Label:Reader's Digest – GABA A-112, CBS – GABA A-112
5 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation


A3Tropical Loveland
A5Rock Me
A6If It Wasn't For The Nights
A7Hole In Your Soul
B2Money, Money, Money
B3When I Kissed The Teacher
B4Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
B5Kisses Of Fire
B6Dum Dum Diddle
B7So Long
C1Summer Night City
C2Hey, Hey Helen
C3That's Me
C4Knowing Me, Knowing You
C5Nina Pretty Ballerina
C6Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
C7Move On
D2Take A Chance On Me
D3He Is Your Brother
D4Watch Out
D5Does Your Mother Know
D7I'm A Marionette
E3Why Did It Have To Be Me?
E4One Man One Woman
E5Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
E6Hasta Mañana
E7The King Has Lost His Crown
F1Dancing Queen
F2My Love, My Life
F3I've Been Waiting For You
F4Mamma Mia
F6The Winner Takes It All
F7I Wonder (Departure)
G1I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
G2As Good As New
G3Another Town, Another Train
G5Angel Eyes
G6Gonna Sing You My Love Song
G7Ring, Ring
H1The Name Of The Game
H2People Need Love
H3Man In The Middle
H4I Have A Dream
H5My Mama Said
H6Honey, Honey
H7Thank You For The Music
I1Super Trouper
I2Intermezzo No. 1
I3Me And I
I4Rock'N'Roll Band
I6Andante, Andante
I7Happy New Year
J1Lay All Your Love On Me
J2Crazy World
J3The Piper
J4The Way Old Friends Do
J6Our Last Summer
J7On And On And On

Companies, etc.


Record 1 Side A:
1. United Artists Music Ltd.
2-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Record 1 Side B:
1-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Record 2 Side A&B:
1-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Record 3 Side B:
1-4,6,7 Bocu Music Ltd.
5 United Artist Music Ltd.

Record 3 Side B:
1-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Record 4 Side A:
1-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Record 4 Side B:
1-4,7 Bocu Music Ltd.
5 Screen Gems/EMI Music Pub. Ltd
6 ATV Music Ltd

Record 5 Side A & B:
1-7 Bocu Music Ltd.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, Etched): RDS- 9829-A3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, Etched): RDS- 9829-B2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C, Etched): RDS- 9830- A3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D, Etched): RDS 9830 B2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E, Etched): RDS- 9831- A2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F, Etched): RDS- 9831- B2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G, Etched): RDS- 9832- A3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H, Etched): RDS. 9832.B_4
  • Matrix / Runout (Side I, Etched): RDS 9932 A2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side J, Etched): RDS 9932 B2
  • Other (Record 1 Catalog Number): RDS 9829
  • Other (Record 2 Catalog Number): RDS 9830
  • Other (Record 3 Catalog Number): RDS 9831
  • Other (Record 4 Catalog Number): RDS 9832
  • Other (Record 5 Catalog Number): RDS 9932

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
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The Best Of Abba (4×LP, Compilation, Box Set)Selecções Do Reader's Digest, Selecções Do Reader's Digest1117074 to 1117078, BA 7672-1 to BA7672-4Portugal1982
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The Best Of ABBA (5×LP, Compilation, Box Set, Compilation)Reader's Digest, PolydorDRDS 2948Netherlands1982
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The Best Of ABBA (6×LP, Compilation, Box Set, )Reader's DigestGABA A 112South Africa1982


  • metalbearuk's avatar
    As I understand it, this was the last time the master tapes were used for any Abba compilation. It's a superb set and does sound great and comes highly recommended. No need to pay a fortune for it either.
    • Mpawood's avatar
      ABBA - The Best Of ABBA
      ABBA are a Swedish pop group formed in Stockholm in 1972 by Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. The group's name is an acronym of the first letters of their first names. They became one of the most commercially successful acts in the history of popular music, topping the charts worldwide from 1974 to 1983.
      The Best of ABBA is a compilation greatest hits album by Swedish pop group ABBA, first released in August 1975 in the Netherlands. It was then released in West Germany, and then in Australia and New Zealand in November 1975, before being released in Austria and India in 1976. Despite not being released in Norway, imports led the album to chart. After import copies were being sold in Scandinavia, ABBA's Greatest Hits was rush-released there in November 1975. The album topped the charts in Australia, Austria and New Zealand, and went on to be certified 24× Platinum in New Zealand and 22× Platinum in Australia. The album is tied with Dire Straits' album Brothers in Arms for being the best-selling album in New Zealand.
      A1 Waterloo
      A2 Voulez-Vous
      A3 Tropical Loveland
      A4 S.O.S.
      A5 Rock Me
      A6 If It Wasn't For The Nights
      A7 Hole In Your Soul
      B1 Eagle
      B2 Money, Money
      B3 When I Kissed The Teacher
      B4 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
      B5 Kisses Of Fire
      B6 Dum Dum Diddle
      B7 So Long
      C1 Summer Night City
      C2 Hey, Hey Helen
      C3 That's Me
      C4 Knowing Me, Knowing You
      C5 Nina Pretty Ballerina
      C6 Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
      C7 Move On
      D1 Tiger
      D2 Take A Chance On Me
      D3 He Is Your Brother
      D4 Watch Out
      D5 Does Your Mother Know
      D6 Bang-A-Boomerang
      D7 I'm A Marionette
      E1 Arrival
      E2 Chiquitita
      E3 Why Did It Have To Be Me?
      E4 One Man One Woman
      E5 Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
      E6 Hasta Mañana
      E7 The King Has Lost His Crown
      F1 Dancing Queen
      F2 My Love, My Life
      F3 I've Been Waiting For You
      F4 Mamma Mia
      F5 Suzy-Hang-Around
      F6 The Winner Takes It All
      F7 I Wonder (Departure)
      G1 I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
      G2 As Good As New
      G3 Another Town, Another Train
      G4 Fernando
      G5 Angel Eyes
      G6 Gonna Sing You My Love Song
      G7 Ring, Ring
      H1 The Name Of The Game
      H2 People Need Love
      H3 Man In The Middle
      H4 I Have A Dream
      H5 My Mama Said
      H6 Honey, Honey
      H7 Thank You For The Music
      I1 Super Trouper
      I2 Intermezzo No. 1
      I3 Me And I
      I4 Rock'N'Roll Band
      I5 Elaine
      I6 Andante, Andante
      I7 Happy New Year
      J1 Lay All Your Love On Me
      J2 Crazy World
      J3 The Piper
      J4 The Way Old Friends Do
      J5 Lovelight
      J6 Our Last Summer
      J7 On And On And On
      This album is the personification of what ABBA is. It is the best ABBA compilation ever despite it's long track listing, and with 5 LPs included it does take a while to listen to. Despite this, it has so many amazing songs that I cant even list them because it would make this too long! The only reason this is not a 10/10 is due to the price, ABBA - The best of ABBA can be seen going for as high as £100 in decent condition on sites such as eBay. This really puts a cap on the amount of people who may be willing to spend the money for it. However I do think that it is worth the money if you can afford it and are willing to spend the money.
      Album Score: 9/10
      • Mike03's avatar
        This contains all their best songs in a unique order so enjoyable for any ABBA fan. From the reviews online I was hoping it was a hidden audiophile gem because as a fan and audiophile I have been searching for a higher sound quality of their songs. This box set is a good pressing of what was produced on their recordings but does not offer improvements like modern remixes. It is very good quality considering it is 40 years old. The records are perfectly flat with minimal noise. The recent colored vinyl box set of all their albums is probably remastered with some improvements (may be digital, I don’t know) but the Reader’s Digest is an interesting collection if you are a collector and it is nostalgic.
        • RGP5150's avatar
          This is by far the best I’ve ever heard ABBA, the discs are simply amazing

          I have a 2nd hand copy off eBay and apart from a small scratch on one of the discs (I’ll grab another set and replace that disc), the sound is genuinely amazing

          Note that it doesn’t include anything from The Visitors, must have been compiled just before

          Highly recommended
          • Dave-And's avatar
            Edited 2 months ago
            Take it seriously, under the corny envelope you get the Beatles in mono for ABBA fans: Edited in 1982 when masters where fresh and ABBA let other labels borrow them. It has a guarantee of quality by Reader's Digest, dropping the needle let you now that the claims are accurate. It is probably the best old copy available and the reason is because it came up in an audiophile sleeve with antistatic inner cover, hence if barely played the package itself has kept the collection in optimal conditions.
            It comprehends 5 albums with songs obviously chosen for space reasons rather chronological order, LPs are very thin but a marble of later analog technology. The collection doesn't only laugh at CD´s, it kills many stereotypes about Vinyl, regardless of being thin with long playing time in excess of 42 minutes; bass is all present, treble and stereo image spot on, noise floor is very low. I do notice that you have to crank it up if you wanna match it to a 45s version but that's it all, details and dynamics are there if you match the volume. I have ripped it and turned into my main digital copy. Only "Kisses of Fire" has a click that I decided to erase in the digital domain. On the other hand"Bang-a-boomerang" gets the less distorted play I ever heard. The only problem with this Collection is the impossibility to find a current recording of that quality, in my humble opinion only the 1/2 speed masters are a match and I dislike 45s, hence I barely play them anymore out of fear, not even my copy of the "Dark Side of the Moon" is taken care in that way. This Collection is audiophile material disguise in "for the granny envelope". Do not pass upon it.
            • johnnoblue's avatar
              This box-set arrived today’s the best I’ve ever heard ABBA on vinyl. Fantastic deep bass and razor sharp treble. One of the best purchases I’ve made on Discogs so far!
              • tuukkao's avatar
                This is an excellent-sounding box set as has been said before. It also contains the majority of Abba's released output. Abba, Arrival, The Album, Voulez-Vous and Super Trouper are here completely. Even some B-sides like Lovelight and Crazy World have been thrown in. The only album tracks missing here are:

                - Disillusion (Ring Ring)
                - I Am Just a Girl (Ring Ring)
                - I Saw It In The Mirror (Ring Ring)
                - King Kong Song (Waterloo)
                - Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) (Ring Ring)
                - Me and Bobby and Bobby's Brother (Ring Ring)
                - She's My Kind of Girl (Ring Ring)
                - Sitting In the Palmtree (Waterloo)
                - What About Livingstone (Waterloo)

                Additionally, there are no tracks from The Visitors.

                Some random track notes:

                - Many tracks have reversed channels as compared to recent CD/iTunes deluxe editions
                - "Man In The Middle" doesn't have the vocal effect at 2:26 unlike the album mix.
                - "The Way Old Friends Do" begins with applause unlike any currently available digital version of this track - perhaps this version was taken from Super Trouper's album master tape.
                • kinkafro123's avatar
                  Best sounding abba on vinyl
                  promo copies also are very good
                  • XETSOF's avatar
                    Edited 2 years ago
                    Much to everyone’s surprise, if your looking for the best-sounding ABBA recordings, you’ll find them right here. ABBA on CD has been a disaster, as well as the horrid Back 2 Black series, and vinyl box sets. These recordings are from low generation masters, and if you want hear ABBA in all their glory, you will find them right here, in this 5LP box set.



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