MC Lethal - The Rave Digger as reviewed by ian_s

April 6, 2015
The track was scheduled to be recorded at Baseroom Studios but the sessionw as cancelled. Before the re-arranged date Lethal went to Nic Britton's studio to do some pre-production before the track was finished at Baseroom. He signed to Network Records and was given a full release, but due to barcoding errors it only reached no. 66 in the UK singles chart.

MC Lethal - The Rave Digger as reviewed by djease

October 25, 2014
Picked up today in second hand re odd shop. For less than the price of a pint!!
1992 - probably the best year for hardcore IMO.

MC Lethal - The Rave Digger Triga

September 9, 2010

Listening to this gem again and it becomes clear that there will be never be anthems like this for a long while. The scene, music and people made for consistently strong material and enjoyment. Now I'm in the U.S with all my oldies and loving every one of them! Red October Crew..Respeck!

MC Lethal - The Rave Digger rexrecords

December 30, 2009
edited over 9 years ago
I have sold most of my treasures on discogs (regretably) but i cannot and will not let go of this badboy and a few others! Find it, see it, buy it! NOW!!

MC Lethal - The Rave Digger as reviewed by DJ_Nik_Gnashers

December 17, 2007

If there is one tune that sums up the sound of UK 1992 hardcore breaks / rave music, it is the dj ss mix of ravedigger. The original is a good track, but the dj ss version blows it away in my opinion. The track starts with the most apt vocal sample of any 1992 uk rave track "this , is the one you been waiting for, hardcore" and is followed by the perfect hardcore synth riff. Phat bassline, phatt beats, 1992 classic vocal "gotta believe we can make it real, just be yourself gotta do what ya feel", it doesnt get better than this, top top tune.

MC Lethal - The Rave Digger Craigcreative

January 22, 2012
Where does the vocal come from