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    VariousWoodstock - Back To The Garden 50th Anniversary Experience

    Label:Rhino Records (2) – R2 591470, Cotillion – 6034978551706
    10 x CD, Limited Edition
    All Media, Stereo, Bookset
    Country:USA & Canada
    Genre:Rock, Funk / Soul, Blues, Pop, Folk, World, & Country


    1-1Richie HavensRichie Havens :"Hello!"1:16
    1-2Richie HavensFrom The Prison/Get Together/From The Prison4:32
    1-3Richie HavensHigh Flying Bird4:24
    1-4Richie HavensWith A Little Help From My Friends3:30
    1-5Richie HavensHandsome Johnny4:49
    1-6Richie HavensFreedom5:14
    1-7John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:" It Seems There Are A Few Cars Blocking The Road"0:40
    1-8SweetwaterLook Out4:04
    1-9SweetwaterDay Song1:53
    1-10SweetwaterTwo Worlds6:14
    1-11Bert SommerJennifer3:05
    1-12Bert SommerAnd When It's Over3:07
    1-13Bert SommerAmerica3:30
    1-14Bert SommerSmile4:15
    1-15John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:" Let's See How Bright It Can Be"2:55
    1-16Tim HardinHow Can We Hang On To A Dream4:06
    1-17Tim HardinIf I Were A Carpenter5:19
    1-18Tim HardinReason To Believe4:27
    1-19Tim HardinMisty Roses4:34
    1-20John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"We're A Pretty Big City Right Now"3:59
    2-1John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"Somebody, Somewhere, Is Giving Out Some Flat Blue Acid"0:51
    2-2Ravi ShankarRaga Manj Kmahaj17:48
    2-3Melanie (2)Momma Momma3:45
    2.4Melanie (2)Beautiful People4:01
    2-5Melanie (2)Mr. Tambourine Man2:24
    2-6Melanie (2)Birthday Of The Sun3:37
    2-7John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"It's A Free Concert From Now On"1:32
    2-8Arlo GuthrieComing Into Los Angeles3:26
    2-9Arlo GuthrieArlo Guthrie "Lotta Freaks!"0:36
    2-10Arlo GuthrieWheel Of Fortune2:30
    2-11Arlo GuthrieWalking Down The Line4:27
    2-12Arlo GuthrieEvery Hand In The Land1:48
    2-13John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"Let's Just Make The Festival, Not Other Stuff"0:45
    2-14Joan BaezLast Thing On My Mind3:52
    2-15Joan BaezI Shall Be Released3:47
    2.16Joan BaezJoan Baez:"He Already Had A Very,very Good Hunger Strike Going"2.173:00
    2-17Joan BaezJoe Hill2:46
    2-18Joan Baez With Jeffrey ShurtleffDrug Store Truck Drivin' Man2:47
    2-19John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"That Brings Us Fairly Close To The Dawn"0:54
    2-20John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"I Guess The Reason We're Here Is Music"0:38
    2-21QuillThey Live The Life8:19
    2-22QuillThat's How I Eat5:31
    3-1Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Can Those Of You In The Back Hear Well?"1:47
    3-2Country Joe McDonaldJanis2:50
    3-3Country Joe McDonaldDonovan's Reef4:05
    3-4Country Joe McDonaldThe "Fish" Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag5:08
    3-5Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Those Wishing To Be Lost, Those Wishing To Be Found"0:29
    3-9SantanaSoul Sacrifice11:55
    3-10Chip MonckStage Announcement:"An Exciting Set Is Understandable"0:14
    3-11John SebastianHow Have You Been6:01
    3-12John SebastianRainbows All Over Your Blues3:43
    3-13John SebastianI Had A Dream3:37
    3-.14John SebastianDarling Be Home Soon4:27
    3-15The Keef Hartley BandHalfbreed Medley:Sinnin' For You/Leaving Trunk/Just To Cry/Sinnin'For You17:57
    3-16Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Bring Jerry's Nitroglycerin Pills To The Indian Pavilion"1:58
    4-1Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Go To Mr. Lang's Office Right Away"1:15
    4-2The Incredible String BandInvocation1:42
    4-3The Incredible String BandThe Letter5:33
    4-4The Incredible String BandGather 'Round5:06
    4-5The Incredible String BandWhen You Find Out Who You Are9:26
    4-6Chip Monck & Hugh RomneyChip Monck & Hugh Romney:"If Things Aren't Going Well For You Or Whatever"2:46
    4-7Canned HeatGoing Up The Country4:46
    4-8Canned HeatWoodstock Boogie29:02
    4-9Bob Hite & Chip MonckBob Hite & Chip Monck:"Can We Have A Little Juice On This Other Microphone, Please?"1:27
    4-10Canned HeatOn The Road Again10:53
    4-11Chip MonckStage Announcement:"It's Your Own Trip"2:05
    5-1Chip MonckStage Announcement:"We'll Take Care Of That Right Away"2:30
    5-2MountainTheme For An Imaginary Western5:04
    5-3MountainLong Red5:45
    5-4MountainWho Am I But You And The Sun (For Yasgur's Farm)3:55
    5-5MountainSouthbound Train6:17
    5-6Chip Monck, Joshua WhiteChip Monck & Joshua White:"Open Your Eyes Wide"2:29
    5-7Ken BabbsKen Babbs;"So Many People Hae Been Able To Participate In Such A Debacle"1:29
    5-8The Grateful DeadMama Tried2:40
    5-9Ken Babbs, Country Joe McDonaldKen Babbs, Country Joe Mcdonald, Et. Al:"It's A Sinister Plot!"4:10
    5-10The Grateful DeadDark Star19:18
    5-11The Grateful DeadHigh Time6:17
    5-12John Morris (6)Stage Announcement:"You're Carrying Janis' Wah-wah Pedals"1:54
    5-13Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River3:17
    5-14Creedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising2:14
    5-15Creedence Clearwater RevivalI Put A Spell On You4:24
    5-16Chip MonckStage Announcement:"It's Going To Be A Very Long Evening"1:04
    6-1Janis JoplinTo Love Somebody5:19
    6-2Janis JoplinKozmic Blues4:54
    6-3Janis JoplinPiece Of My Heart3:56
    6-4Janis JoplinJanis Joplin:"Music's For Grooving, Man"1:34
    6-5Janis JoplinBall And Chain6:27
    6-6Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Just In Case You Should Get Any Ideas About Leaving"0:41
    6-7Sly & The Family StoneMedley: Everyday People/Dance To The Music/Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher22:31
    6-8Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman & Stagehand:"Are You Supposed To Be Up There Rapping? No, Man"0:35
    6-9The WhoI Can't Explain2:24
    6-10The WhoPinball Wizard2:55
    6-11Abbie Hoffman & Pete TownshendAbbie Hoffman & Pete Townshend:"I Can Dig It"0:30
    6-12The WhoWe're Not Gonna Take It8:59
    6-13The WhoShakin' All Over4:44
    6-14The WhoMy Generation7:12
    6-15Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Welcome This New Day"0:54
    7-1Jefferson AirplaneThe Other Side Of This Life8:28
    7-2Jefferson AirplaneSomebody To Love4:25
    7-3Grace SlickGrace Slick:"Let's Play It Out Of Tune"0:12
    7-4Jefferson Airplane3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds5:29
    7-5Jefferson AirplaneWon't You Try/Saturday Afternoon5:11
    7-6Grace SlickGrace Slick:"We Got A Whole Lot Of Orange, And It Was Fine"0:31
    7-7Jefferson AirplanePlastic Fantastic Lover4:30
    7-8Jefferson AirplaneVolunteers3:02
    7.9Hugh RomneyHugh Romney:"If You're Too Tired To Chew, Pass It On"2:20
    7-10Hugh RomneyStage Announcement:"The Roads Are Fairly Clear Now"1:08
    7-11Max YasgurMax Yasgur:"This Is The Largest Group Of People Ever Assembled In One Place"2:35
    7-12Joe CockerDear Landlord8:08
    7-13Joe CockerFeelin' Alright6:02
    7-14Joe CockerLet's Go Get Stoned6:54
    7-15Joe CockerHitchcock Railway6:04
    7-16Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My Friends8:19
    7-17John Morris (6) & Barry MeltonJohn Morris, Barry Melton, Rainstorm & Audience:"Isn't The Rain Beautiful?"5:36
    8-1Country Joe And The FishRock & Soul Music2:12
    8-2Country Joe And The FishLove3:03
    8-3Country Joe And The FishSilver And Gold4:48
    8-4Country Joe And The FishRock And Soul Music (Reprise)12:27
    8-5Ten Years AfterHelp Me15:37
    8-6Ten Years AfterI'm Going Home12:20
    8-7Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Come Down And Say Hello To Us"1:33
    8-8The BandChest Fever5:36
    8-9The BandTears Of Rage5:36
    8-10The BandThis Wheel's On Fire3:57
    8-11The BandI Shall Be Released3:39
    8-12The BandThe Weight4:38
    8-13Chip MonckStage Announcement:"We've Just Had A Slight Change In Running Order"0:30
    9-1Chip MonckStage Announcement:"It's Really A Drag"0:55
    9-2Johnny WinterLeland Mississippi Blues5:13
    9-3Johnny WinterMean Town Blues10:57
    9-4Johnny WinterJohnny B. Goode5:26
    9-5Chip MonckStage Announcement:"It Just Doesn't Seem To Be Necessary"1:03
    9-6Blood, Sweat And TearsMore And More2:57
    9-7Blood, Sweat And TearsSpinning Wheel4:49
    9-8Blood, Sweat And TearsSmiling Phases10:08
    9-9Blood, Sweat And TearsYou've Made Me So Very Happy4:54
    9-10Crosby, Stills & NashCrosby, Stills, & Nash:"Tell Em Whom We Are,man"1:00
    9-.11Crosby, Stills & NashSuite:Judy Blue Eyes8:38
    9-12Crosby, Stills & NashBlackbird2:45
    9-13Crosby, Stills & NashMarrakesh Express2:54
    9-14Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungSea Of Madness3:19
    9-15Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungWooden Ships6:45
    9-16Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungCrosby, Stills,Nash,& Young:"Bummer!"1:03
    9-17Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young49 Bye-Byes5:19
    10-1The Paul Butterfield Blues BandNo Amount Of Loving6:04
    10-2The Paul Butterfield Blues BandLove March11:04
    10-3The Paul Butterfield Blues BandEverything's Gonna Be Alright9:22
    10-4Chip Monck & Sha Na NaChip Monck & Sha Na Na:"Test"1:21
    10-5Sha Na NaGet A Job2:28
    10-6Sha Na NaCome Go With Me2:32
    10-7Sha Na NaSilhouettes2:57
    10-8Sha Na NaAt The Hop2:58
    10-9Sha Na NaDuke Of Earl2:00
    10-10Sha Na NaGet A Job (Reprise)0:26
    10-11Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Thank You For Making All This Possible"1:41
    10-12Jimi HendrixHear My Train A Comin'9:12
    10-13Jimi HendrixIsabella4:48
    10-14Jimi HendrixThe Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze13:39
    10-15Chip MonckStage Announcement:"Good Wishes, Good Day, And A Good Life"3:32

    Companies, etc.



    WOODSTOCK – BACK TO THE GARDEN – 50th ANNIVERSARY EXPERIENCE features 162 tracks across 10 CDs and is the first Woodstock collection to feature live recordings of every performer at the festival.
    64 page book with Hessian wrap.

    The rest of the world version can be found here : Woodstock - Back To The Garden 50th Anniversary Experience

    Barcode and Other Identifiers

    • Barcode (Scanned): 603497851706
    • Barcode (Text): 6 03497 85170 6
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 1): [Warner Logo] 57209949 / 0603497851706-1 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 1): IFPI 0713
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 2): [Warner Logo] 57210060 / 0603497851706-2 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI LP 73
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 2): IFPI 0713
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 3): [Warner Logo] 57210066 / 0603497851706-3 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 3): IFPI 0710
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 4): [Warner Logo] 57210102 / 0603497851706-4 22
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 4): IFPI 0710
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 5): [Warner Logo] 57210108 / 0603497851706-5 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 5): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 5): IFPI 071Z
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 6): [Warner Logo] 57210114 / 0603497851706-6 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 6): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 6): IFPI 071Z
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 7): [Warner Logo] 57210130 / 0603497851706-7 22
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 7): IFPI LP 73
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 7): IFPI 0761
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 8): [Warner Logo] 57210136 / 0603497851706-8 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 8): IFPI LB47
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 8): IFPI 079Y
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 9): [Warner Logo] 57210142 / 0603497851706-9 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 9): IFPI LB47
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 9): IFPI 0787
    • Matrix / Runout (Disc 10): [Warner Logo] 57210148 / 0603497851706-10 21
    • Mastering SID Code (Disc 10): IFPI LB 45
    • Mould SID Code (Disc 10): IFPI 0787

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    jarrodddd's avatar
    Whoops! They forgot to clip Joe Cocker's introduction to "Just Like a Woman" at the end of 7-13 "Feelin' Alright."