Bust Down*Nasty Bitch (Chapter 1)

Label:Effect Records – CDE 3005-2, Luke Records – CDE 3005-2
CD, Album
Genre:Hip Hop


2Nasty Bitch6:40
3Pop That Thang4:25
4Putcha' Ballys On5:25
5Just Kick-N-It3:00
6Trick Daddy7:20
7Pissin' Razor Blades4:45
8Was It Worth It4:10
9Fellas In The Hood3:25


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  • Barcode: 2247-13005-2

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Nasty Bitch (Chapter I) (LP, Album, Promo)Effect RecordsE-3005US1991
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Nasty Bitch (Chapter I) (Cassette, Album)Effect RecordsCat 3005US1991
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Nasty Bitch (Chapter 1) (CD, Album)Lil' Joe RecordsE3005-2US1991
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Nasty Bitch (Chapter I) (Cassette, Album)Lil' Joe RecordsXR 3005US1991
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Nasty Bitch (Chapter I) (LP, Album)Effect Records3005-1US1991



  • HeRBaN-LyRiX's avatar
    Some good ol` ignorant Rap music for y`all listening pleasure, this album`s definitely not for the simp~ass suckas. Goin` back to 1991 with this over~looked & under~appreciated joint from New Orleans` own Bustdown, the album`s titled "Nasty Bitch Chapter 1". With a title like that you should have a lil` idea of what`s in store for your ears. Back in the day if you were a young buck this is the kind of music that you`d need to sneak to listen to `cuz if most parents heard the content ish would definitely hit the fan. Lookin` at the album`s cover art you can see that this is some doggin` a bitch type shit, hoes ain`t gettin` any love on this one. Sorry ladies! I mean for starters you have the dog character steppin` on a chick`s head with his Ballys while he`s grabbin` his jock with one hand & in the other he`s holdin` a Zack Morris brick~phone.....LoL, ah the good ol` days. The dog character`s also rockin` a hoody with "ITAS" across the chest, jokingly my boy Zoo Dawg says that it stands for "I Talk Alotta Shit".....LoL, he could be right who knows? Anyways this album was released thru Luke Records/ Effect Records, with production from Mike Fresh, DJ Toomp & Rodney Terry...

    That`s pretty much all that I know about this kat named Bustdown. Now if I were to describe his style for those that haven`t heard this album I guess I would say that he`s got some Slick Rick type storytelling abilities mixed with a lil` Willie D attitude in his lyrics. He clearly holds his tongue for no one, saying pretty much any & everything that you could imagine. Clearly this isn`t something that Ned Flanders would be BuMP`n in his whip while cruising the strip, but once you get passed the shock value of his lyrics the album`s not all that bad really. Aside from being vulgar Bustdown really has a knack for telling stories & his voice is one that definitely commands respect. Now let`s discuss the album shall we? At just under 45 minutes in length it`s a lil` on the short side, but Bustdown makes up for it with content. The album`s title track "Nasty Bitch" is probably the joint that most folks know Bustdown for. It`s kind of like a parody of Too $hort`s "Freaky Tales". When a chick`s "pussy hole smelled like sour cream & onion" you know it`s definitely not in the same lane as $hort Dog`s joint...LoL, "Pop That Thang" has Bustdown kickin` some lyrics about gettin` the honeys to do just what the title of the track says. Next up is a joint for the shoe lovers, before Nelly was talkin` about Air Force One`s Bustdown was tellin` folks to "Putcha` Ballys On", remember back when them kicks were the lick?....LoL, oh my have times changed...

    "Just Kick-N-It" has Bustdown flexin` his rhymin` skills on the mic with it`s fresh lil` freestyle vibe. "Trick Daddy" is a joint for those kats that like to claim that it ain`t trickin` if ya got it, well Bustdown begs to differ my friend. "Pissin` Razor Blades" is a cautionary tale about the dangers of goin` raw dawg in them broads, definitely one of them CLaSSiC STD Raps fo` yo` ass! "Was It Worth It?" has Bustdown expressing the thoughts that were heavy on his mind at the time, askin` his fellow brothers if their way of Life was really the right decision. "Fellas In The `Hood" is a laid~back joint stocked full of braggadicio rhymes, reminds me of the kind of ish you`d hear when you`re kickin` flows with ya` boys on the block. The album closes out with "Dedication" which is a shout~out joint, a DaMn shame though because Bustdown`s giving his shout~outs over a beat that utilizes the same sample that Da Beatminerz used for Black Moon`s hit single "Got Cha Opin". It would`ve been DoPe to hear Bustdown spit over that beat, but hey that`s really the only complaint that I have about the album. Overall I`d said that it`s a solid album, so there ya have it now go `head & give it a listen...


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