Death (2) - Symbolic Tibi.Et.Igni

July 30, 2019
For me remastered vinyls sound good( ..and i own couple originals!) I´m not fancy the remastered shit but these are imho good and well made!

Death (2) - Symbolic elahrairah

May 17, 2019
New entry on the Indie LPs chart, NME 8 April 1995.

Death (2) - Symbolic salzmann4000

March 3, 2019
Hey guys, I read everywhere that the Remaster LPs sound bad. Which versions should I buy regarding sound? greeting

Death (2) - Symbolic jedidale

May 13, 2020

the Metal Blade version sounds very good in my opinion.

Death (2) - Symbolic mgalaks

January 14, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Purchased the metal-blade vinyl reissue, sounds great! I was lucky to find it for an affordable price, wish I could say the same for the Human / ITP albums, which are rare as hens teeth on vinyl.

Death (2) - Symbolic as reviewed by MikePost

January 16, 2009

In my opinion, when it comes to Death, I find that Symbolic (album) is the only album to ever come close to the Human (album)-- scratch that. It's by far my favourite album from Death. I never thought anything would surpass Human, but then Symbolic showed up. :)

I found Scream Bloody Gore (album) and Individual Thought Patterns (album) to be disappointing, really. While there were a few tracks I loved (and still love), the albums in general were disappointing to me.

But, with tracks such as: Zero Tolerance, Empty Words and Sacred Serenity, Symbolic really brought Death 'back'. Chuck's great grunting ability and extremely progressive yet melodic guitar-play really make this album come alive. Death used session musicians during the production of Symbolic, and I must say they did a great job.

My rating for this album? 4.5+ out of 5.

Death (2) - Symbolic frankensteincastle

July 23, 2018
"I found Scream Bloody Gore (album) ... to be disappointing" - How can that album be disappointing in 1987, when it was Death's first album and before it there were just demos and all the tracks from those early tapes ended up on Scream Bloody Gore, only with better production???

Death (2) - Symbolic nykterion667

October 16, 2016

''I found Scream Bloody Gore (album) and Individual Thought Patterns (album) to be disappointing, really.'' After that, I stopped reading, I stopped taking your review seriously. Of course your review is somewhat 7 years ago, not sure if you have the same opinion to this day. Cheers!

Death (2) - Symbolic Gut-Punch_Records

June 23, 2016
I tend to agree with basically all your points. ITP is Death's zenith.

Death (2) - Symbolic peace_sells

September 12, 2013
I have to disagree. Individual Thought Patterns is arguably my favourite Death album (maybe a tie with Human). ITP was the pinnacle of musicianship in my opinion. It was a very different album at the time (Cynic's Focus came out 3-4 months after ITP, Atheist's sense of jazz-infusion was a little different). Lots of raw energy and willingness to explore new areas. ITP was quite a drastic change from Human. Definitely Chuck's songwriting improved on Symbolic, but i find ITP to be very refreshing. Maybe it was the jazziness, bass was extra clear; i don't know. Symbolic sounds a tad more polished to me (don't get me wrong. i love Symbolic too).