Secret Squirrel - Mu-Venom / DDT as reviewed by phat360

January 27, 2008
This particular release from Julian Cobb is like some of his other releases, Hit and miss.
When this guy is switched on He's as hot as Volcanic lava but when He's having an off day for example when He decides to release a track just because He can, He's definately not.
So okay the track which samples the vocal from Double Dee and Steinski's - history of hip hop, lessons 1,2,3 'The message is, Mars needs women' is funky for its bassline but for me that's as far as it gets. The production is so limited and sparse compared to his other more intense productions that it all becomes too repeatingly bland after 12 bars.
As for the other track, yes its got some cold vocal samples but He has used them more effectively in his later release 'Comming on dark ep' which in my opinion is much more fluid in its production and also alot darker. If you want cold and dark productions by this man may I suggest 'Volume 2', 'Fresh vegetable ep' and the aformentioned 'Comming on dark ep'.
These are some of the true classics from Julian Cobb and a darn sight cheaper! But! Then again I'm probably sounding like a whinging old 35 (Like I am-lol) and need to get my head out of 1992 etc! Anyway see for yourself, but please get a soundclip before purchasing, because if you're a die hard fan of proper 'HARD' Hard core you may be disappointed.

Secret Squirrel - Mu-Venom / DDT djsurreal

June 19, 2013
what? this is a classic,both sides proper hardcore.

Secret Squirrel - Mu-Venom / DDT as reviewed by Atreides

May 15, 2003

This Hardcore Breakbeat 12" classic is one of the greats, with known samples such as 'Open your mind', 'Me and Satin walk side by side for a long time', 'We share the same thoughts' and 'I think I need a sound check'. For those who appreciate the really dark and creepy beats in life, I highly recommend.