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Label:The Freedom Archives – none
Vinyl, LP
Style:Political, Cut-up/DJ, DJ Battle Tool, Spoken Word, Speech


A1Black Panther KidsPower To The People, Free Our People
A2Howard ZinnSlavery Is Back
A3Angela DavisIncreasingly Incarcerated Society
A4California Prison FocusTorture Going On In California's Prisons
A5Assata ShakurNew Form Of Plantation
A6California Prison FocusU.N. Definition Of Torture 1984
A7David Gilbert (3)I Shouldn't Be In Prison
A8Unknown ArtistStop Trickin' White Folks
A9Arundhati RoyWho Nobody Elected
A10Noam ChomskyBitter Class War
A11Emma GoldmanFiery Red Emma
A12Christian ParentiCapitalism Needs Poverty
A13Unknown ArtistAmerican People Are The Last People To Wake Up
A14Earth Liberation FrontEconomic Sabotage
A15Judi BariNobody Speaking For The Timber Workers
A16Judi BariAll Part Of Corporate Exploitation
A17Arundhati RoyWorld Beyond America
A18Geronimo PrattAvaricious Pigs
A19Earth Liberation FrontAmazingly Hypocritical
A20Noam ChomskyOut Of Washington
A21Bush (George w.)*A Decision To Make
A22Noam ChomskyIf The Nuremberg Were Applied
A23Alexander CockburnWe Think The Price Is Worth It
A24Ward ChurchillStop Killing Other People's Babies
A25Weather UndergroundPolicies Of Extermination
A26Assata ShakurMy Beliefs
A27Unknown ArtistFaln
A28Geronimo PrattThe Biggest Criminal Gang
A29Dylcia PagánOur Freedom
A30Puerto Rican womenUntitled
A31Weather UndergroundMyth Of Man
A322 Woman From TuliaGonna Stand
A33Judi BariThis Is About All Of Us
A34Cherrie MoragaTwo-spirit Folks
A35Unknown ArtistDo Not Negotiate
A36Cherrie MoragaThis Is Not My Country But It Is My Land
A37Arundhati RoyShrink Wrap
A38Ward ChurchillI'm A Member Of A Nation
A39Malcolm XNot A Republican And Not A Democrat
A40Ramsey Muñiz and José Angel GutierrezWe're Poor, And Raza Unida And Chicano People
A41Raul GarcíaPara Nosotros De La Raza
B1Ramsey MuñizTry Me Out
B2Ramsey MuñizThe Brown Case
B3David Gilbert (3)Wink Of Democracy
B4Unknown ArtistThe Cops And The Klan
B5David Gilbert (3)Other Forms Of Struggle
B6Amiri BarakaDefeat Of Its Parents
B7Martin Luther King Jr.*The War In Vietnam
B8Arundhati RoyThe Hidden Fist
B9Cherrie MoragaPoisoned Alphabet Economic Soup
B10Arundhati RoyDominated By The U.S.
B11Manu ChaoThey Kill Everything With Money
B12Assata ShakurI See Myself Struggling
B13Cherrie MoragaA 500 Year History Of Invasion
B14Noam ChomskyBlood That's Dripping
B15Chicano MoratoriumOrganizing Against Genocide
B16Noam ChomskyAnarcho-syndicalism
B17Lorenzo KomboaPolice Brutality
B18Rodolfo "Corky" GonzalezPolitical Prisoners
B19Puerto RicoNot Successful In That Aspect
B20Howard ZinnWhat Can We Do About It
B21David Johnson (92)Self-defense
B22Puerto Rican NationalistsOn Lolita Lebron
B23David Gilbert (3)Every Empire
B24Alexander CockburnYou Can Frighten The Ruling Class
B25Ward ChurchillDeal With It
B26Kmex TvOn Ruben Salazar's Death
B27Weather UndergroundResist With All Our Creativity
B28Weather UndergroundMind Controlling Maniacs
B29Howard ZinnThink For Yourself
B30Noam ChomskyEverybody Marches
B31Howard ZinnMilitary Intervention Disastrous
B32Michael ParentiCorporate Media
B33Noam ChomskyCorporate Propaganda
B34Noam ChomskyIndoctrination Essence Of Democracy
B35Howard ZinnGovernments Lie
B36Noam ChomskyEducation Is A System
B37Cherrie MoragaWe Don't Forget
B38Black Panther KidsPower To The People



79 spoken word pieces (ranging from a few seconds to a minute or so) and soundbites to be used by djs, musicians, and everyone else to mix into their music. The soundbites on this record include chilling voices on repression and glimmering assertions of resistance. The Vinyl Project collective hopes these sounds will pollinate your beats, noise, melodies and community.
This project was made possible in part by funding from the People's Life Fund & the Agape Foundation.



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