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The Strange Ones 1994-2008  (Compilation) album cover

SupergrassThe Strange Ones 1994-2008

2 x CD, Compilation
5 x CD
6 x CD, Album, Reissue
6 x Vinyl, LP, Album, Picture Disc, Reissue, 180 GMS
Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Single
Box Set, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition
Country:UK & Europe
Genre:Rock, Non-Music, Pop
Style:Brit Pop, Indie Rock, Pop Punk, Interview, Comedy


Rarities, Remixes & B-Sides
CD1-1Caught By The Fuzz (Backbeat Version)
CD1-2Strange Ones (Backbeat Version)
CD1-3Caught By The Fuzz (Acoustic)
CD1-5Wait For The Sun
CD1-8Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre
CD1-9Melanie Davis
CD1-10Sometimes We're Very Sad
CD1-11Nothing More's Gonna Get In My Way
CD1-1220ft Halo
CD1-13Sun Hits The Sky (Bently Rhythm Ace Remix)
CD1-14Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
CD1-15Don't Be Cruel
CD1-16The Animal
CD1-17We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give)
CD2-1We Still Need More (Than Anyone Can Give) (Dust Brothers Recording)
CD2-3What A Shame
CD2-4Lucky (No Fear)
CD2-5You'll Never Walk Again
CD2-6You Too Can Play Alright
CD2-8Faraway (Acoustic)
CD2-11Electric Cowboy
CD2-12Tishing In Windows (Kicking In Doors)
CD2-13That Old Song
CD2-14The Loner
CD2-15I Told The Truth
CD2-17Kiss Of Life (Tom Tom Club Mix)
CD2-18We Dream Of This
CD2-19Fin (Dave Eringa Alternative Mix)
CD2-20Car Crash
CD2-21I Believe In Love
Mark Radcliffe BBC Radio Session 24th October 1994
CD3-1Mark Radcliffe Introduction
CD3-2Strange Ones
CD3-5Sitting Up Straight
RDS Arena Dublin, 22nd June 1996
CD3-7Shane O'Donoghue Introduction
CD3-9Caught By The Fuzz
CD3-10Sitting Up Straight
CD3-11I'd Like To Know
CD3-13Lose It
CD3-14Richard III
CD3-15Strange Ones
CD3-18We're Not Supposed To
CD3-19She's So Alone
CD3-20Melanie Davis
CD3-21Going Out
Glastonbury Festival, 26th June 1997
CD4-1I'd Like To Know
CD4-2Richard III
CD4-3Sitting Up Straight
CD4-8In It For The Money
CD4-10You Can See Me
CD4-11Caught By The Fuzz
CD4-12Going Out
CD4-13It's Not Me
CD4-14Sun Hits The Sky
CD4-15Strange Ones
Reading Festival, 29th August 1998
CD4-17Out Of The Blue
CD4-19In It For The Money
CD4-20Richard III
CD4-21Sun Hits The Sky
CD4-22Going Out
T In The Park, 9th July 2000
CD5-4Jesus Came From Outta Space
CD5-7Sun Hits The Sky
CD5-8Going Out
CD5-9Caught By The Fuzz
Reading Festival, 25th August 2001
CD5-10Steve Lamacq Introduction
CD5-11Pumping On Your Stereo
CD5-12Caught By The Fuzz
CD5-14Can't Get Up
CD5-15Beautiful Prople
CD5-16Late In The Day
CD5-17Lose It
CD5-18Funniest Thing
CD5-19Richard III
CD5-20Going Out
CD5-21Sun Hits The Sky
Radio Kerrang! Session, 10th August 2005
CD6-1St. Petersburg
CD6-2Late In The Day
CD6-3Seen The Light
CD6-4Sitting Up Straight
Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, 18th August 2005
CD6-5Kiss Of Life
CD6-6Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
CD6-9Low C
CD6-10Road To Rouen
CD6-12Sun Hits The Sky
Later With Jools Holland, 29th February 2008
CD6-15Diamond Hoo Ha Man
CD6-16Bad Blood
CD6-17Rebel In You
Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, 10th December 2008
CD6-18The Return Of...
CD6-19Ghost Of A Friend
Roots & Vines (Demos, Out-Takes & Oddities)
CD7-1Sitting Up Straight (4 Track Demo)
CD7-2Caught By The Fuzz (4 Track Demo)
CD7-3Lose It (4 Track Demo)
CD7-4Richard III (4 Track Demo)
CD7-5Out Of The Blue (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-6Moving (8 Track Demo)
CD7-7Sun Hits The Sky (Acoustic Radio Session, Studio Brussel, 2002)
CD7-8Stinkfinger (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-9Dark Star (Studio Recording)
CD7-10Brecon Beacons (Rehearsal Room Demo)
CD7-11Can't Get Up (Mini-Disc)
CD7-12Funniest Thing (4 Track Demo)
CD7-13Orbiting Around The World (Mini-Disc)
CD7-14Sad Girl (Radio Kerrang! 105.2, Birmingham, 2005)
CD7-15Road To Rouen (Studio Outtake)
CD7-16Fin (Live At UEA, Norwich, 2005)
CD7-17Car Crash (Rehearsal Room Demo)
CD7-18Next To You (Studio Recording Monitor Mix)
CD7-19Bury My Heart (Demo)
CD7-20345 (Demo)
CD7-21Tronic (Demo)
The Studio Albums
I Should Coco
CD8-1I'd Like To Know
CD8-2Caught By The Fuzz
CD8-3Mansize Rooster
CD8-5Lose It
CD8-7Strange Ones
CD8-8Sitting Up Straight
CD8-9She's So Loose
CD8-10We're Not Supposed To
CD8-12Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
CD8-13Time To Go
In It For The Money
CD9-1In It For The Money
CD9-2Richard III
CD9-4Late In The Day
CD9-6Sun Hits The Sky
CD9-7Going Out
CD9-8It's Not Me
CD9-10You Can See Me
CD9-11Hollow Little Reign
CD9-12Sometimes I Make You Sad
CD10-2Your Love
CD10-3What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
CD10-4Beautiful People
CD10-5Shotover Hill
CD10-8Jesus Came From Outta Space
CD10-9Pumping On Your Stereo
CD10-10Born Again
CD10-12Mama And Papa
Life On Other Planets
CD11-2Rush Hour Soul
CD11-3Seen The Light
CD11-4Brecon Beacons
CD11-5Can't Get Up
CD11-6Evening Of The Day
CD11-7Never Done Nothing Like That Before
CD11-8Funniest Thing
CD11-10LA Song
CD11-11Prophet 15
Road To Rouen
CD12-1Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
CD12-2St. Petersburg
CD12-3Sad Girl
CD12-5Coffee In The Pot
CD12-6Road To Rouen
CD12-7Kick In The Teeth
CD12-8Low C
Diamond Hoo Ha
CD13-1Diamond Hoo Ha Man
CD13-2Bad Blood
CD13-3Rebel In You
CD13-4When I Needed You
CD13-6The Return Of...
CD13-7Rough Knuckles
CD13-8Ghost Of A Friend
CD13-9Whiskey And Green Tea
I Should Coco
A1I'd Like To Know
A2Caught By The Fuzz
A3Mansize Rooster
A5Lose It
B1Strange Ones
B2Sitting Up Straight
B3She's So Loose
B4We're Not Supposed To
B6Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
B7Time To Go
In It For The Money
C1In It For The Money
C2Richard III
C4Late In The Day
C6Sun Hits The Sky
D1Going Out
D2It's Not Me
D4You Can See Me
D5Hollow Little Reign
D6Sometimes I Make You Sad
E2Your Love
E3What Went Wrong (In Your Head)
E4Beautiful People
E5Shotover Hill
F2Jesus Came From Outta Space
F3Pumping On Your Stereo
F4Born Again
F6Mama And Papa
Life On Other Planets
G2Rush Hour Soul
G3Seen The Light
G4Brecon Beacons
G5Can't Get Up
G6Evening Of The Day
H1Never Done Nothing Like That Before
H2Funniest Thing
H4LA Song
H5Prophet 15
Road To Rouen
I1Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
I2St. Petersburg
I3Sad Girl
J1Coffee In The Pot
J2Road To Rouen
J3Kick In The Teeth
J4Low C
Diamond Hoo Ha
K1Diamond Hoo Ha Man
K2Bad Blood
K3Rebel In You
K4When I Needed You
K6The Return Of...
L1Rough Knuckles
L2Ghost Of A Friend
L3Whiskey And Green Tea
2020 Remixes Single
M1Caught By The Fuzz (Danny Goffey 2020 Remix)
N1Richard III (Cousn 2020 Remix)

Companies, etc.


Labelled as "Limited Edition Super Deluxe Box Set" on sticker on shrink wrap.

2-part, rigid, 12″ x 12” x 3″ box, matte laminate outer finish with hot foil cover text, containing:
13 CDs
– 1 x 2CD set – Remixes, B-sides, acoustic versions and other rarities (BMGCAT377BOX-1)
– 1 x 4CD set – Live (5 hours of previously unreleased, career-spanning performances: radio sessions, full live shows & acoustic sets) (BMGCAT377BOX-2)
– 1 x 1CD set – Demos, out-takes and oddities (all previously unreleased) (BMGCAT377BOX-3)
– 1 x 6CD set – All 6 original studio albums in new digipack (BMGCAT377BOX-4)
6 LPs
7” single
– Caught By The Fuzz / Richard III (2020 Remixes) (BMGCAT377BOXSV)
– 12″ x 12″ 52-page book. Story of each album, written by separate journalists: Everett True, Charles Shaar Murray, Sylvia Patterson, Andrew Male, Adam Sweeting and Paul Moody. Quotes from new band interviews with Matt Everitt. Unseen photos and memorabilia.
Colour posters x 4
Supergrass is 10 – button badges x 8

Rarities, Remixes & B-Sides originally were released on the UK singles (except where noted):
1-1 to 1-3 Caught By The Fuzz
1-4 Mansize Rooster
1-5 to 1-6 Lenny
1-7 to 1-8 Alright/Time
1-9 Going Out
1-10 to 1-12 Richard III
1-11 to 1-14 Sun Hits The Sky (1-13 was a promo only remix, also on a Ministry of Sound compilation mix album by Bentley Rhythm Ace)
1-15 to 1-17 Late In The Day
2-1 "Dead Man On Campus" Soundtrack
2-2 to 2-5 Pumping On Your Stereo
2-6 to 2-8 Moving
2-9 "Mike Bassett: England Manager" OST
2-10 to 2-13 Grace
2-14 to 2-15 See The Light
2-16 Rush Hour Soul
2-17 to 2-18 Kiss Of Life
2-19 Previously unreleased version
2-20 Rebel In You
2-21 Sofa (Of My Lethargy)

3-5 was previously released on Various - The Radio 1FM Sessions Volume 2
4-2 was previously released on Various - Glastonbury Live '97 : Mud For It

A near comprehensive collection of Supergrass' entire output. It does omit a few studio recordings, B-sides, live recordings, rarities and remixes including:

Studio Recordings:
- Kiss of Life
- It's Not Me (Demo) from Late In The Day UK single
- Cheapskate (US Version)
- Cover of Jimi Hendrix's Stone Free which were was issued as a bonus 7" to the original UK vinyl release of I Should Coco
- Various demos and outtakes that were included on the 20th anniversary edition of I Should Coco
- The one-off band called Crisis for the charity Crisis (which featured Supergrass (minus Mickey) alongside Paul Weller and Beth Ditto and The Enemy (2)): "Consequences"

- The Tom Tom Club Dirty Mix plus both Chicken Lips remixes from the Kiss Of Life promos
- East Is East Mix (from the OST of East Is East) of Moving

- Sofa (Of My Lethargy) (featured on the 20th anniversary edition of I Should Coco)
- Diamond Hoo Ha Man (from the single promo)
- Bad Blood (from the single promo)
- Rebel In You (from the single promo)

Live Recordings & Sessions:
- Odd? (Maida Vale John Peel Radio 1 Session) which was issued as a bonus 7" to the original UK vinyl release of I Should Coco
- The Bath Moles and La Route Du Rock, Saint Malo live recordings from the 20th anniversary UK I Should Coco release
- Evening Session recording of Caught By The Fuzz from Various - Steve Lamacq's Bootleg Session Volume 3
- Jools Holland recording of Alright from Various - Brit Beat...Later Volume One
- Glastonbury 1995 recording of Caught By The Fuzz from Various - The Glastonbury Broadcasts Vol 1
- Glastonbury 2003 recording of Pumping on Your Stereo from Various - Glastonbury Anthems - The Best Of Glastonbury 1994-2004
- Triple J Live at the Wireless recording of Caught By The Fuzz from Various - Triple J: Live at the Wireless: From the Vaults, Volume 2
- 2 Metre Dutch radio session of Jesus Came From Outer Space from Various - 2 Meter Sessies - Volume 9
- Evening Session recording of Late In The Day from Various - Britpop At The BBC
- Various live recordings from the '2002 Live' promo
- The Glasgow Plaza live recordings of Strange Ones, She's So Loose, Lose It and a cover of The Kinks Where Have All The Good Times Gone? from the Japanese Alright EP (Stranges Ones was also on the Going Out UK single and She's So Loose was also on the Going Out Australian single)
- Sun Hits The Sky (Radio 1 evening session version) from the Sun Hits The Sky UK single
- Various live recordings (Pinkpop Festival & VPRO recordings) from the Sun Hits The Sky Dutch single
- The Peel Acre live recordings and Lamaq live recording from the Mary UK singles
- The Shepherd's Bush & Oslo live recordings from the Seen The Light UK DVD single
- Low C (Live Acoustic) from Oxford from the Low C single
- The live acoustic cover of Gil Scott-Heron's of Lady Day & John Coltrane at Ronnie Scott's from the Low C DVD single
- The Portsmouth Pyramid live recordings from the St Petersburg single
- Fin (Live acoustic from Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show) from the Fin single
- Diamond Hoo Ha Men cover of Michael Jackson's Beat It from the Bad Blood single (live on XFM)
- Diamond Hoo Ha Men version of Bad Blood (live on DHHM) from the Bad Blood single
- Guilfest 2007 recording of Diamond Hoo Ha Man released as a download only track
- The iTunes 2007 Diamond Hoo Ha Men live recordings from the Apple Store on Regent Street, London
- The iTunes 2007 recordings from the Apple Store in San Francisco
- Bad Blood live recording from Various - The Clash Playlist - April 2008

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 4 050538 461770
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout): BMGCAT328LP - A1 194255E/1A ALCHEMY
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout): BMGCAT328LP - A1 194255E2/AA2
  • Matrix / Runout (Side C runout): BMGCAT329LP - A1 194256E1/A ALCHEMY
  • Matrix / Runout (Side D runout): BMGCAT329LP - B1 194256E2/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side E runout): BMGCAT330LP - A1 194257E1/A ALCHEMY
  • Matrix / Runout (Side F runout): BMGCAT330LP - B1 194257E2/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side G runout): BMGCAT331LP - A1 194258E1/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side H runout): BMGCAT331LP - B1 194258E2/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side I runout): BMGCAT332LP - A1 194259E1/A BAZZA ALCHEMY
  • Matrix / Runout (Side J runout): BMGCAT332LP - B1 194259E2/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side K runout): BMGCAT333LP - A1 194260E1/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side L runout): BMGCAT333LP - B1 194260E2/A
  • Matrix / Runout (Side M runout): 08414619 - A - 3
  • Matrix / Runout (Side N runout): 08414619 - B - 3
  • Other (Disc One Cat #): BMGCAT328SV
  • Other (Disc Two Cat #): BMGCAT329SV
  • Other (Disc Three Cat #): BMGCAT330SV
  • Other (Disc Four Cat #): BMGCAT331SV
  • Other (Disc Five Cat #): BMGCAT332SV
  • Other (Disc Six Cat #): BMGCAT333SV
  • Other (Disc 7" Cat #): BMGCAT377BOXSV
  • Label Code: LC 19813

Other Versions (2)View All

Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
New Submission
The Strange Ones 1994-2008 (2×LP, Compilation)BMG, EchoBMGCAT377DLPEurope2020
The Strange Ones 1994-2008 (CD, Compilation)BMGBMGCAT377CDEurope2020


onyxmav's profile picture
The sound on these picture discs is terrible. I am glad I went with the 2LP black version as they sound great.
mrdoctor's profile picture
Edited one year ago
Just got around testing I Should Coco pic disk against the 20th Anniversary reissue. I'm afraid to say that the difference is indeed noticeable, the noise floor is through the roof (pun intended) and there's a layer of static noise all over the record. These were thoroughly vacuum cleaned as well, but that didn't help. The extra content is fantastic, but the decision to go with picture disks is questionable, to say the least. Worth mentioning that I'm using an AT440MLb and a pair of Grado SR325e, your mileage with different gear/setup may indeed vary.
rogdrums's profile picture
I am super picky about the quality of sound coming through my system, but these really don't sound bad at all!! The Picture Discs sound beautifully clear and I cannot fault the boxset overall. It is a collectors dream!!'s profile picture
this boxed set sounds quite good! picture discs sound way better than they used to, in my opinion. i've played thru the whole box and the only thing i've noticed is a slightly higher noise floor across all discs. not that noticeable tho. i have OG copies of 'i should coco' and 'life on other planets' and these picture discs are almost as crisp and detailed. considering 'road to rouen' alone will set you back almost 100 smackers, this boxed set is a great bargain. play tested with a lyra delos on a pro-ject 9.1 turntable.
PeaceLove's profile picture
I would have been all over this if it weren't for the picture discs. Such a disappointment. Anyone know if there are plans to reissue the albums individually?
Alonso14's profile picture
Unbelievable this was issued with picture discs. Pointless and disappointing.
LAFMS's profile picture
I disagree with reviews saying the pic discs sound fine. They all sound terrible to me. It's a shame such a great package was ruined by the pointless decision to make the LPs picture discs. They should have been high quality black pressings - after all this box is or should be the end all for Supergrass collectors and fans.

The pic discs have a layer of static/noise typical of pic discs (endemic to the production method). It's most evident when you drop the needle and hear the first 5-8 seconds of "silence" which in fact sounds more like an old black and white movie soundtrack's quiet parts....such a bummer.
velocity_kendall's profile picture
Edited one year ago
If anyone's concerned about the quality of the picture disc pressings, worry not, they sound very good to my ears. Clearly they know what they're doing these days (i know pic discs get a bad rap mostly, iv'e had plenty in the past that have been god awful).

Very (and i mean VERY) mild warp on I Should Coco, otherwise all seems to be good. In terms of money spent (i know it's not cheap), it's amazing value. It's crammed with extras.

Don't hesitate, go for it :0)

P.S, replace those pvc sleeves asap!
djblxs's profile picture
The picture discs look great but the usual sound problems associated with picture discs (occasional skips, higher surface noise level) mar the otherwise excellent remastering they've done for this set. Also, having the records in direct contact to a PVC sleeve was a bad idea. No complaints about the content though, which is fantastic (one small gripe is that there's two alternate versions of 'Kiss of Life' but not the original, but now I really am being picky).
Vinylfanatik's profile picture
Beautiful box! The sound of the pictures is great and the goodies are fun. Buy it without hesitate!