Richie HawtinDE9 | Closer To The Edit

Label:M_nus – MINUS8CD
CD, Compilation, Mixed
Style:Minimal Techno


1.1Rhythm & SoundRange3:51
1.2BluetrainSmart Card?
1.3Lowtec10 Strikes To 2001
2.1BluetrainSmart Card?1:20
2.2Lowtec10 Strikes To 2001
2.3Crane A.K.Monostatic
2.4Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
3.1Crane A.K.Monostatic1:50
3.2Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
3.3Richie HawtinConcept Loop U:1
3.4Theorem vs. Stewart WalkerRecoil
3.5Jacek Sienkiewicz1
4.12 Dollar EggGreen Apple0:51
4.22 Dollar EggStereo Virus
5.1AkufenDada EP A20:28
5.22 Dollar EggStereo Virus
5.3Decomposed SubsonicTalk To Me
6.12 Dollar EggStereo Virus1:25
6.2Decomposed SubsonicTalk To Me
6.3Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
6.42 Dollar EggGreen Apple
6.5Jacek Sienkiewicz4
6.7M-CoreFrom Pioneer To Poet (Softcore Edit)
7.2Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
8.1Silent TreatmentSilent Treatment1:18
8.2Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
8.3Richie HawtinFreek
8.4PantytecInto The Duster
9.1Baby Ford & ZipVacuum Cleaner1:15
9.2Silent TreatmentSilent Treatment
9.3PantytecInto The Duster
9.4Richie HawtinFreek
10.1Soul Capsule Productions*Forever Love0:59
10.2Ricardo VillalobosBredow
11.1Soul Capsule Productions*Forever Love2:32
11.2Cartridge Family*Courtesy Car
11.3F.U.S.E.Into The Space
11.4Richie Hawtin808 Loop
12.1Cartridge Family*Courtesy Car2:18
12.2Sergej AutoFlibka Top
12.3Soul Capsule Productions*Las Ramblas (Forever Love)
12.4Baby Ford & ZipNo Milk Today
13Steve BugAt The Front1:56
14.1David WulleUntitled2:42
14.2Mike ShannonSlacker Jack
14.4Narcotic SyntaxMuff Diver
15.1Rino CerroneB11:59
15.2Rino CerroneOptical Way
15.3Rino CerroneA1
15.4Rino CerroneA1
16.1Rino CerroneOptical Way0:41
16.2Nick RapaccioliPanna
16.4Theorem vs. Stewart WalkerToo Distant Images
16.5Stewart WalkerClinicalism
17.1Ricardo VillalobosLuna (Re-edit)1:01
17.2Stewart WalkerClinicalism
17.3Ricardo VillalobosPanpot Spliff
18.1Ricardo VillalobosPanpot Spliff0:38
18.2Studio 1Gelb
19.1Studio 1Gelb1:03
19.2Baby Ford & The Ifach CollectiveTea Party
19.3Decomposed SubsonicDifferent View
19.4Paul HesterLife Force
19.7Roman FlügelTracks On Delivery Pt. 2 (Pattern 7)
20.1Baby Ford & The Ifach CollectiveTea Party2:05
20.2Roman FlügelTracks On Delivery Pt. 2 (Pattern 7)
20.3Studio 1Gelb
20.4Carl CraigThe Climax (Original)
21.1Roman FlügelTracks On Delivery Pt. 2 (Pattern 7)0:47
22.2Roman FlügelTracks On Delivery Pt. 2 (Pattern 7)
22.3Thomas BrinkmannLoplop B1
22.4Stewart WalkerDistortion Man
23.1Thomas BrinkmannLoplop B11:56
23.2ReworkAny Way I Know You
23.3Peter F. SpiessEdit Blue
24.1Peter F. SpiessEdit Blue0:29
24.3Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
25.1Peter F. SpiessEdit Blue2:00
25.3Dean DeCostaDiminishing Returns (Bluetrain Special Edition Dub)
25.4Der ZyklusFormenverwandler
26.1Der ZyklusFormenverwandler3:39
26.2MD Jr.Friday Night With B. Reynolds
26.3Don Disco & JeremiahChemistry
26.4Basic ChannelOctagon
26.5BluetrainA Factory Dub
26.6Peter F. SpiessEdit Blue
26.7Richie HawtinConcept Loop U:2
26.8Richie HawtinConcept Loop U:3
27.1Basic ChannelOctagon2:56
27.2Peter F. SpiessEdit Blue
27.4Antiga PrimeThe Super
27.5Carl CraigThe Climax (Original)
27.6Paperclip PeopleFor My Peepz
28.2Paul HesterLife Force
28.3Philippe CamLFO Drive
29.3PantytecDoes Ronda Know?
30.1Rino CerroneB12:32
30.3Bodo ElselDiscount Baby (H.A.L. 9000 Mix)
RemixHal 9000
30.4Stewart WalkerDistortion Man
30.5Sergej AutoFlibka Top
30.8Rino CerroneB2
31.1Rhythm & SoundRange2:15

Companies, etc.



After recording, sampling, cutting, and splicing over 100 tracks down to their most basic components, I ended up with a collection of over 300 loops, ranging in length from 1 note to 4 bars. I then started to recreate and reinterpret each track, putting the pieces back together as if an audio jigsaw puzzle- using effects and edits in between each piece. This 53 minute piece, consisting of over 70 tracks and 31 ID points, represents what those loops became, and how their interactions created something that had not existed before. -Richie Hawtin-

Complete artist and tracklist in the order they appear in compilation.

2.4, 3.2, 6.3, 7.2, 8.2, 24.3 and 25.3 come credited on CD as Blue Train vs. Dean De Costa

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 799848500826
  • Barcode (Text): 7 99848 50082 6
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI L481
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 8106
  • Matrix / Runout (Mirrored): MMS DIRECT 2AXX1<0067>MINUS8CD

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DE9 | Closer To The Edit (CD, Mixed)NovaMute, NovaMuteNOMU90CD, nomu90cdUK2001
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DE9 | Closer To The Edit (CD, Mixed)NovaMute3064-2US2001
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DE9 | Closer To The Edit (CD, Mixed, Promo)NovaMute, M_nusANOMU90CD, MINUS8PUK2001
DE9 | Closer To The Edit (CD, Mixed)Labels, NovaMute, NovaMute5016025683017, nomu90cdEurope2001
DE9 | Closer To The Edit (CD, Mixed)Playground Music Scandinavia, NovaMute, [PIAS]392.0090.020, NOMU90CDEurope2001



  • vwespa's avatar
    So....vinyl format l have is quite rare?..l don't see it in versions
    • selectajones's avatar
      meh love this...
      • club_HAPPYBEST's avatar
        • rosecrin's avatar
          Best mix ever, richie always sober !
          • coolman's avatar
            Consider DE9: Closer to the Edit Richie Hawtin's turntablist record. Freed from the (only relative) constraints of his Decks, EFX & 909 setup, Hawtin applied Final Scratch technology, a system which pipelines any digital sound elements -- from CD, MiniDisc, an effects box, practically anything -- directly into the needle of a special turntable. (Needless to say, no digging through the crates on this one.) Hawtin spins through 30-odd tracks of moody minimal techno, including tracks -- or, to be more precise, elements -- from Basic Channel, Thomas Brinkmann, Stewart Walker, Carl Craig, Theorem, and Sutekh, plus his own F.U.S.E. and Plastikman guises. Most of these tracks are present in such wildly different versions, however, that listeners may not even recognize a usually familiar track; when all that's taken is a bassline and an effect here or a scratchy percussion line there, and each track includes elements of three or four different originals, the results are much closer to either remixes or a wildly eclectic turntablist album than a techno mix album -- thus the title. Instead of a hip-hop DJ's wild spinbacks, Hawtin uses only momentary pauses and beat disruptions to mark time and open new chapters in the mix. The result is a clean, precisely constructed mix, and one that ironically isn't especially evocative of the immense work involved in constructing it. All the better for the headphone and chill-out listening this record was made for, much more so than Decks, EFX & 909.
            • delta43's avatar
              This piece of music is very inspiring.

              When I first heard this I didn't know anything about making electronic (techno) music or how this piece of music was made. Since 2003 I've played around with various software on my computer trying to make some kind of techno music. I'm still trying. I'm also trying to perform it live. With this experience I appreciate and enjoy this CD even more then the first time I heard it. It's very cleverly constructed. Hawtin clearly show great dedication in his work.
              • localoverground's avatar
                Edited 17 years ago
                One of my favorite things about dance music is the lovely bouncing feeling of moving forward, progressing, metamorphosing when a DJ (who can be trusted to do things well) is in the middle of a really really good mix. The dynamics of the different frequencies interacting -- a new kind of bass coming in, a different kind of high percussion, etc. -- is absolutely incredible when the beatmatch is good.

                So (other than the excellence of the music itself) the reason why this album kicks so much ass is that it feels like that the whole way through. Something new from some new record gets introduced seemingly every two measures and it's great to hear the slightly sonic different qualities of each loop grinding on and adding to each other.

                Big up to Hawtin for this one. It's something for the head and the feet ... but also just for the ears. Lovely.
                • radio.ethiopia's avatar
                  Edited 18 years ago
                  Let this one reverberate in your ear drums for awhile. "Closer to the Edit" is so funky, bassy and chunky... I actually don't have a proper stereo to play this on, nor the proper headphones to hear the minute changes in the production. I'm a newbie to the minimal genre and was recommended to start here. Beginning at track 1, everything just meshes together. Through uses of cuts, splits, dices, meshes and deconstructions and reconstructions, a album that will be in heavy rotation was born. 9/10
                  • criticalmassive's avatar
                    time and patience is something richie has always shown to the techno world. i have had arguments with dancefloor dj's who would like to believe he's just a knob twister... over simplistic and boring... the subtlety and artistry is obviously lost on the sheep. first off: the track selection... or loop selection to be more precise, and the editing. the montage of the bits and peices is scientific, cerebral and as close to perfection as it gets. i have a bunch of the cuts in this mix, i bought them never having taken a close look at the DE9 tracklist. I get little tingles in my spine when i hear another bit or peice from a beloved record in my collection.

                    Big props to mr. hawtin for this offering. between this studio production and his touring with final scratch i KNOW we can expect another decade of innovation.

                    techno uber alles yawl.
                    • AtomicCow's avatar
                      This CD is SO good. The mixing is very tight and I can't really tell where one track begins and another one ends. It's very cleverly programmed so there are several peaks and it flows well. I love the little bit of analog noise present in most tracks...makes it warm sounding. Very chunky beats...sparse sounds and cool echoes. My best purchase of 2001.


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