Robert Armani - The Remixes as reviewed by MrZyc

September 25, 2014

nice collection.

Robert Armani - The Remixes as reviewed by Pseventeen

February 27, 2004
When one measures the brilliance of this remix doublepack, sure Hardfloor's remix is going to grab centrestage (and rightfully so) but the majority of the tracks on here-save maybe the Mike Dearborn remix-are just as incredible, in their own way.
Zero One & White Delight's remix of Circus Bells sticks closer to the original while adding a touch of the trademark trippiness that made the Djax label famous
Like A Tim's remix of Armani Trax kinda sticks close to the original as well but still has that characteristic "Like A Tim" quirkiness.
Armando's remix of Ambulance makes it sound a little different without taking the edge of the original and Spasms remix of Invasion is just INFUCKINGCREDIBLE!!!!! Not only is it hardjacking insanity but it's intro makes it the perfect bridge track to take a set to the next level.

Robert Armani - The Remixes raytrace

January 11, 2019
yeah the Spasms remix with those bizzarre whip like sounding filtered snares is incredible

Robert Armani - The Remixes as reviewed by mentalist

August 16, 2002

The Hardfloor mix of Circus Bells has to be runner up to Hardfloor Acperience One for the classic acid tune of all time award. Back in 1993, no party would have been complete without it.....just the intro would be enough to get the dancefloor of pilled up nutters foaming at the mouth, and then when that long drawn out break down came in, things would just get stupid! Highly recommended!