Various(Triskaidekaphobia) 13,000.00 Milliseconds


1.1Different DentistSpoiler0:13
1.2Beta CloudWind Blown0:13
1.3To Live And Shave In L.A.Ratteschret0:13
2.1Migrations In RustThrough Grief And Strain, 8 Spires Were Led0:13
2.2Deep Fried Radio StaticUntitled0:13
2.3Rubber O Cement14 Second Clompus0:13
3.1I Am SpoonbenderHypnotico! Arouseo! Awakeup!0:13
3.2I Think I Did Something WrongNoelle, Are You Drunk Again?0:13
4.1Neon Leather Drip130:13
4.2Big Epoch Feat. BizzartCueburned0:13
5.1Cheap Machines*Surplus0:13
5.2Animal HospitalWell0:13
5.3Beneva vs. Clark NovaHandfull Fists Of Voices0:13
6.1LoachfilletBroke Azz Bitch0:13
7.1Bobb BrunoProducer's Commentary0:13
7.2Aloysius Rexford15 Mouths0:13
8.1Sick To The Back TeethDigi Kvlt0:13
8.2Tony CassanovaDeshasta0:13
9.1Antannae Farm13 Seconds0:13
9.2Teeth Collection130:13
9.3Cock E.S.P.Fuck Elyse Perez And All Her Friends0:13
10.1UvovuYouk Heavy0:13
10.2Dave PhillipsScutigera0:13
11.1Tullan VelteCandle0:13
11.2Red Needled SeaUntitled0:13
11.3David Scott StoneHow I Tamed The Dark Star Chaos0:13
12.1Hiroshima Rocks AroundBonsai Bonzai Attack!0:13
12.2A War Amongst The TreesConquered Space0:13
13.1Conncet 9Lost0:13
13.2Cop WarmthDancin' Is My Bad0:13
14.1LezetJe June0:13
14.2Mykel BoydFour Times Three Plus One0:13
15.1TarantismGlacial Remains0:13
15.2Monolitz Zero*13 Second Test0:13
16.1Caustic CastleCast Minus Nano Init0:13
16.2Pigs In The GroundLighhtbuld Desecration0:13
17.2HorafloraSquirrel Play Time0:13
18.1Otto Von Schirach13 Milts Say Cheese0:13
18.2The LepracyBlack Bloc The Dance Floor0:13
19.1Animal Machine (2)Ball Gagged And Used0:13
19.2Yellow Crystal StarIxChelAscent0:13
20.1Kawaiietly PleaseIg Bee Is Hungry0:13
20.2Crank Sturgen*Wiyah0:13
21.1Cut-Up Make-UpDeeper Deeper0:13
21.2Astro / Hiroshi HasegawaInsect Melancholy0:13
22.1Social JunkConcrete Clown0:13
22.2Cartoon JusticeCareful0:13
23.1Cellular TerrorGet Off0:13
24.1SabreteethSusp. Cut Death0:13
24.2RealicideRoadside Bomb0:13
24.3The White Mice*Balls Of Jolly0:13
25.12 SegsSay Arrgg0:13
25.2ClickBleepBeep*Game Boy Calls To NES0:13
26.110,000 Free Men & Their Famalies*Pain Tin0:13
26.2Not Even HopeIndian Music Sucks0:13
27.1Dancin BabyHot Electric Mice0:13
27.2DAAD*The Terror Is Endless Between You And I0:13
28.1Aural Resuscitation UnitHalloween0:13
28.2Dave I.D.Car Sound0:13
29.1Dave GOUntitled0:13
29.2Fag MuscleSecreted Humors0:13
29.3Amir CoyleLisa Brown Version0:13
30.1Laetitia SonamiChicken Chow Mein0:13
30.2Blevin BlectumVenice0:13
31.1Pink CanoesTrace0:13
32.1Insects With TitsUntitled0:13
32.2WenaptaMama Toxic Apocalypse0:13
33.1Demetrius GraveSovereign Disease0:13
33.2AatmaaMass Production0:13
34.1Carl KrugerAre Dudes0:13
34.2NerfbauFrozen Meat Leaker Locker0:13
35.1Hagony (2)13 Seconds Of Cum0:13
35.2Nero's Day At DisneylandEnter Text Find Words0:13
36.1Endometrium CuntplowTechnoblobalglobicon0:13
36.2C - C*Party Jump0:13
37.1FrussMissing Teeth0:13
37.2I Can't ReadOfu0:13
38.1Aeylen Orion AuspexCoed Code0:13
38.2A Fashionable DiseaseThe Virgin's Mary Abortion0:13
38.3WildildlifeHoly Innocents' Invocation Of Steam Rice0:13
39.2BurdeosQuimica Y Pica0:13
40.1Micose & The Mau Mau's*Untitled0:13
40.2Ploc MunsterUntitled0:13
41.1Amphibious GesturesCataclismic0:13
41.2Arachnid ArcadeHairloom Gang0:13
42.1Teeth Mountain130:13
42.2Skozey FetischNeon Black Moment Mine0:13
43.1Drums Like Machine GunsNinth Inning Stretch Marks0:13
43.2Die Society Die*Make Safe The City0:13
44.1Chopstick (2)Blue Lander0:13
44.2BoarSay Goodbye0:13
45.1Animal Machine (2) vs. AatmaaModern Primitivism0:13
45.2Analog SuicideSeconds Of A Suicide0:13
46.1Winters In OsakaUsers0:13
46.2Isaac LinderPauses From A Lecture By Karlheinz Stockhausen0:13
46.3James Brown HandsDMT0:13
47.1Christ Phyr Blyr*The Third Bardo Of Jonathan Taylor Thomas0:13
47.2MicrowavesPater Noster0:13
48.1Sean NiesenSpoofy Is The Name Of The Can With Exes, Extensions, + Paper Nipples0:13
48.2Society Of The WrenchBrain Scan0:13
49.1Half Eaten Children130:13
49.2Brad LanerRiver Deep Mountain Dew0:13
50.1Batman vs. Predator20 Bux0:13
50.2Super Pizza PartyParty Jam Cutt0:13
51.1Telepathik FriendCalm Down Friend0:13
52.1No God No Masters130:13
52.2Sword HeavenOldTown0:13
53.2Julien Millot23DK0:13
54.1Pangea (7)Resolution0:13
54.2Buddy DickTwo Weeks Pay0:13
55.1Microwave WindowsEx EX U0:13
55.2Fat LegsTiffany0:13
56.1InstagonCreepy Balls Fragment No. 20:13
57.1Venetian SnaresHere Fuck0:13
57.2AlienslangEscaping The Underground Hanger0:13
58.1Leslie KefferTusco Cut0:13
58.2Drowning The Virgin SilenceThe Swim0:13
59.1Alex SpaldingProlactive0:13
59.2Mad Holy Cow DiseaseCypress And Andrews0:13
60.1Two Dead Sluts, One Good Fuck*Untitled 10:13
60.2Causa MortisACM Neto-10:13
61.1Mephitic TuhSmoo2330:13
61.2Matthew CroweMaritiza Morning Doves0:13
61.3Big NurseLoose Gorilla0:13
62.1Power Circus13 Seconds0:13
62.2Matmos!3 Sec Talking Best0:13
62.3Lo Fi Terrorist13 Seconds Of Blood N Cum0:13
63.1Low Fat*Moonlight Serenade0:13
63.2SlapendehondenMensch Oder Deutscher0:13
64.1Environmental Sound CollapseAngry LSDJ0:13
64.2AIDS WolfSoiled So Temporary0:13
65.1RedSKIt's Only A Crime To Play W/ Children's Toys If Your Playing W/ The Children As Well0:13
65.2Velouria (2)Omebi0:13
66.1Dust EaterSpeed Rust Castle0:13
66.2Mr. StonecipherGMBH0:13
67.1NapalmedRandom Structure #420:13
67.2Blood Into WaterWhat Happen To Doom0:13
67.3OGOGOGlass Shoe Horn0:13
68.1On The Rin Of A Wheel A Nail*Ochlophobic Mix0:13
68.2Pope On AcidStalker0:13
69.1Del*Balloon Breath0:13
69.3The Upsidedown StarsWhat His Soul Desires0:13
70.1Princess Army Wedding CombatRule Over Them With Love0:13
70.2Anonymous (17)Q (^.^Q)0:13
70.3Stronghold CrusaderIs Not Thy Wierdness Great?0:13
71.1PromuteFalso Grip0:13
71.2Robert PossCurtailed0:13
72.1Microscopic SufferingSuffering Monoscopically0:13
72.2BailRuling Minutes Into Seconds0:13
73.2ThronesHulder Maiden0:13
74.1Tayside Mental HealthFocusing Disintergator0:13
74.2Kieran DalyThe View0:13
75.1Evil MoistureEl Saliva0:13
75.2No DoctorsScoop The Rest
FeaturingMr Biggs
75.3Zebra MuMaterial Action0:13
76.1WetherCall It Arson0:13
76.2Cerebral Roil2-4-5 Trioxin0:13
76.3TorchesWindow Maker0:13
77.1WobblyGreyston's Infinite Issues0:13
77.2SomnaphonMajor Arcanum VI0:13
78.1The Poopy PuttsI Wanna Lick Your Butthole0:13
78.2The Atomic Bomb AuditionSpines And Sneakoscopes0:13
78.3Corrosive (3)Consumiert0:13
79.1GlamGoreGlitterSlut*Song Of Peace (13 Seconds)0:13
79.2Dead ChretiensI Hate Cops0:13
80.1Knox MitchellIll Communication Real Short0:13
80.2Jeff GretzA Principal Vertex0:13
81.1Scarab (5)FTA0:13
81.2Say Bok GwaiDuck (Chicken?) Clay Pot0:13
82.1Eats Tapes13 Seconds0:13
82.2Voice On TapeLanding Face First0:13
82.3Pyramid CloudZip Zip Zap Cut0:13
83.1The Insect ExplosionOutburst0:13
83.2Praew JikDecolonize Your Mind0:13
83.3The Adjective NounFort Lauderdale Is Now0:13
84.1Analogous DoomRegeneration0:13
85.1Testicular Manslaughter20th Of Jan.0:13
85.2Cum SockTom Is Peeping At You0:13
85.3HalluciphileHow Do You Spell That Things We Ate The Questionmark0:13
86.1Cupid's GuillotineDisfunction Part 10:13
86.2RizenAim For The Money0:13
87.1ArklightVanity Will Breed Patience0:13
87.2(etre)Time Isn't The Same When I Talk About It0:13
88.1XdugefTechnical Difficulties0:13
88.2JolthrowerNo Carbs, No Calories0:13
89.1The Lonely Procession*Dragged By A Mule0:13
90.1Valerio CosiSaxomoog In A Wierd Mood0:13
91.1Black Saturn vs. SubduxtionFaster Than The Blink Of Sound0:13
91.2MixturizerChannel Chile (More Than Enough)0:13
91.3(Calm Inferno Archives)Full Paths0:13
92.1Decimation Blvd.*Crime Parade0:13
93.2Selbst Morder*Smoke And Fears0:13
94.1Ol' Cheeky Bastards Feat. Dave DaltonScooter Boy Cut0:13
94.2QuainNegro's Need To Grow0:13
94.3My First Step Toward FailurePeep My Dirt Lip (1990)0:13
95.1The ParanoidsPrelude To The Revolution Song0:13
95.3Intestinal Spewage13 Second Blowjob0:13
96.1Richard Devine130:13
96.2Suck My BeatlesI Am A Walrus0:13
96.3The New Jedi OrderMVI7669copy.aif0:13
97.1Take CarnageTake Fireworks0:13
97.2Warning Broken MachineDevil's Honey0:13
98.1Torturing Nurse130:13
98.2Gash (8)Morning Prayers0:13
99.2HjortenPath (Edit)0:13
99.3No ArtistSilence13:00
99.4Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.5Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.6Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.7Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.8Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.9Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.10Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.11Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13
99.12Unknown ArtistUntitled0:13

Companies, etc.



Limited to 900 copies.

The release is a compilation featuring over 215 artists + musicians who composed thirteen second compositions especially for this release. The tracks included are, as the label describes, "document[ing] artists working all over the world, with these pieces having a reference to the "contemporary time famine" brought on by the technological complex of which none of us can escape from."

The release advises to go to for more complete liner notes/band contacts

All songs (c)2008- Their Respective Creators

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout: 6559 + + HJ48801
  • Mastering SID Code: IFPI LY93
  • Mould SID Code: IFPI 1075



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