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Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition () album cover

Mozart*Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition

Deutsche Grammophon – 483 0003, Decca – 483 0003, Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg – 483 0003
200 x CD,
Unknown, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered


CD 1 - Nannerl Notenbuch Excerpts, London Sketchbook
Nannerl Notenbuch (Excerpts)
Level Up1Andante In C (No. 53) K1a0:17
Level Up2Allegro In C (No. 54) K1b0:14
Level Up3Allegro In F (No. 55) K1c0:48
Level Up4Minuet In F (No. 56) K1d1:14
Level Up5Minuet In G (No. 62) K1e/Minuet In C (No. 63) K1f1:57
Level Up6Minuet In F (No. 58) K20:54
Level Up7Allegro In B♭ (No. 59) K30:57
Level Up8Minuet In F (No. 49) K41:16
Level Up9Minuet In F (No. 61) K51:06
Level Up10Allegro In C (No. 20) K9a3:10
London Sketchbook
Level Up11Allegretto In F K15a
Level Up12Andantino In C K15b1:03
Level Up13Minuet In G K15c0:55
Level Up14Rondino In D K15d1:22
Level Up15Contredanse In G K15e0:36
Level Up16Minuet In C K15f1:02
Level Up17Fantasia (Prelude) In G K15g0:59
Level Up18Contredanse In F K15h1:00
Level Up19Minuet/Minore In A/a K15i/k2:04
Level Up20Contredanse In A K15l1:06
Level Up21Minuet In F K15m1:11
Level Up22Andante In C K15n2:34
Level Up23Andante In D K15o2:05
Level Up24Movement For A Sonata In g K15p (Movement1?)3:05
Level Up25Andante IN B♭ K15q (Movement2?)3:18
Level Up26Andante In g K15r (Movement3?)1:31
Level Up27Rondo In C K15s0:37
Level Up28Movement For A Sonata In F K15t2:18
Level Up29Sicilianos In c K15u1:45
Level Up30Movement For A Sonata In F K15v2:30
Level Up31Allemande In B♭ K15w2:18
Level Up32Movement For A Sonata In F K15x0:54
Level Up33Minuet In G K15y0:54
Level Up34Gigue In c K15z2:08
Level Up35Movement For A Sonata in B♭ K15aa1:58
Level Up36Movement For A Sonata In D K15bb1:30
Level Up37Minuet In E♭ K15cc3:06
Level Up38Andante In A♭ K15dd2:29
Level Up39Minuet In E♭ K15ee0:46
Level Up40Minuet In A♭ K15ff0:51
Level Up41Contredanse In B♭ K15gg1:37
Level Up42Rondo In F K15hh1:14
Level Up43Andante In B♭ K15ii1:49
Level Up44Movement For A Sonata In E♭ K15kk2:25
Level Up45Presto In B♭ K15ll0:48
Level Up46Andante In E♭ K15mm0:35
Level Up47Movement For A Sonata In F (Fragment) K15nn0:09
Level Up48German Dance In F K15oo0:42
Level Up49Minuet In B♭ & Trio in E♭ K15pp/qq2:09
Level Up50Minuet In C (Fragment) K15rr0:23
Level Up51Fugue In a (Fragment) K15ss0:35
CD 2 - Variations, 8 Minuets, Piano Sonata
18 Variations In G On The Dutch Song "Laat Ons Juichen" By C.E. Graaf K245:55
27 Variations In D On The Dutch National Song "Willem Van Nassau" K256:40
3Adagio In F KAnh206a (Doubtful)4:38
2 Fugues K154a
Level Up4No. 1 In G "In Modo Plagali"0:27
Level Up5No 2 In D0:22
8 Minuets K315a
Level Up6I Minuet In C1:31
Level Up7II Minuet In G1:39
Level Up8III Minuet In D1:39
Level Up9IV Minuet In C1:33
Level Up10V Minuet In F1:36
Level Up11VI Minuet In D1:38
Level Up12VII Minuet In A1:35
Level Up13VIII Minuet In G2:09
146 Variations In G On "Mio Caro Adone" By A. Salieri K1808:25
1512 Variations In C On A Minuet By J.C. Fischer K17918:39
Piano Sonata In C K279
Level Up16I Allegro4:48
Level Up17II Andante5:43
Level Up18III Allegro3:13
CD 3 - Piano Sonatas
Piano Sonata In F K280
Level Up1I Allegro Assai4:12
Level Up2II Adagio7:04
Level Up3III Presto2:45
Piano Sonata In B♭ K281
Level Up4I Allegro4:24
Level Up5II Andante Amoroso4:53
Level Up6III Rondeau: Allegro4:26
Piano Sonata In E♭ K282
Level Up7I Adagio5:49
Level Up8II Menuetto I-II3:56
Level Up9III Allegro2:13
Piano Sonata In G K283
Level Up10I Allegro3:43
Level Up11II Andante6:15
Level Up12III Presto3:52
Piano Sonata In D K284 "Dürnitz"
Level Up13I Allegro4:52
Level Up14II Rondeau En Polonaise: Andante4:16
Level Up15III Tema Con Variazione14:52
CD 4 - Piano Sonatas, Variations
Piano Sonata In D K311
Level Up1I Allegro Con Spirito4:23
Level Up2II Andantino Con Espressione5:45
Level Up3III Rondeau: Allegro6:48
Piano Sonata In C K309
Level Up4I Allegro Con Spirito5:31
Level Up5II Andante, Un Poco Adagio4:46
Level Up6III Rondeau: Allegretto Grazioso5:51
712 Variations In E♭ On "Je Suis Lindor" By A.L. Baudron K35418:13
Piano Sonata In a K310
Level Up8I Allegro Maestoso8:03
Level Up9II Andante Cantabile Con Espressione10:40
Level Up10III Presto2:47
CD 5 - Variations, Piano Sonata
19 Variations In C On "Lison Dormait" By N. Dezède K 26415:45
212 Variations In C On "Ah, Vous Dirai-je Maman" K 26514:04
312 Variations in E♭ On "La Belle Françoise" K35314:08
48 Variations In F On "Die D'amour" By A.E. Grétry K35212:52
Piano Sonata In F K332
Level Up5I Allegro7:22
Level Up6II Adagio5:10
Level Up7III Allegro Assai7:03
86 Variations In F On "Salve Tu, Domine" By D. Paisiello K3986:54
CD 6 - Piano Sonatas
Piano Sonata In C K330
Level Up1I Allegro Moderato7:02
Level Up2II Andante Cantabile6:00
Level Up3III Allegretto6:18
Piano Sonata In A K331 "Alla Turca"
Level Up4Tema Con Variazione13:47
Level Up5II Menuetto & Trio5:26
Level Up6Rondo Alla Turca3:19
Piano Sonata In B♭ K333
Level Up7I Allegro7:35
Level Up8II Andante Cantabile7:59
Level Up9III Allegrett Grazioso6:20
CD 7 - Fantasia, Piano Sonata, Variations, Rondos
1Funeral March In c K453a2:19
210 Variations In G On "Les Hommes Pieusement" (Unser Dummer Pöbel Meint) From C.W. Gluck's La Rencontre Imprévue K45514:25
32 Variations In A On "Come Un Angello" From Sarti's Fra I Due Litiganti K4603:25
4Fantasia In c K47512:27
Piano Sonata In c K457
Level Up5I Allegro8:28
Level Up6II Adagio9:10
Level Up7III Molto Allegro4:30
8Rondo In D K4855:10
9Rondo In F K4945:29
1012 Variations On An Allegretto In B♭ K5009:22
11Rondo In a K51110:04
CD 8 - Piano Sonatas, Adagio, Variations
Piano Sonata In F K533/494
Level Up1I Allegro7:32
Level Up2II Andante9:28
Level Up3III Rondo: Allegretto6:06
4Adagio In b K 5409:56
Piano Sonata In C K545 "Sonata Facile"
Level Up5I Allegro4:12
Level Up6II Andante6:01
Level Up7III Rondo: Allegretto1:39
Piano Sonata In B♭ K570
Level Up8I Allegro8:39
Level Up9II Adagio8:41
Level Up10III Allegretto3:44
119 Variations In D On A Minuet By J.P. Duport K57313:42
Tracks 1 — 50 of 123

Companies, etc.



200 cardboard sleeves in a cardboard box. This is the version with books in French.

Limited edition of 15 000 numbered copies.

CDs are grouped into four blocks:
- 1-49 - Chamber
- 50-101 - Orchestral
- 102-152 - Theatre
- 153-200 - Sacred - Private Supplement

CD #75 of this box set is thought to have the longest playing time of any CD released to date at 86 minutes and 30 seconds.

From the included info sheet:

In celebration of Mozart's 225th anniversary, presented by Decca Classics and Deutsche Grammophon and in partnership with the International Mozarteum Foundation in Salzburg.

This individually numbered limited edition is a fusion of the latest scholarship with 240 hours of benchmark performances from over 600 world-class solo artists and ensembles in state-of-the-art sound recording.


-All Mozart's completed works including the Handel and Bach arrangements.
-Over 100 fragments, completions by others and doubtful works.
-30 CDs of alternative performances of key masterpieces.
-5 hours of newly recorded performances including on Mozart's own instruments.
-Word-premiere recordings including recent discoveries.
-18 labels represented, including many rare and unique recordings.
-Complete symphonies and concertos on period instruments plus many traditional-instrument and classic performances.
-Performed by the world's greatest artists including Abbado, Ashkenazy, Barenboim, Bartoli, Böhm, Brendel, Brüggen, Damrau, DiDonato, Gardiner, Hogwood, Mackerras, Marriner, Mutter, Nézet-Séguin, Östman, Pinnock, Pires, Schiff, Solti, Terfel, Uchida, Villazon and Wunderlich

The Mozart experience enriched

-2 fully-illustrated hardback books: a brand-new Mozart biography by Prof. Cliff Eisen, plus feature essays and work-by-work commentary from 30 renowned Mozart scholars.
-5 framable Mozart prints, including the last authenticated portrait, a complete song and a letter to his father, courtesy of the Mozarteum Foundation.
-"K Book" exclusive to this Edition presenting the numbering of the long-awaited new Köchel catalogue.
-Complete performer index, free access to online Urtext scores and groundbreaking Libretto App with full sung texts and translations.

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Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Scanned): 028948300037
  • Rights Society: BIEM/SDRM
  • Label Code: LC 00171

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