Moodymann - Sinner Xikoftw

December 28, 2019
edited 10 months ago

In my opinion, the best House record from 2019. Moodymann not only lives up to the hype but he respects and elevates the Detroit sound to a higher level. Also, should be noticed, that the theme song Sinnerman, can only be found on vinyl, and yes, it's one of the best tunes. Stone cold killer record.

Moodymann - Sinner SoulDancer

June 25, 2020
Sinnerman is the same track as Sinner from the digital release.

Moodymann - Sinner Cyrilnoya

May 7, 2020
I agree, top record, very good effort from Moody. Hope for others like that soon.

Moodymann - Sinner LachyLn

March 8, 2020
Well it’s also on YouTube but I agree great record the songs go off.

Moodymann - Sinner hcgFlynn

November 29, 2019
The wax might be an EP, but the 9-track digital release feels like a whole album with a story to tell. Love it!

Moodymann - Sinner New.Love.Unlimited

October 15, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
Can't believe I found this in Nashville. I really dig the 12"s, especially Disc 1. I wish those bonus tracks from the digital release made the cut to the wax version!

Moodymann - Sinner DrsFinests

September 20, 2019
Why is "Downtown" not on wax? Really nice track, timeless. Reminds me about Black Mahogani.

Moodymann - Sinner DrsFinests

October 1, 2019
* * * Nice. Thanks for the advice. * * *

Moodymann - Sinner funambulic

September 22, 2019
it was released on a separate 12" under a different name (pitch black city reunion)