Microglobe - High On Hope as reviewed by jazzliscious

December 27, 2003

This particular track is a very unique venture into the style that was loosely termed "acid-house" back in 1992. It's part piano anthem and part ass-kicking get-up-on-the-damn-dancefloor ACID TECHNO! I personally would call this track groundbreaking, but someone out there always has to disagree, and that's fine - but this track has simply never been duplicated and never will because not everybody is as technically skilled as Mike Van Dike, or is it Mijk Van Dijk? Ah those heady early days of techno! The 303 bassline is THE MOST SINGULARLY UNIQUE bassline EVER WRITTEN! Tight and funky, this is NOT your average techno schwill, this is HOT STICKY SWEATY techno that leaves you feeling as though you just had sex on the dancefloor with those three hot girls that kept encircling you for the last two hours (that's so 1994!). Seriously, this track is that good! Anyone who knows anything about tight basslines knows that's enough in itself to lift this track above the last ten years' worth of insubordinate schwag put out since. DEFINITELY check this one out if you can!

Microglobe - High On Hope dsp10027

July 31, 2019
Agree totally on the walls this producer crushes with this track. truly amazing! Breakbeats everything. He could of made 10 tracks with all the ideas.