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Label:Global Sect Music – GSMCD009
CD, Album
Style:Goa Trance, Downtempo


1Lost In The Triangle10:41
2Lunar Tides8:28
4Trippy Jellyfish17:12
5Their Own Light8:26
6Sea Wolf Howling8:22
7Fractal Octopus9:27
8Last Breath On Seashore8:53


Merr0w - Odysseus (Global Sect Music, 2019)

In the cold and immense depths of the underwater Kingdom, live mermaids, who possess mystical power enclosed in magical tridents. Giant predatory octopuses and hostile forces obey their magical will, which allows them to maintain a delicate balance and protect ocean life.

We are pleased to present to your attention the second album from the legendary master of deep sea and mystical goa trance, French musician Brice Fruyt. The style of the musician is absolutely unique and includes elements of the old school, with stunning acid synthesizer parts, psychedelic effects and harmonious melody. You will embark on an amazing adventure through the immense depths of the sea, full of unknown secrets and mysterious mystical creatures.

Label: Global Sect
Cover Art: Andrey Verner
Mastering: 4CN-Studios
Ocean Power: Merr0w
released December 12, 2019

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Odysseus (8×File, FLAC, Album)Global Sect MusicnoneRussia2019


JTT's avatar
While coming late in 2019, it also ended the Goa year in the best possible way. For me, this album is one of the absolute Goa highlights of 2019. There are some incredible tunes, power and emotional hooks on this album. Finely tuned Goa, with some monumental moments like Their Own Light and Trippy Jellyfish. The latter is 17 minutes long, and still manages to keep the drive throughout. And what a drive it is! I really can't recommend this album enough. It surely is not for anybody, this type of Goa can be, and is, quite intense for most people. But if you have fallen into that pot of gold already, well, then you GOTTA check this album.
Edited one year ago
Too Loud Kicks on All tracks except 4, 7 & 8, it is a bit too much, we mostly hear that whereas it is not the most interesting on Goa ! :p
I would have prefered a bit less kick and hearing a Little more the bass on those tracks rather than the Hammer : it is a shame the rest is Cool ! :)
Very Good Tracks : 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 with the 5 as best track
Good Tracks : 1, 2
doctorg's avatar
I must put a special shout out for the track "Their Own Light", which has an innovative kick drum sound and beat. What a storming track! Overall a quite good neo-Goa album, though at times it feels a bit manic for its own good and can sound a touch formulaic. Occasionally I find the leads a bit plasticky/strident sounding, though the production as a whole is good. MerrOw's characteristic theme is quite original, however, as most Goa has been more about the beach and bamboo forest and stars above than it was in the Indian ocean. I guess the artist is an Aquaman, Mera, Nemo and Fathom fan, as well as a surfer or swimmer? It is quite impressive that he does get a kind of "wet" and immersive sound. This raises the question of whether Goa is landscape (or waterscape, or spacescape) music? I think the polyrhythms and storytelling aspect are like flying through a landscape. "Travelling without moving" as Astral Projection had it. Pretty cool to be swimming for a change. ~*~

PS - Trainspotter alert: the beginning of "Fractal Octopus" sounds a lot like the intro to Astral Projection's "Kabalah". Is it supposed to be a cover, or a homage to this famous opening track of Trust in Trance?

PPS - I'm split about the cover art. The colors are appealing, but it is toony.