Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 41 January 1997 as reviewed by NatureOfMyCircuitry

August 21, 2008

I can't say much for tracks 2-18 but if you are looking for rare Marilyn Manson songs you've just found one of the rarest.

Yes. The song is "Antichrist Superstar" but this one is very special. The album version of the song has a computer voice repeating the words "When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you". That is where this version is different, instead the words "You might as well kill yourself, You're already dead" are repeated. The same way it's preformed live now.

A friend of mine had this back when we were kids (before CD-Rs), and it got destroyed. I got a hold of a copy off ebay a year ago after years of searching. If you have the chance to get this CD
DON'T pass it up.

Various - CMJ New Music Monthly Volume 41 January 1997 dj50tonhamster

October 25, 2016
Yeah, this is the same version as the one that appeared on the Antichrist Superstar CD single that had come out the previous summer. I don't think it was released anywhere else. Not sure how it ended up here, but hey, no complaints, especially since the single seems to go for ~$100 these days. :)