Bullitnuts - A Different Ball Game as reviewed by scoundrel

April 1, 2004

<I>A Different Ball Game</I>, the last album by the Bullitnuts, may indeed be their magnum opus. They had perfected the smooth jazzy trip hop that they would carry into their later projects (Leggo Beast and Momma Gravy). “Toffee Slot” is a brilliant piece of chill, while the sort-of-gross named “Scatmunching” has a deliciously wobbly bass over some light sputtering breaks. The tracks towards the middle of the album blend together in a pleasant way, but once the dark funk of “Daddy Big Hair” comes on, the magic explodes full force. “Heavy Air” is a beautiful piece of work, brooding and light, full of wandering pleasures. It’s a reflection of the album as a whole.

Bullitnuts - A Different Ball Game njhipster

January 28, 2012

Couldn't have given a better review myself.