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Label:Sony Music – 88985389492, Mute – 88985389492, Columbia – 88985389492
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Album, Reissue
CD, Compilation
CD, Compilation
CD, Compilation
CD, Compilation
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style:New Wave, Synth-pop


Speak & Spell
1-1New Life3:46
1-2I Sometimes Wish I Was Dead2:18
1-4Boys Say Go!3:08
1-6What's Your Name?2:46
1-8Tora! Tora! Tora!4:31
1-9Big Muff4:25
1-10Any Second Now (Voices)2:35
1-11Just Can't Get Enough3:43
A Broken Frame
2-1Leave In Silence4:51
2-2My Secret Garden4:46
2-4Nothing To Fear4:18
2-5See You4:36
2-7The Meaning Of Love3:06
2-8A Photograph Of You3:04
2-9Shouldn't Have Done That3:12
2-10The Sun & The Rainfall5:07
Construction Time Again
3-1Love, In Itself4:29
3-2More Than A Party4:45
3-4Everything Counts4:21
3-5Two Minute Warning4:14
3-7The Landscape Is Changing4:49
3-8Told You So4:27
3-9And Then...4:40
3-10Everything Counts (Reprise)1:00
Some Great Reward
4-1Something To Do3:47
4-2Lie To Me5:04
4-3People Are People3:52
4-4It Doesn't Matter4:45
4-5Stories Of Old3:14
4-7Master And Servant4:13
4-8If You Want4:41
4-9Blasphemous Rumours6:22
Black Celebration
5-1Black Celebration4:57
5-2Fly On The Windscreen - Final5:19
5-3A Question Of Lust4:23
5-5It Doesn't Matter Two2:51
5-6A Question Of Time4:09
5-8Here Is The House4:16
5-9World Full Of Nothing2:49
5-10Dressed In Black2:34
5-11New Dress3:46
Music For The Masses
6-1Never Let Me Down Again4:48
6-2The Things You Said4:03
6-5Little 154:19
6-6Behind The Wheel5:18
6-7I Want You Now3:44
6-8To Have And To Hold2:52
7-1World In My Eyes4:27
7-2Sweetest Perfection4:44
7-3Personal Jesus4:56
7-5Waiting For The Night6:07
7-6Enjoy The Silence6:13
7-7Policy Of Truth4:55
7-8Blue Dress5:38
Songs Of Faith And Devotion
8-1I Feel You4:36
8-2Walking In My Shoes5:26
8-4Mercy In You4:20
8-6In Your Room6:23
8-7Get Right With Me3:52
8-9One Caress3:34
8-10Higher Love5:56
9-1Barrel Of A Gun5:36
9-2The Love Thieves6:34
9-4It's No Good5:58
9-7Sister Of Night6:05
9-10The Bottom Line4:27
9-12Junior Painkiller2:10
10-1Dream On4:20
10-3The Sweetest Condition3:34
10-4When The Body Speaks6:01
10-5The Dead Of The Night4:50
10-9I Feel Loved4:21
10-11Easy Tiger2:05
10-12I Am You5:11
10-13Goodnight Lovers3:49
Playing The Angel
11-1A Pain That I'm Used To4:11
11-2John The Revelator3:43
11-3Suffer Well3:50
11-4The Sinner In Me4:56
11-7I Want It All6:10
11-8Nothing's Impossible4:21
11-10Damaged People3:31
11-12The Darkest Star6:55
Sounds Of The Universe
12-1In Chains6:53
12-2Hole To Feed3:58
12-4Fragile Tension4:09
12-5Little Soul3:31
12-6In Sympathy4:54
12-8Come Back5:16
12-11Miles Away/The Truth Is4:15
Delta Machine
13-1Welcome To My World4:56
13-4Secret To The End5:10
13-5My Little Universe4:24
13-8The Child Inside4:15
13-9Soft Touch/Raw Nerve3:23
13-10Should Be Higher5:05
13-12Soothe My Soul5:18
14-1Going Backwards5:43
14-2Where's The Revolution4:59
14-3The Worst Crime3:48
14-5You Move3:50
14-6Cover Me4:52
14-8Poison Heart3:17
14-9So Much Love4:29
14-11No More (This Is The Last Time)3:14
M: 1981 - 1985
15-1Photographic (Some Bizarre Version)3:12
15-2Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead (Flexi-Pop Version) 2:18
15-3Dreaming Of Me 4:03
15-4Ice Machine 3:53
15-6Any Second Now 3:08
15-7Now, This Is Fun 3:24
15-8Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) 4:09
15-9 My Secret Garden (Excerpts From) 3:17
15-10My Secret Garden (Further Excerpts From) 4:24
15-11Get The Balance Right! 3:12
15-12The Great Outdoors! 5:02
15-13Work Hard 4:23
15-14Fools 4:16
15-15In Your Memory 4:01
15-16(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 4:15
15-17Shake The Disease 4:51
15-19It’s Called A Heart 3:50
15-20Fly On The Windscreen 5:06
O: 1986 - 1990
16-1Dressed In Black (Record Mirror Version)2:45
16-2But Not Tonight 4:18
16-3Breathing In Fumes 6:07
16-4Black Day 2:38
16-5Christmas Island 4:52
16-6Agent Orange 5:05
16-8Pleasure, Little Treasure 2:53
16-9Route 66 4:10
16-11Sonata N° 14 In C M (Moonlight Sonata)5:38
16-16Happiest Girl (Jack Mix) 4:58
16-17Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix) 4:44
D: 1993 - 2005
17-1My Joy (Seven Inch Mix)3:58
17-2Death’s Door (Soundtrack Version)3:54
17-3Death’s Door (Jazz Mix)6:40
17-6Only When I Lose Myself4:34
17-9Easy Tiger4:56
17-14Better Days2:28
E: 2006 - 2017
18-1Oh Well (Single Version)4:25
18-2Oh Well5:59
18-4The Sun And The Moon And The Stars4:41
18-7Long Time Lie4:23
18-8Happens All The Time4:20
18-10All That's Mine3:23
18-11Heroes (Highline Session Version)6:30


CD 3 Track 10 not mentioned on the cover.

Track 15-1 taken from the Some Bizzare Album compilation - Some Bizzare BZLP1, 1981.
Track 15-2 taken from the Sometimes I Wish I Was Dead / King Of The Flies 7" flexi single - Flexipop 011, 1981.
Tracks 15-3 and 15-4 taken from the Dreaming Of Me 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 13,1981.
Track 15-5 taken from the New Life 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 14,1981.
Track 15-6 taken from the Just Can't Get Enough 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 16,1981.
Track 15-7 taken from the See You 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 18,1982.
Track 15-8 taken from the The Meaning Of Love 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 22,1982.
Track 15-9 taken from the Leave In Silence 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 1,1982.
Track 15-10 taken from the Leave In Silence 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 1,1982.
Tracks 15-11 and 15-12 taken from the Get The Balance Right! 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 2,1983.
Track 15-13 taken from the Everything Counts 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 3,1983.
Track 15-14 taken from the Love In Itself · 2 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 4,1983.
Track 15-15 taken from the [Invalid Release] 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 5,1984.
Track 15-16 taken from the Master And Servant 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 6,1984.
Tracks 15-17 and 15-18 taken from the Shake The Disease 7" single - Mute BONG 8, 1985. Track 15-17 also taken from The Singles 81 → 85 - Mute, 1985.
Tracks 15-19 and 15-20 taken from the It's Called A Heart 7" single - Mute BONG 9, 1985. Track 15-19 also taken from The Singles 81 → 85 - Mute, 1985.

Track 16-1 taken from the The RM EP - RM 1, 1986.
Track 16-2 taken from the Stripped 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 10,1986.
Tracks 16-3 to 16-4 taken from the Stripped (Highland Mix) 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 10,1986.
Track 16-5 taken from the A Question Of Lust 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 11,1986.
Track 16-6 taken from the Strangelove limited 12" single - Mute L12 BONG 13,1987.
Track 16-7 taken from the Strangelove 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 13,1987.
Track 16-8 taken from the Never Let Me Down Again 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 14,1987.
Track 16-9 taken from the Behind The Wheel (Remix) 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 15,1987.
Track 16-10 taken from the Little 15 7" single - Mute LITTLE 15,1988.
Track 16-11 taken from the Little 15 12" single - Mute LITTX 15,1988.
Track 16-12 taken from the Personal Jesus 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 17,1989.
Track 16-13 taken from the Enjoy The Silence 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 18,1990.
Track 16-14 taken from the Enjoy The Silence 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 18,1990.
Track 16-15 taken from the Policy Of Truth 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 19,1990.
Tracks 16-16 to 16-17 taken from the World In My Eyes / Happiest Girl / Sea Of Sin 7" single - Mute 7 BONG 20, 1990.

Track 17-1 taken from the Walking In My Shoes 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 22,1993.
Track 17-2 taken from the Until The End Of The World (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Warner Bros. records 20082, 1991.
Track 17-3 taken from the Condemnation (Paris Mix) 12" single - Mute 12 BONG 23, 1993.
Track 17-4 taken from the It's No Good limited cd single - Mute LCD BONG 26, 1997.
Track 17-5 taken from the Barrel Of A Gun cd single - Mute CD BONG 25, 1997.
Tracks 17-6 to 17-8 taken from the Only When I Lose Myself cd single - Mute CD BONG 29, 1998. Track 17-6 also taken from The Singles 86>98 - Mute, 1998.
Track 17-9 taken from the Dream On cd single - Mute CD BONG 30, 2001.
Track 17-10 taken from the I Feel Loved cd single - Mute CD BONG 31, 2001.
Track 17-11 taken from the Freelove cd single - Mute CD BONG 32, 2001.
Track 17-12 taken from the Precious limited cd single - Mute LCD BONG 35, 2005.
Track 17-13 taken from the A Pain That I'm Used To cd single - Mute CD BONG 36, 2005.
Track 17-14 taken from the Suffer Well cd single - Mute CD BONG 37, 2005.
Track 17-15 taken from the Martyr cd single - Mute CD BONG 39, 2006.

Track 18-1 taken from the Wrong single - Mute BONG 40, 2009.
Tracks 18-2 to 18-6 taken from the Sounds Of The Universe box set - MUTE BXSTUMM300, 2009.
Tracks 18-7 to 18-9 taken from the Delta Machine deluxe edition - MUTE/Columbia 88765460632, 2013.
Track 18-10 taken from the Heaven cd single - MUTE/Columbia 88765461572, 2013.
Track 18-11 is previously unreleased.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 889853894925
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 1): [Sony Music logo] 57327222/88985389492-1-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 1): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 1): IFPI 0762
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 2): [Sony Music logo] 57331662/88985389492-2-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 2): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 2): IFPI 0721
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 3): [Sony Music logo] 57331663/88985389492-3-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 3): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 3): IFPI 0787
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 4): [Sony Music logo] 57331664/88985389492-4-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 4): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 4): IFPI 0762
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 5): [Sony Music logo] 57331665/88985389492-5-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 5): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 5): IFPI 0772
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 6): [Sony Music logo] 57331658/88985389492-6-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 6): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 6): IFPI 079Y
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 7): [Sony Music logo] 57331659/88985389492-7-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 7): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 7): IFPI 079Y
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 8): [Sony Music logo] 57331660/88985389492-8-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 8): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 8): IFPI 077Y
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 9): [Sony Music logo] 57331661/88985389492-9-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 9): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 9): IFPI 0713
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 10): [Sony Music logo] 57331670/88985389492-10-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 10): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 10): IFPI 0717
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 11): [Sony Music logo] 57331671/88985389492-11-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 11): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 11): IFPI 0710
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 12): [Sony Music logo] 57331672/88985389492-12-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 12): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 12): IFPI 0761
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 13): [Sony Music logo] 57331673/88985389492-13-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 13): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 13): IFPI 0768
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 14): [Sony Music logo] 57331674/88985389492-14-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 14): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 14): IFPI 0772
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 15): [Sony Music logo] 57331666/88985389492-15-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 15): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 15): IFPI 0710
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 16): [Sony Music logo] 57331667/88985389492-16-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 16): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 16): IFPI 0787
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 17): [Sony Music logo] 57331668/88985389492-17-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 17): IFPI LB47
  • Mould SID Code (CD 17): IFPI 073Y
  • Matrix / Runout (CD 18): [Sony Music logo] 57331669/88985389492-18-1 21
  • Mastering SID Code (CD 18): IFPI LP 73
  • Mould SID Code (CD 18): IFPI 0717

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  • maxal's avatar
    Regarding Family Guy's question to DenmarkJ70 . . . [Which is the best CD version of each DM album?]

    Family Guy, sorry - this is going to be a long-winded way of saying I don’t fully know, I’d be interested in the answer too. It's a big question and given the status and longevity of DM, would require album by album response. I am not qualified to comment in the sense of a “sound expert”, I am a long-term fan of music.

    You can get opinions here on Discogs, as per the above link to spiffyJUNIOR’s choice for best Black Celebration CD. With ears being different I suspect that for many opinions there would be an opposing opinion. Opinions would be more fundamentally divided on the CD front, being newer it has gone through a few experiments (original CD, hybrid, SACD, DVD, Surround 5.1 etc). For vinyl, already stabilised to a high standard in manufacture terms, it may be easier, and I would opt for the original UK pressings because of the general rule: that was the inauguration; attention, time and finance was properly and best focussed on first pressings.

    Luckily because sound engineering is part of what DM is, quality is generally high. It’s good to look around, but I wouldn’t think it too difficult to get something of a high standard. (What I state next too may offend / divide certain fans >) I once compared New Order to Depeche Mode tracks side by side (to figure out which band was my favourite). Rather than discovering my preference in musical taste, I was surprised by the separate point – the distinct difference in quality of sound production alone – Depeche Mode was superior. This comparative experience made me better appreciate the DM sound and the relevance of sound production. Obviously certain bands, labels, countries, etc, have different standards in sound production.

    From my opinion I am happy with the first UK pressing vinyl albums of DM and the UK 12” singles (12”, 45rpm is a dream for sound). For CDs I would choose the SACDs which were released in 2006/7 and Playing the Angel in 2005. I am all ears to hear and respect other opinions, no doubt there are anomalies and maybe a few hidden gems.
    • DenmarkJ70's avatar
      This set looks nice, and it is nice to have the b-sides collected on the last 4 discs. It is really too bad though that they didn't use the best sounding masters available for each album, so for all the early albums of course there are much better sounding versions available than these 2006/7 remasters. Also, for Playing the Angel, they should have used the same mastering as the SACD version, which is much better than the standard cd (not because of format, but purely because of a more dynamic master), so it is really a missed opportunity to compile a box with all the best cd masters available for each album. But they didn't, so don't worry, even if you own this box, you still get all the fun of tracking down the best version of each individual album yourself. But at least you will have these cool black covers to look at, even if you never play the cd's inside of them because other cd versions sound so much nicer. To be fair, the versions here of the last three albums are just as good as any available cd I know of (which are unfortunately quite over compressed.)
      • titicas2002's avatar
        Just for rich people where are gone the left party messages of their albums if the people has to spend so much money they can't afford. And they didn't neither published cheaper disappointed, really disappointed ...Rich and famous and hypocrites....
        • sbclar's avatar
          Mike Piacentini is mentioned as the "Mastering Engineer" on this box set, as well as the 12" single boxes (all of them so far, up to the "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" set. Thus, would it be accurate to describe all these tracks as "Remastered By Mike Piacentini"? Just trying to keep all my tracks correctly identified.
          • indo97's avatar
            Belle boîte avec des excellents albums que je n'avait pas encore
            C'est bien d'avoir toutes les faces B ensemble, mais une version pas assez complète pour moi.
            • maxal's avatar
              I guess this 'ultra-collection' is aimed at the uber wealthy with their inifinity pool and poured concrete and glass bauhaus. Those who want it all in a neat, minimalist box, and can then throw away their entire vinyl collection. It's so neatly arranged and convenient!
              • Ultrahome's avatar
                Nice box with excellent lyric book. Content overall is not too adventurous. It's nice to have all the b-sides together, but quite a dull release.
                • rd1994's avatar
                  Toi be honest I just wish the MODE discs (with the B-Sides and all that) were available seperately.
                  • Jarren's avatar
                    Edited 2 years ago
                    Who is this aimed at? Every Depeche Mode fan will already own 99.9% of this material, and any casual fan who wants to complete their CD collection can buy the albums individually much cheaper.
                    • minusthesnake's avatar
                      Is there any word on which masters were used for the albums? Did they make new masters just for this box?



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