Burial - Claustro / State Forest reTcon

September 28, 2020
edited 2 months ago
I don't know, but none of the stuff he has been doing ever since his masterpiece "Untrue", has been as compelling. Not a fan of the vocal track.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest jackoldman

June 25, 2019
hate the fact that they gave no samples before the release and all i got was the claustro rip. state forest is divine and i missed the chance to get it on vinyl.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest jackoldman

September 27, 2019
yeah i can see the prices didnt skyrocket here... good to know.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest Slim-Faby

June 27, 2019

You didn't miss your chance because you can still get it everywhere. Even here on Discogs.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest Geneth

June 19, 2019
Not particularly a fan of the size of the jacket. There's no inner sleeve, and because the jacket is smaller than normal it means putting one inside is kind of annoying because it'll bend.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest DogsCollection

July 11, 2019
Get some round-bottom inner sleeves similar to Nagaoka 102, they're good with small jackets and printed inner sleeves. Or just leave the record outside the jacket in outer sleeve, with a regular polylined inner

Burial - Claustro / State Forest misterlegs

June 29, 2019
I found one of those poly inners and use that instead of my more normal polylined paper ones.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest jdub.exe

June 14, 2019
But have you listened to Claustro at 33 1/3? It gives up so many more secrets, especially in the coda...

Burial - Claustro / State Forest Mr.Grumpy

July 19, 2019
edited about 1 year ago
i have all my burial LPs marked with the RPM, i can never tell what speed they're supposed to be played at.

edit: just listened to claustro at 33 1/3, and actually like it better. is any of this intentional? what's he up to?

Burial - Claustro / State Forest misterlegs

June 28, 2019
I'm pretty sure that it is actually meant to be played at 33 1/3 having just listened to it at that speed.

The speeds put up on some releases aren't always accurate in my opinion, you can't take the youtube video clips at face value all the time

Burial - Claustro / State Forest ModellDoo

June 24, 2019
Definitely a lot better at 33 1/3 .... as opposed to that club stomper.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest sebastianmtnez

June 24, 2019
Same, I played at 33 1/3 by mistake and I prefer it

Burial - Claustro / State Forest leeinglis

June 21, 2019
Yip i'm in the 33 1/3 club, 100x better imo.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest LezWaxt

June 16, 2019
I had it on 33 to start with, had to search the track out to realise it was intended as 45! Not saying its a bad track, but I much prefer the 33 version now ha

Burial - Claustro / State Forest SandCastle

June 14, 2019
I think Burial did greater tracks while he were playing dark souls, than playing Sekiro now. But the tracks are still good.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest stuballinger-art

June 14, 2019
Claustro isn't really my jam, I appreciate it for what it is but it's not really my thing.
State Forest is pure perfection.

Burial - Claustro / State Forest rmcc

June 14, 2019

I, GOT MY EYES, ON YOU, (do do d do d do do do) TONIGHT I GOT MY EYES ON

Burial - Claustro / State Forest rorhug

November 1, 2019
Any idea what the sample is on this? whosampled doesn't have it...

Burial - Claustro / State Forest Slim-Faby

June 13, 2019

I was really hoping that State Forest would be as good as it now turns out be. Backed with Claustro i think it is his best work since the Rival Dealer EP - maybe even better. Fingers crossed that he keeps up! Great 12"