Jacob London - Casual Bingo as reviewed by swk24

April 8, 2008

Something of an anthem in the DJ circles in which I moved during my college years, and damn well it should be. These two goofy guys, makers of goofy chopped-and-diced house with goofy track names, really hit the bullseye here. Go right for the A-side: "Regular Absorbency" jumbles up a fat squelch bass with hiccups, claps, guitar squiggles, horn honks, and voices shouting "Yeah!" and "Oh!". Even the most genteel DJ may find himself unable to resist chopping, cutting and scratching when something this funky is on the turntable. A record I try to remember to slip into the back of the bag, because it just might come in handy - 9 times out of 10, it does.

Jacob London - Casual Bingo MrNice82

March 30, 2016
Hell yeah ! :D I fully agree with your comment!