)
1-15Moby Dick (Actual Drum Solo)
1-16Sugar Mama
2-1Jennings Farm Blues (Take 1)
2-2Jennings Farm Blues (Take 2)
2-3Jennings Farm Blues (Take 3)
2-4Jennings Farm Blues (Take 4)
2-5Jennings Farm Blues (Take 5)
2-6Jennings Farm Blues (Take 6)
2-7Jennings Farm Blues (Take 7)
2-8Jennings Farm Blues (Take 8)
2-9Jennings Farm Blues (Take 9)
2-10Jennings Farm Blues (Take 10)
2-11Jennings Farm Blues (Take 11)
2-12Jennings Farm Blues (Take 12)
2-13That's The Way (First Note Cut)
2-14Feel So Bad - Fixin' To Die - That's All Right
2-15Since I've Been Loving You
2-16Since I've Been Loving You
2-18Immigrant Song
2-19Immigrant Song / Out On The Tiles
2-21Poor Tom
2-22Hey Hey What Can I Do?
2-23Friends (Contains A Partial Repeat Of Previous Track Version)
2-24Poor Tom
3-1I Wanna Be Her Man
3-2Untitled Instrumental
3-3Untitled Instrumental
3-4Untitled Instrumental
3-5Untitled Instrumental
3-6Untitled Instrumental
3-7Untitled Instrumental
3-8Untitled Instrumental
3-9Untitled Instrumental
3-10Untitled Instrumental
3-11Untitled Instrumental
3-12Untitled Instrumental
3-13Untitled Instrumental
3-14Untitled Instrumental
3-15Untitled Instrumental
3-16Untitled Instrumental
3-17Untitled Instrumental
3-18Untitled Instrumental
3-19Untitled Instrumental
3-20Hey Hey What Can I Do?
3-21Untitled Instrumental
3-22Untitled Instrumental
3-23Untitled Instrumental
3-24Untitled Instrumental
3-25Untitled Instrumental
3-26Untitled Instrumental
3-27Down By The Sea Side
3-28Unknown Song
3-29Untitled Instrumental
3-30Unknown Song
3-31Unknown Song
3-32Unknown Song
3-33Untitled Instrumental
3-34Untitled Instrumental
3-35Poor Tom
3-36Untitled Instrumental
3-37Untitled Instrumental
3-38That's The Way
3-39That's The Way
3-40That's The Way
3-41That's The Way
3-43Untitled Instrumental
3-44Untitled Instrumental
3-45Untitled Instrumental
4-1Stairway To Heaven
4-2Untitled Instrumental
4-3Black Dog
4-4Black Dog
4-5Black Dog
4-6Black Dog
4-7Black Dog
4-8Black Dog
4-9Black Dog
4-10No Quarter
4-11Stairway To Heaven
4-12Stairway To Heaven
4-13Stairway To Heaven
4-14Stairway To Heaven
4-15Untitled Instrumental
4-16Stairway To Heaven
4-17Stairway To Heaven
4-18The Battle Of Evermore
4-19When The Levee Breaks
4-20Four Sticks
4-21Black Dog
5-12Four Sticks
5-16Four Sticks
5-17Four Sticks
5-18Four Sticks
5-19Walter's Walk
5-20No Quarter
5-21No Quarter
5-22No Quarter
5-23No Quarter
5-24No Quarter
5-25No Quarter
5-26No Quarter
6-1Drums & Mellotron Tuning/ Love Me
6-2Frankfurt Special
6-3King Creole
6-4Love Me (Reprise)
6-5Sugar Baby (aka Strawberry Jam)
6-6Sugar Baby (aka Strawberry Jam)
6-7Sugar Baby (aka Strawberry Jam)
6-8The Wanton Song
6-9The Rover
6-10The Rover
6-11The Rover
6-12The Rover
6-13Night Flight
6-14Night Flight
6-15Night Flight
6-16Night Flight
6-17School Days
6-19Round & Round
6-20Move On Down The Line
6-21Please Don't Tease
6-22Move It
6-23Move It
6-25Shakin' All Over
6-26Hungry For Love
6-27Hungry For Love
6-28I'll Never Get Over You
6-29Reelin' & Rockin'
7-1Lucifer Rising
7-2Lucifer Rising
7-3Lucifer Rising
7-4Untitled Instrumental
7-5Untitled Instrumental
7-6Untitled Instrumental
7-7Untitled Instrumental
7-8Untitled Instrumental
7-9Untitled Instrumental
7-10Untitled Instrumental
7-11Untitled Instrumental
7-12Untitled Instrumental
7-13Untitled Instrumental
7-14Untitled Instrumental
7-15Untitled Instrumental
7-16Untitled Instrumental
7-17Untitled Instrumental
7-18Untitled Instrumental
7-19Untitled Instrumental
7-20Untitled Instrumental
7-21Untitled Instrumental
7-22Untitled Instrumental
7-23Untitled Instrumental
7-24Untitled Instrumental
7-25Untitled Instrumental
7-26Untitled Instrumental
7-27Untitled Instrumental
7-28Untitled Instrumental
7-29Untitled Instrumental
7-30Untitled Instrumental
7-31Untitled Instrumental
7-32Untitled Instrumental
8-1Untitled Instrumental
8-2Ten Years Gone
8-3Ten Years Gone
8-4Ten Years Gone
8-5Ten Years Gone
8-6Ten Years Gone
8-7Ten Years Gone
8-8Ten Years Gone
8-9Ten Years Gone
8-10Ten Years Gone
8-11Ten Years Gone
8-12Ten Years Gone
8-13Ten Years Gone
8-14Midnight Moonlight
8-15Midnight Moonlight
8-16Midnight Moonlight
8-17Midnight Moonlight
8-18Midnight Moonlight
8-19Midnight Moonlight
8-20Midnight Moonlight
8-21Midnight Moonlight
8-22Midnight Moonlight
8-23Midnight Moonlight
8-24Midnight Moonlight
8-25Midnight Moonlight
8-26Midnight Moonlight
8-27Midnight Moonlight
8-28Midnight Moonlight
8-29Midnight Moonlight
8-30Midnight Moonlight
8-31Midnight Moonlight
8-32Midnight Moonlight
8-33Midnight Moonlight
8-34Midnight Moonlight
8-35Midnight Moonlight
8-36Midnight Moonlight
8-37Midnight Moonlight
8-38Midnight Moonlight
8-39Midnight Moonlight
8-40Midnight Moonlight
8-41Midnight Moonlight
9-1The Wanton Song
9-2The Wanton Song
9-3Take Me Home
9-4Take Me Home
9-5In The Morning
9-6Trampled Under Foot
9-7Trampled Under Foot
9-8Trampled Under Foot
9-9Trampled Under Foot
9-10Trampled Under Foot
9-11Trampled Under Foot
9-12Trampled Under Foot
9-13Trampled Under Foot
9-14Trampled Under Foot
9-15In The Light
9-16Sick Again
9-17The Rover
9-18Untitled Instrumental
9-19In My Time Of Dying
9-20In My Time Of Dying
9-21In My Time Of Dying
9-22In My Time Of Dying
9-23In My Time Of Dying
9-24In My Time Of Dying
9-25In My Time Of Dying
9-26The Wanton Song (w/count-in)
9-27Trampled Underfoot (w/long ending)
10-1Trampled Under Foot
10-3Custard Pie
10-4In The Light
10-5Midnight Moonlight
10-6Midnight Moonlight
10-7Ten Years Gone
10-8Ten Years Gone
10-9Ten Years Gone
10-10Ten Years Gone
10-11Boogie With Stu
10-12Boogie With Stu
10-13Boogie With Stu
10-14Boogie With Stu
10-15Boogie With Stu
10-16Boogie With Stu
10-17Boogie With Stu
10-18Boogie With Stu
10-19Night Flight
10-20Night Flight
10-21Night Flight
10-22Night Flight
10-23Night Flight
10-24Night Flight
10-25The Wanton Song
11-1Royal Orleans (instrumental)
11-2Tea For One (aka Hootchie Kootchie Version)
11-3Don't Start Me Talking / Blues Medley / All My Lovin'
11-5Unknown Song
11-6Wearing And Tearing
11-7Fool In The Rain
11-8Hot Dog
11-9In The Evening
11-10South Bound Saurez
11-12Fool In The Rain
11-14All My Love
12-5White Summer
12-6White Summer medley incl. Black Mountain Side
12-8Achilles Last Stand
12-9Achilles Last Stand
12-10Stairway To Heaven

Companies, etc.


Studio outtakes & rehearsals 1968-1980.

Deluxe cardboard box containing everything on Antrabata's "Sessions", Midas Touch's "Brutal Artistry" and "Brutal Artistry II", and Empress Valley's "The Lost Mixes EP Voume 1". Antrabata and the Midas Touch both titles were all three released in 1997, and Empress Valley in 2001.The first disc's track 13 has an extra half minute in the end over prior releases. Disc ten's tracks 7-14 provide an extra 17 minutes of studio room floor edit pieces for Ten Years Gone and Boogie With Stu. Scorpio's material was closely sequenced chronologically. They were careful to not miss the few bits of tape before/after tracks that have commonly been missed by others. The tapes are excellent quality, with the only exception being some static halfway through Stairway To Heaven on the final disc.
The discs are packaged in white sleeves with the clear window on the front to allow easy identification. Also included is a four-fold insert with the track listing.

Tracks 1-1 to 1-13 recorded at Olympic Studios, London, UK, Oct. 1968
Tracks 1-14 to 1-15 recorded at Mirror Sound Studios, Los Angeles, USA, May 1969
Track 1-16 recorded at Morgan Studios, London, UK, June 1969
Tracks 2-1 to 2-12 recorded at Olympic Studios, London, UK, Nov. 1969
Tracks 2-13 to 2-23 recorded at Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage, Machynlleth Gwynedd, UK, Apr.-May 1970
Track 2-24 recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London, UK, May 5 1970
Tracks 3-1 to 3-45 recorded at Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage, Machynlleth Gwynedd, UK, May-June 1970 & Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, UK, May-June 1970
Tracks 4-1 to 4-19 recorded at Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, UK, Jan. 1971
Tracks 4-20 to 4-21 recorded at Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, UK, Jan.-Feb. 1971
Tracks 5-1 to 5-18 recorded at EMI Studios, Bombay, India, Mar. 1972
Track 5-19 recorded at Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, Stargroves, Newbury, Berkshire, England/Olympic Sound Studios, Barnes, London, UK, May 15, 1972
Tracks 5-20 to 5-26 recorded at Electric Ladyland Studios, New York City, USA, June 1972
Tracks 6-1 to 6-4 recorded at Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, England Jan. 21 1973
Tracks 6-5 to 6-29 soundcheck, unknown venue, May 3 1973
Tracks 7-1 to 7-3 recorded at Boleskine House, Loch Ness, UK, Oct.-Nov. 1973
Tracks 7-4 to 7-32 recorded at Jimmy Page's home studio, UK 1971 or Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, England Nov. 1973
Tracks 8-1 to 8-41 recorded at Boleskine House, Loch Ness, UK, Oct.-Nov. 1973 and Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, UK, between Nov. 1973 and Jan.-Feb. 1974 (Jimmy Page solo)
Tracks 9-1 to 10-24 recorded at Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, UK, Jan.-Feb. 1974
Track 10-25 WLIR 92.7 Radio Broadcast, recorded at Westbury, New York, USA, Jan. 1 1975
Tracks 11-1 to 11-3 recorded at SIR Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, Oct. 1975
Tracks 11-4 to 11-14 recorded at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden, Nov. 1978
Tracks 12-1 to 12-2 recorded at Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK, May 1978
Tracks 12-3 to 12-10 recorded at Rainbow Theatre/New Victoria Theatre, London, UK, Apr.-May 1980

CD1: (63:37)
CD2: (70:14)
CD3: (79:19)
CD4: (65:50)
CD5: (78:16)
CD6: (60:30)
CD7: (48:42)
CD8: (65:24)
CD9: (72:43)
CD10: (73:49)
CD11: (74:55)
CD12: (56:34)

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