Label:NO PART OF IT – none
Vinyl, 7", Limited Edition, Compilation, Red Translucent
Country:USA & Canada
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music
Style:Noise, Abstract, Easy Listening, Rhythmic Noise, Therapy, Minimal, Field Recording, Experimental


A01PornocaneLocked Groove
A02Himei KoukotsuLocked Groove
A03Le Scrambled DebutanteLocked Groove
A04Magic Is Kuntmaster*Locked Groove
A05Black Leather JesusLocked Groove
A06Crash WorshipLocked Groove
A07Cock E.S.P.Locked Groove
A08Dave PhillipsLocked Groove
A09Dave PhillipsLocked Groove
A10Dave PhillipsLocked Groove
A11AnakridLocked Groove
A12AnakridLocked Groove
A13AnakridLocked Groove
A14AnakridLocked Groove
A15AnakridLocked Groove
A16Cryptic WeevilLocked Groove
A17Samuel HenryLocked Groove
A18Insect DeliLocked Groove
A19Insect DeliLocked Groove
A20Robert InhumanLocked Groove
A21The MachinistLocked Groove
A22ProtmanLocked Groove
A23SatanicpornocultshopLocked Groove
A24Dan LayneLocked Groove
A25Little FyodorLocked Groove
A26Hiss (2)Locked Groove
A27Faith (10)Locked Groove
A28FecaloveLocked Groove
A29Splinter Vs. StalinLocked Groove
A30PereidLocked Groove
A31A Pink CloudLocked Groove
A32Dead PeniLocked Groove
A33Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A34Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A35Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A36Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A37Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A38Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A39Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A40Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A41Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A42Mister FuckheadLocked Groove
A43SIXESLocked Groove
A44OphibreLocked Groove
A45The Electric SetLocked Groove
A46WyrmLocked Groove
A47PommelLocked Groove
A48IDX1274Locked Groove
A49Mutant ApeLocked Groove
A50Torturing NurseLocked Groove
B01The Lonely Procession*Locked Groove
B02Children's GuideLocked Groove
B03Sid RedlinLocked Groove
B04Mr. CaliforniaLocked Groove
B05Mr. CaliforniaLocked Groove
B06Nurse With WoundLocked Groove
B07Nurse With WoundLocked Groove
B08Amphibious GesturesLocked Groove
B09Amphibious GesturesLocked Groove
B10Amphibious GesturesLocked Groove
B11Indian JewelryLocked Groove
B12Helios CreedLocked Groove
B13Rubber O CementLocked Groove
B14Mykel BoydLocked Groove
B15WarmthLocked Groove
B16PanicsvilleLocked Groove
B17PanicsvilleLocked Groove
B18PanicsvilleLocked Groove
B19PanicsvilleLocked Groove
B20Ortmann* & Wiese*Locked Groove
B21Andy OrtmannLocked Groove
B22Andy OrtmannLocked Groove
B23Andy OrtmannLocked Groove
B24PanicsvilleLocked Groove
B25CablesLocked Groove
B26CablesLocked Groove
B27Sudden InfantLocked Groove
B28Sudden InfantLocked Groove
B29Sudden InfantLocked Groove
B30Sudden InfantLocked Groove
B31Sudden InfantLocked Groove
B32Crank SturgeonLocked Groove
B33EaViLLocked Groove
B34Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B35Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B36Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B37Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B38Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B39Clayton CountsLocked Groove
B40Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B41Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B42Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B43Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B44Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B45Skozey FetischLocked Groove
B46Emulsion (2)Locked Groove
B47SOS (Symbol Of Subversion)*Locked Groove
B48Death Factory (2)Locked Groove
B49InfirmaryLocked Groove
B50To Live And Shave In L.A.Locked Groove



Compilation of locked-grooves. First edition limited to 333 copies. 7" translucent red vinyl in 10" pro-print metallic silver and black jacket. Comes with a two-sided 8" square sized black and white info-sheet on Gilbert Bond Stock from the 1960s. There were three different inserts available.




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