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Sascha DiveDeepest America

Label:Ornaments – ORNAMENTS 003
Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Limited Edition, Clear, Translucent, Marbled
Style:House, Deep House


ADeepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix)
RemixSamuel Davis
BDeepest America (Moodymann Remix)

Companies, etc.



Original version released on "The Basic Collective EP (Part 2 Of 3)".

Issued in a white inner sleeve with black printed label logo on it.
All release details are etched in the runout of both sides.

Mastered at D&M (Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, Germany).


freddiebass's profile picture
Edited 6 years ago
moodymann nails it, stunning track
loafman's profile picture
Edited 7 years ago
have a hard time believing the hate for the MM mix on this one. He absolutely smashes it. Gives me chills.
Torpedero's profile picture
Both tracks are absolutely boring
martinbryce2610's profile picture
The Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix is the real bomb for me....
ladyc4d's profile picture
Re:the Moodymann remix. He samples Leela James' "Music". It's a beautiful modern day funk/soul song and the girl has an amazing voice. Check out the lyrics too. Damnzenman's reference to the way that MM uses the sample, has it in the bag.'s profile picture
Is strongly disagree with damnzenman and ahmedsamy. The Samuel Davis remix is the star of this release. The vocals on moodymanns are plain horrible. The percussive drums, clap and kick along with the subtle and repetitive vocal cut on A-side makes a perfect after hours groove. Its says dark soul mix. And it is.
ahmedsamy's profile picture
its kind of a shitty release
andreinstein's profile picture
I disagree. I think the Moodymann mix is like any other of his, same drums, don't get me wrong, I love his material, it's just typical. And horrible vocals. The other mix, however is easily mixable and just minimal enough to fit in any nice set. The vocals also leave a lot to be desired, though. It's definitely not 'unemotive' or 'soulless'. People just didn't adjust to this sound yet. I used to hate everything that sounded 'new' too. But I hear an awful lot of influences now, that I expended my EDM knowledge. And this doesn't contain annoying weird sounds like most minimal house, if we wanna get specific. I guarantee if I would to play this, even the oldschool heads would bob their heads. In the end I would rate this EP 6/10 cause of those horrible vocals.
damnzenman's profile picture
Discogs claims this EP contains two songs. Thats an outright lie!

On the one hand we have Moodymanns mix which is, well, pure magic, basically sweaty dancefloor filling machinegunfunk. The usual quality one would expect from the genius that is Kenny Dixon Jr.

The other side of this ep however contains a totally useless, dull, formulaic, flat, wannabe everything its not, unemotive, funkless and most of all soulless attempt at "making" music. One for the Berlin fanboys me thinks. Skip it alltogether, trust me on this.

The samples Moodymann uses in his mix sum up perfectly what's wrong with the house and technosounds of today: "They don't sing like that no more. Music, music. There is no soul no more."