1.01Ram DassOpening (Excerpt)
1.02Employee #6817Solar Blossom
1.03Buddy GrecoI'm Gonna Laugh You Out Of My Life (Excerpt)
1.04Digable PlanetsRebirth Of Slick (Cool Like That)
1.05Slick RickBehind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Instrumental)
1.06Raw Dope PosseListen To My Turbo
1.07Employee #6817Religious Overtones (Instrumental)
1.08Hip Rock*Nothing But Bass (Instrumental)
1.09Naturally FreshUNH Rap Up
1.10Employee #6817Ye Olde Schoole
1.11WhodiniWhodini NYC
1.12James BrownFunky Drummer
1.13Yaggfu FrontSlappin' Suckas Silly (Instrumental)
1.14Mesanjarz Of FunkFunk In Da Trunk (Remix Instrumental)
1.15Fat BoysHuman Beat Box
1.16Herbie HancockRockit
1.17Employee #6817Gone Mad With Power
1.18Emperial Master Eddie Gee, The & The Jazzy Jew Man*Are You Ready (Acappella)
1.19JodarettesWhat's In De Box
1.20RastusSailin' Easy
1.21Third GuitarBaby Don't Cry
1.22James BrownIt's Too Funky In Here
1.23Digital UndergroundThe Humpty Dance (Humpstrumental)
1.24Grandmaster Slice & Izzy ChillSlice, I Get Nice
1.25Freddy B & The Mighty Mic Masters(Triple M Is In Effect) We're Back Y'all (Instrumental)
1.26Suzanne VegaTom's Diner
1.27Biz MarkiePickin' Boogers
1.28The Yellowjackets*Psycho Killer
1.29The Film Festival OrchestraTheme From "The Sorcerer"
1.30Emergency Broadcast Network3:7:8 (The Westworld Mix)
1.31DissentCorporate Voodoo
1.32Laurie AndersonBorn, Never Asked (Excerpt)
1.33Employee #6817It's Gonna Fingal
1.34Employee #6817Cellphones =( (Excerpt)
1.35Brian Eno & David ByrneRegiment
1.36Notorious B.I.G.Hypnotize
1.37Herb AlpertRise
1.38QueenAnother One Bites The Dust
1.39ChicGood Times
1.40The Sugarhill Gang*Rapper's Delight
1.41Hi-FidelityAll To Myself (Instrumental)
1.42Rhythm Makers Ltd.Party Rap
1.43Beastie Boys Vs. The Art Of NoiseIntergalactic (Beatbox)
1.44Air Force 1See The Light, Feel The Heat
1.45Raethel Bean And The Doonesbury Break Crew*Rap Master Ronnie
1.46Ron & The D.C. Crew*Ronnie's Rap
1.47NewcleusJam On It
1.48NewcleusLet's Jam (Dub)
1.49Think (2)Once You Understand (Excerpt)
1.50Extra T'sE.T. Boogie
1.51Busta RhymesDangerous
1.52Employee #6817Coffee
1.53Employee #6817Prelude
1.54Dynamic CorvettesFunky Music Is The Thing (Pt. 2)
1.55Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid ChemistsDetroit
1.56Sad 5*The Gaslamp
1.57Incredible Bongo Band*Apache
1.58Employee #6817Investment Advice
1.59Sesame StreetMonsters LP (Side A Outro)
2.01Monty PythonHoly Grail Soundtrack (Side B Intro)
2.02Eddie PeabodyStars And Stripes Forever
2.03Frank ZappaPorn Wars (Excerpt)
2.04Joey WelzFreedom Waits
2.05Employee #6817Journey Preperation
2.06Rick AstleyNever Gonna Give You Up (Instrumental)
2.07Vanilla IceIce Ice Baby (Acappella)
2.08LukeBanned (What Is This) (Extended Remix)
2.09Employee #6817Seperation (Acappella)
2.10Puff'N Toot Singers & Orchestra*Someday, Little Children
2.11The WinstonsAmen Brother
2.12Brother Jack McDuffCan't Get Satisfied (Part 1)
2.13Pilgrim 20 SingersKicks
2.14The MerriettesLook Out For The Batman
2.15Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers*Sock It To 'Em J.B. (Part 1)
2.16Johan RudbeckThe Battle For Space
2.17The Vestpocket Psalm46 Kings
2.18PestSlap On Tap
2.19The Blues ProjectFlute Thing
2.20Don Charles Presents The Singing DogsJingle Bells
2.21Eddie BoHook And Sling (Pt. 1)
2.22Bob JamesMain Title From Star Trek The Motion Picture
2.23Maynard FergusonTheme From Star Trek
2.24Employee #6817Paaaarrruuuumph



A Studio Mix.

1-31 unknown at time, labelled as "Mysteriously Delicious White Label Test Pressing"



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