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Air LiquideAir Liquide

Label:Blue – blue 006
CD, Album
Style:Trance, Acid, Ambient


1Air LiquideThings Happen2:14
2Air LiquideTanz Der Lemminge 29:34
3Air LiquideLiquid Air (The Bionaut Remix)
RemixThe Bionaut
4Air LiquideRevelation3:50
5Air LiquidePsy 911:39
6Air LiquideArgon2:36
7Air LiquideSun Progress9:00
8Air LiquideUnraveling My Curls7:43
9Air LiquideLiquid Men With Liquid Hearts5:55
10Air LiquideLiquid Air (Original Version)10:54
11Mike InkGelb (Remix)
RemixAir Liquide

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© 1993 Blue.

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  • Matrix / Runout: digital service line BLUE 006 AIR LIQUID mastered by dcm

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Title (Format)LabelCat#CountryYear
Air Liquide (2×LP, Blue (Transparent Marbled))BlueBLUE 007Germany1993
Air Liquide (2×LP, Blue (Transparent Marbled))BlueBLUE 007Germany1993
Air Liquide (2×LP, Blue (Transparent Marbled))BlueBLUE 007Germany1993
Air Liquide (2×12", Album, Promo, Blue Labels)BlueBLUE 007Germany1993
New Submission
Air Liquide (2×LP)BlueBLUE 007Germany1993


adamx's profile picture
Edited 4 years ago
I have two copies of this release. One is the regular text label version on black vinyl and one is a blue label promo with no text on black vinyl on A&B and C&D Black with a few light white swirls . I'm surprised neither are listed. I can't imagine I'm the only person with it on black. Though I think I was given these directly from Walker so maybe a few special copies they had on side. I'm listening to it right now after many years. Still so good. Flashbacking!

browna's profile picture
What is water but wine in its purest form. The element of the elements rushing by and through the reefs of your mind forming the crevaces of your earth, swishing in every cell.
It has no enemies it cannot conquer. It laughs in the face of fire. It talks with the moon, it evaporates and rises to the stratosphere only to return to from where it came. It leaves no stone unturned, one drop inhaled or a magnitude - it matters not. And you and I are but water, we are pure, every trickle every torrent - flooding, gushing, surging, cascading and so we find ourselves one and the same. And are not the clouds in our cerebral hemisphere no different than the vapours in the great beyond? Do we drive under and rise to the surface or do we dive to the surface and rise to the under?
Do not minuscule molecules build our continents within? Will one grain of sand make a difference? Will one thought, one action change our being? Are we at the helm or are we the passengers - are we the pilgrim or the god? Are not ice and steam, fog and the vasty deep all the same element? Every breath, every step brings us closer and farther. There is no backwards, no forwards to our circle, to our infinity - to our desire. Will our quest find the answer or our answer wake the quest.
Water. Das Energie!
very futuristic. when it came out
For individuals who collect cd's and not vinyl’s looking for a full version of Liquid Men With Liquid Hearts with no blend get yourself a copy of The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration. This version cuts the end sample off and blends into Liquid Air (Original Version).
onesixoneight's profile picture
"Whoever put us together knows us better than we know ourselves"

That statement on 'Unravelling my curls' is part of the Air Liquide deep philosophy they like to show through their lyrics. I suppose its not everyones cup of tea, but then its probably because they dont get it.
This is a seminal piece of work. Not to be sniffed at.
Of course some tracks do not appeal to all but they need to be given the chance to pervade your mind at different times of the day/different mind states.

Sun Progress is a good example, its a long track and not a dancefloor smasher, however it is meant to tell a subtle story. Spend some time with it.

Liquid men with Liquid Hearts and Liquid Air are of course landmark tracks that anyone who wants to know about the band should start with.
browna's profile picture
Edited 9 years ago
I think the ratings for this album says it all!!! This album is so ahead of its time that it still sounds fresh today. Experimental and "out there" acid music but not for the dancefloor!
sherbert's profile picture
Edited 6 years ago
This release features eleven tracks and out of those eleven tracks i`d say eight are awful, two are just okay and one is very good. The problem with this album is that the producers ruin so many of the tracks with completely useless vocal samples that are repeatedly used and become very annoying. And some of the tracks just sound like a couple of mates messing around with some synths. These tracks don`t do anything or go anywhere and are really boring.

I`m reviewing this album because it features an excellent instrumental track Tanz Der Lemminge 2. This track starts off with orchestral strings and then goes into electronic percussion sounds. Then some acid is brought into the mix followed by a deep bass sound. And it`s this deep repeated bass sound coupled with the urgent synth that keeps driving this track along for its almost ten minute duration.

This track is very subtle and deep and once heard will stay in the memory because of that deep repeated bass sound.