Apollo Two - Volume 1 foogoo

November 9, 2017

Same question as timjack..... is side A, Return To Atlantis available anywhere else? I'm not fussed about Atlantis (I Need You)

Apollo Two - Volume 1 as reviewed by mmerlak

August 30, 2017
Side A also samples Sonar 123 by Anthony "Shake" Shakir

Apollo Two - Volume 1 moogacid

October 12, 2016
Surprised no one's mentioned the massive sample in the Bukem mix from 'Surkit - Reel By Real' on Interface records

Apollo Two - Volume 1 timjack

April 6, 2016
can Return to Atlantis be found anywhere else? (I Need You) is a classic for sure but I'm not so interested in owning that

Apollo Two - Volume 1 BlueMoonWax

November 2, 2016
It's on one of the logical progression albums, think it's vol. 2. Well worth getting, there's loads of decent tunes on there plus the pressing isn't too bad. Used to play Atlantis quite a bit from it before I got the 12"

Apollo Two - Volume 1 craig-c

September 15, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
I've actually got a copy of the original 12" (as shown above), but I've also got a copy of the B side track (Bukems remix, which is the best track on this 12") on the following compilation CD:
It's a far cheaper option, as long as you get a copy that plays without issues. Also, the CD isn't mixed.

Apollo Two - Volume 1 as reviewed by masaq

April 15, 2015
edited over 2 years ago

A classic release. The flip is worth a listen and is instantly recognisable to anyone who was around in 93'. That said, the reason this 12 is still so sought after (and pricy even after 20 odd years) is Atlantis (I need you). This and Demon's Theme (GLR 001) really put Danny and Good Looking on the map. Started the whole 'Intelligent' thing. Before this release it was either Drum n Bass or Jungle. Suddenly another sub genre was born and now today, there are loads of different styles of what essentially is that same genre/type of music. An absolutely essential release for any D & B DJ. A word of warning . This is not an easy track to mix well.....

Apollo Two - Volume 1 craig-c

September 28, 2016
edited about 1 year ago
Try mixing Rhythm by Engineers Without Fears (DJ Rap & Aston) out of the Bukem remix. I think your judgement might change if you try it.

Apollo Two - Volume 1 la.margna

January 11, 2013
goosebumps! will never forget. knew the tune from an old bukem tape i bought in camden. then a few days later i was listening to some house tunes in the blackmarket record store. and then i hear from the basement the intro of this epic tune. i had to sprint down the stairs and there was either ray keith or niky blackmarket just spinning that tune and a freshly pressed staple of them. aaah... unforgettable. classic!

Apollo Two - Volume 1 Jaym01

January 22, 2012
Yes one of the best d&b records ever described as "intelligent" it introduced me to bukems good looking label though it was good lookings 3rd realise I quickly got the first 2 and quite a few after

Apollo Two - Volume 1 as reviewed by daveya

February 13, 2009

Atlantis (I Need You) needs no introduction. Very ahead of its time and a timeless classic that still smashes floors to this day and in my opinion was one of Bukem's finest tunes. This tune has a wonderful vibe throughout, uplifting female vocals ( i need you, i want you..) rolling snares and deep, rolling bass to make the hairs on your head stand to attention! Still highly collectable and has lost non of it's appeal. A must buy for anyone... wonderful track.