Doves - Lost Souls david_carter1969

September 3, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
Yes the lack of gatefold sleeve is disappointing , especially at this price point. The most important aspect however is how it sounds and this sounds flawless. I have the original CD which I thought sounded pretty decent but this blows it out of the water, incredible depth and clarity and not one crackle. Sorely tempted to pick up the next two albums even though I promised myself I wouldnt. Mine is numbered 7676 so looks more like 10000 were pressed.

Doves - Lost Souls desaab

July 26, 2019
Hi, does Someone knows how many were pressed? Mine 1301. Thanks

Doves - Lost Souls ViNKi

August 13, 2019
I don't know, but mine is 6372 word word word

Doves - Lost Souls jtm1967

June 30, 2019

These slapped together reissues are taaarash!
Typical garbage GZVINYL press, no cutting engineer used to cut the disc, no gatefold sleeve. This deserved better. Universal does it again with a sick cash grab. Such a shame. Pay for the older pressings. They blow this crap away.

Doves - Lost Souls iamtheresurrection

September 15, 2019
edited about 1 month ago
jtm1967, i see a lot of superficiality in your review.
1) the pressing plant does what the label asks.
2) original pressings are worth a kidney, and that's where the real cash grab is. this is a long awaited (and welcome) reissue.
3) if the product sounds good (and it actually sounds pretty damn good) who really cares about the packaging? i mean, sure: it's quite disappointing and (as written on a previous review) i'd happily trade the useless download code with a gatefold sleeve, but in the end, i don't care that much anymore.

Doves - Lost Souls espendo

August 22, 2019
Did you actually listen to this reissue? Who cares who pressed it, does it sound okay, that's the question.

Doves - Lost Souls .Richard.

July 16, 2019

Sure...look at his post history. I can see a trend here...

Doves - Lost Souls orangeskies77

July 12, 2019
I read a similar post regarding the reissue of broadcast - tender buttons a few months ago. Someone saying it wasn't a patch on the original when i know for a fact its an improvement. Just had a look again at the post and sure enough its this idiot! mustn't like his collection being devalued by quality reissues the poor thing!

Doves - Lost Souls Holmes1981

July 1, 2019
edited 3 months ago
Once again trashing great sounding represses in order to preserve the value of your collection. And again, talking absolute crap. Are you not getting bored of this yet?
It’s funny that just about everyone agrees that this sounds great (which it does) but you don’t? Arrogant enough to think that your ears are more finely tuned than ours or what?

Doves - Lost Souls as reviewed by Chrome_Era

June 21, 2019
edited 3 months ago

Flawless pressings for both of the 2xLP and GREAT sound / no noise. I'm tempted to get all of these Doves reissues, but this one is the crown jewel as far I'm concerned. Yes, lack of a gatefold sucks and a little on the pricey side, but they did take great care with this reissue.

Doves - Lost Souls Mather

June 19, 2019
edited 4 months ago
Beautiful pressing EXCEPT I've got some intermittent right channel pops/crackle during the last 30 seconds of Side A & B. And I've got the same issue on The Last Broadcast and Some Cities except Some Cities it's on side C & D. Frustrating since the other discs in all three cases are perfect. And the dynamics on these pressings are unreal. GZ Media strikes again. Brutal.

Doves - Lost Souls _donovan_

June 14, 2019
I am grateful for all the doves reissues, sound is excellent. Feel like gatefold is missing - always a bit cheap when 2 X records are crammed into a single cover.

Doves - Lost Souls as reviewed by mcalnd

June 12, 2019
GZVINYL press, no cutting engineer used to cut the disc, no gatefold sleeve. This deserved better. Universal does it again!

Doves - Lost Souls chasing1138

June 6, 2019
Am I crazy or do all three reissues come with a single insert with only HALF the lyrics on them? Poor packaging aside, the pressing and sound are all great.

Doves - Lost Souls chasing1138

June 7, 2019
That's good to know, I was worried that the QC for this all over the place

Doves - Lost Souls JayNap1981

June 6, 2019
Agreed, the packaging is pretty bad and these should be gatefolds. That said, previous releases only have lyrics for certain songs too, it's not just these represses. It's just a thing Doves have always done in their liner notes.

Doves - Lost Souls as reviewed by iamtheresurrection

June 5, 2019
edited 4 months ago
I was really waiting for this reissue since years (original copies are worth a kidney): now i'm a happy guy. While i'm writing i'm arrived to my fave track, Catch The sun.
What can i say but WOW! Seriously, this release sounds AMAZING! I own the original CD edition (which sounds rather good, btw) but this is a proper modern vinyl release: i can finally hear nuisances i've never heard, it's warm, dynamic (!!!) and with the right amount of punch.
What -quite- disappoints me is the packaging instead: for this double vinyl reissue the production decided to use a normal sleeve instead of a gatefold one (shame!!) and put a single 12x12" insert with the lyrics.
I'd trade the (useless, imo) download code with a gatefold sleeve to exactly replicate the original vinyl edition.

Doves - Lost Souls Ramzy

June 2, 2019
So psyched to finally own this as I got into Doves (like a lot of people I guess) with The Last Broadcast, so I missed out on the LP first time round. Worth the wait as it sounds brilliant and the artwork looks great at full size - so much better than the CD I played the hell out of a decade and a half ago!

Doves - Lost Souls matt2011

June 1, 2019
Just to comment on the sound quality, I have played mine all the way through and it sounds good! I had my doubts at first what with the colored wax and Universal's spotty repress history, but it sounds rather excellent. I have the original US issue, and the sound quality is on par with that. My only complaint is the fact that my original US press has a nice gatefold sleeve where this reissue does not have the gatefold. Weird, considering this reissue is pretty pricey. Other than that, I'd recommend this.

Doves - Lost Souls pepesilvia99

June 1, 2019
Just started to listen to my copy now but the quality was an absolute dumpster fire. So much noise you would think it was 30 years old. Will exchange for a other copy in the hope i am just unlucky. Underneath the noise, i can hear it sounds great though, noticed more detail in instrumentation than cd version. Well...above the crackling at least!

Doves - Lost Souls granorob1

June 17, 2019
I was worried when I first put this on, as I've got a fair amount of crackling on track 1, but it diminishes as the track plays out, and the rest of the side is fine. The other three have no problems, and the whole thing sounds great overall.

Doves - Lost Souls espendo

June 1, 2019
This is a relief! Here's to hoping my copies sound as good as this!

Doves - Lost Souls pepesilvia99

June 1, 2019
On 2nd copy now. Happy to report noise free so just a random stray dud. Sounds beautiful as i suspected. Very dynamic. Very detailed. Bass sits really nice in the mix, lovely wide soundstage. Acoustic guitars sound nice and present. Thumbs up here.

Doves - Lost Souls krudster

June 1, 2019
Why the heck would they reissue these as non-gatefold editions? They're not exactly cheap, either. How disappointing.