Faces (3) - Ooh La La Deek57

October 31, 2019
I bought Ooh La La the week it was first released, it didn't have a poster. First I knew of said poster was a few days a go when I bought a red vinyl reissue in a die cut sleeve, that original copy, I bought it from the local FW Woolworth, they must have mislaid the poster. Now if back then we had shrink wrapped albums instead of handing the sleeve to the assistant behind the counter...…..

Faces (3) - Ooh La La Maxknuckles

March 11, 2019
Beware of test pressings they are becoming the new bootleg!

Faces (3) - Ooh La La Sofa2112

July 17, 2013
My copy also has side B with a green label and side A with the Can Can girl. It's Catalogue number K 56011. It also says that it was "Printed and Manufactured by Album Graphics Inc., Printed in U.S.A." Record labels say "Made in U.K."

Faces (3) - Ooh La La Blowupmetz

October 15, 2013
I have the same copy, this is a UK Export.

Faces (3) - Ooh La La martinjanet

February 10, 2013

My version has side b Green WB labels and side A custom "Can Can Girl" label. I believe it is an original press. Can anyone confirm whether or not the release should be updated to reflect this?