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    VariousThe Audio Press Kit - Doctor Detroit

    Label:Universal Studios – none
    2 x Vinyl, LP, Promo
    Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Promo
    Genre:Electronic, Funk / Soul, Non-Music, Pop, Stage & Screen
    Style:Interview, Promotional


    A1Dan AykroydFeaturette #12:29
    A2Dan AykroydFeaturette #22:01
    A3Dan AykroydFeaturette #32:06
    A4Steven Spielberg, Dan AykroydFeaturette #41:51
    A5Dan AykroydFeaturette #51:50
    A6Dan AykroydFeaturette #61:18
    A7John Landis, Michael O'Donohue*, Dan AykroydFeaturette #72:56
    A8Dan AykroydFeaturette #81:24
    A9John Belushi, Dan AykroydFeaturette #91:50
    A10Dan AykroydFeaturette #102:25
    A11Steve Martin (2), Dan AykroydFeaturette #113:34
    A12Howard HessemanFeaturette #122:09
    B1Dan AykroydFeaturette #131:38
    B2Donna DixonFeaturette #141:50
    B3Dan AykroydFeaturette #152:03
    B4Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #11:40
    B5Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #21:19
    B6Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #31:25
    B7Steven Spielberg, Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #40:56
    B8Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #51:19
    B9Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #60:50
    B10John Landis, Michael O'Donohue*, Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #72:04
    B11Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #80:53
    B12John Belushi, Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #91:02
    B13Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #101:16
    B14Steve Martin (2), Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #112:51
    B15Howard HessemanOpen-Ended Featurette #121:09
    B16Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #130:58
    B17Donna DixonOpen-Ended Featurette #141:17
    B18Dan AykroydOpen-Ended Featurette #151:20
    C1DevoMusic Track 1 - Theme From Doctor Detroit (instrumental)4:15
    C2Unknown ArtistMusic Track 22:00
    C3Unknown ArtistMusic Track 32:58
    C4Unknown ArtistMusic Track 42:45
    C5Unknown ArtistMusic Track 50:50
    C6Unknown ArtistMusic Track 60:42
    C7Unknown ArtistMusic Track 74:07
    C8Unknown ArtistMusic Track 82:37
    C9Unknown ArtistMusic Track 94:12
    D1Dan AykroydPromo Spot 10:15
    D2Dan AykroydPromo Spot 20:21
    D3Unknown ArtistFilm Clip 10:50
    D4Unknown ArtistFilm Clip 21:41
    D5Unknown ArtistFilm Clip 30:21
    D6Unknown ArtistFilm Clip 41:36
    D7Unknown ArtistFilm Clip 51:45
    D8DevoDevo Introduction And Interview4:55
    D9DevoMain Title3:10
    D10Dan AykroydDan Aykroyd Intro0:15
    D11Pattie Brooks & Dan AykroydHold Him3:22
    D12Dan AykroydDan Aykroyd Intro
    D13James BrownGet Up Offa That Thing
    D14Dan AykroydDan Aykroyd Intro
    D15Pattie BrooksGet It On And Have A Party
    EDevoTheme For Doctor Detroit3:10
    FDevoTheme For Doctor Detroit3:10


    Promotional box set includes two LPs, the Backstreet Records promo 7" for Devo - "Theme For Doctor Detroit", a letter to "Station Representative", and a folder of printed matter.

    Side C is entitled "Music Beds", and contains instrumental music "for your production needs"; The first of these is an instrumental version of Devo's "Theme From Doctor Detroit". The others include blues, marching bands and electronic incidental music.

    Side D includes five "Film Clips"; these appear to be excerptes of dialogue from the film, but are not credited.