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    DJ MasalaAstronauts In The Solar System

    Label:Global Sect Music – GSMCD008
    CD, Compilation
    Style:Goa Trance, Psy-Trance


    1RayavanaCountdown To Ascension3:53
    3Median Project*Venus8:23
    4Ypsilon 5Terra Firma8:49
    6MindsphereSpectacular Purity7:55
    7Triquetra (3)Chronos8:19
    8TomocomoWarp To Uranus8:45
    9Ephedra (2)Neptune7:01



    This is the Genesis. A legend is told about Mankind, which advanced to the new frontier in the Solar System.
    This is a story about the Astronauts who were challenged with the exploration of the Solar System and developed the future of mankind. The Genesis of the Cosmic century.

    VA Astronauts in The Solar System opens a series of releases called "Intergalactic Cult" in which various goa trance DJs will have the opportunity to express themselves creatively and create their own compilation with the support of our label.
    We invite you to follow the development of Intergalactic Cult with us, to enjoy new ideas and amazing releases. We hope that thanks to this project, talented goa-trans DJs will be able to build more interesting and successful careers, and even more musicians will have the opportunity to graduate on our label.
    We thank our good friend DJ Masala from the Land of the Rising Sun for the magnificently done work and wish him creative success.

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    Astronauts In The Solar System (10×File, FLAC, Compilation)Global Sect MusicnoneRussia2019


    MazaroAnonymous's avatar
    Would have to disagree w/ the other reviewer here, like all Global Sect VAs this is top quality modern goa trance, heavily melodic, with many layers of arpeggiated lead lines intersecting. Many artists on this VA have grown from their earlier work such as Triquetra who now finds a beautiful texture with hardware synths. Mindsphere (maybe my favorite modern goa producer) is brilliant as always with "Spectacular Purity" a very thoughtful and symmetrically built tune with perfectly clean tone. Tomocomo's "Warp to Uranus" is a smooth, minimal sci-fi acid trance odyssey, cementing the old school vibe I am getting from a lot of this music. Now that neogoa producers have generally switched to analogue synthesizers as were used in 90's goa, a lot of the essence is back in place. Yes, perhaps it is a little more like 'nitzo-goa' with the uplifting, scalar arp patterns of tracks like Skarma "Mars", but this is not a bad thing, as this is far from a cheesy tune, deep and beautiful and emotive.
    DR_PSYCHEDELIC's avatar
    Edited 2 years ago
    (1st track intro is not concerned)
    Best Kick Bass : Skarma & Tomocomo
    Best Medium Trebles : Mindsphere, Median Project, Ephedra, Tomocomo (Also the Best Tracks)
    Best Structure & Story : Ypsilon 5 & Ephedra & Triquetra
    Worst Synthetizer Sound : Ypsilon 5
    Worst Story : JIS (Also the Worst Track)

    None track is Very Good for me, each time it misses something :
    Not present Bass
    Kick bass not enough worked, seems forgotten for only the Good Trebles
    No Energetic Ascent toward the end of the track
    The track "begins by the end", more powerful at the beginning than after/at the end

    Or the sounds used are not relevant enough or(&) not good enough to hear or(&) the story itself !