George HarrisonI'd Have You Anytime

Label:Not On Label (George Harrison) – SBM-04
4 x CD, HDCD, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered, Unofficial Release


Original Apple Acetate
This Side
1-1Hear My Lord
1-2Let It Down
1-3Awaiting On You All
1-4Run Of The Mill
1-5Art Of Dying
That Side
1-6What Is Life
1-7Isn't It A Pity
1-8Isn't It A Pity (Version Two)
1-9Behind That Locked Door
1-10All Things Must Pass
The Other Side
1-11I Live For You
1-12Beware Of Darkness
1-13Down To The River
1-14Whenever (I'll Still Love You)
1-15Plug Me In (RS1)
1-16Plug Me In (RS2)
1-17Whenever (I'll Still Love You) (Mono)
1-18It Don't Come Easy
Original Apple Acetate (Continued)
And Another Side
2-2My Sweet Lord
2-3I Dig Love
2-4If Not For You
2-5Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
Apple Jam
2-6Out Of The Blue
2-7It's Johnny's Birthday
2-8Plug Me In
2-9I Remember Jeep
2-10Thanks For The Pepperoni
2-11Dehra Dun
2-12OM Hare OM (Gopala Krishna)
2-13I Live For You
2-14Going Down To Golders Green
2-15Get Back
2-16Pete Drake And His Amazing Talking Guitar
2-17Down To The River (Edit)
Audio Video DVD Disc Three
5.1 Surround Audio Album
3-1I'd Have You Anytime
3-2My Sweet Lord
3-4Isn't It A Pity
3-5What Is Life
3-6If Not For You
3-7Behind That Locked Door
3-8Let It Down
3-9Run Of The Hill
3-10Beware Of Darkness
3-11Apple Scruffs
3-12Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
3-13Awaiting On You All
3-14All Things Must Pass
3-15I Dog Love
3-16Art Of Dying
3-17Isn't It A Pity (Version Two)
3-18Hear Me Lord
Acoustic & Electric Demos (2018 Remaster)
3-19Run Of The Hill (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-20Art Of Dying (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-21Everybody, Nobody (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-22Wah-Wah (Electric Guitar Demo)
3-23Window, Window (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-24Beautiful Girl (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-25Beware Of Darkness (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-26Let It Down (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-27Tell Me What Has Happened To You (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-28Hear Me Lord (Electric Guitar Demo)
3-29Cosmic Empire (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-30Nowhere To Go (Electric Guitar Demo)
3-31Mother Devine (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-32I Don't Want To Do It (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-33If Not For You (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
3-34Woman Don't You Cry For Me (Acoustc Guitar Demo)
Video Section
3-35My Sweet Lord (UK TV 1971)
3-36What Is Life (Promo 2016)
3-37My Sweet Lord (Photo Montage)
Audio DVD Disc Four "All Things Must Pass" Sessions
4-1I'd Have You Anytime - Demo With Bob Dylan / Announcement
4-2My Sweet Lord - Early Stereo Remix / Rough Mix / Single Version
4-3Wah-Wah - Demo Extended / Take 3 Early Stereo Mix / Take 3 Backing Track RS1
4-4Isn't It A Pity - Early Stereo Remix
4-5What Is Life - Backing Track Guitar And Piano Overdubs / Backing Track Horn Overdub / Backing Track Take 25 RS1 / Early Stereo Remix
4-6If Not For You - Rough Mix / Early Stereo Remix
4-7Behind That Locked Door - Rough Mix / Early Stereo Remix
4-8Let It Down - Alternate Vocal Take 1 / Take 8 Backing Tracks / Take 8 Vocal Overdub / Take 8 Keyboard Overdub / Take 8 Guitar And Horn Overdubs / Early Stereo Remix
4-9Run Pf The Mill - Basic Tracks / Vocal And Keyboard Overdubs / Horn Overdubs / Rough Mix False Start / Rough Mix
4-10Beware of Darkness - Alternate Vocal Take / Basic Tracks / Guitar Overdubs 1 / Guitar Overdubs 2 / Strings Overdubs
4-11Apple Scruffs - Take 1 Breakdown / Take 2 False Start / Take 3 Breakdown / Take 4 Breakdown / Take 5 Breakdown / Take 6 Breakdown / Take 7 / Take 8 Breakdown / Take 9 Breakdown / Take 10 Breakdown / Take 11 Breakdown / Take 12 Breakdown / Take 13 / Take 14 / Take 15 / Take 16 / Take 17 / Take 18 Double-Tracked Vocal / Take 18 Backing Vocals And Guitar Overdubs / Take 18 Backing Vocal Overdubs / Take 18 Vocal, Harmonica And Guitar Overdubs
4-12Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) - Backing Tracks
4-13Awaiting On You All - Backing Tracks Guitar And Keyboard Overdubs / Backing Tracks Horn Overdubs / Backing Tracks Rough Mix
4-14All Things Must Pass - Alternate Vocal Take / Rough Mix False Start / Early Stereo Remix
4-15I Gog Love - Take 20 RS1 Breakdown / Take 20 RS2
4-16Art Of Dying - Take 9 Early Stereo Remix / Take 26 Backing Tracks / Take 26 Overdubs Keyboard Overdubs / Take 26 Horn Overdubs / Take 26 RS9 With Overdubs
4-17Isn't It A Pity (Version Two) - Take 30 RS1
4-18Hear Me Lord - Basic Tracks / Basic Tracks Piano Overdubs / Early Stereo Remix
4-19It's Johnny's Birthday - Early Stereo Remix
4-20Plug Me In - Rough Mix 1 / Rough Mix 2


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