Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDOOM/DOOM Eternal (Original Game Soundtracks)

Label:id Software – none, Bethesda – none
Cassette, Limited Edition, Special Edition
90 x File, FLAC, MP3, Album
Genre:Electronic, Rock, Stage & Screen
Style:Industrial, Ambient, Heavy Metal, Soundtrack, Score, Experimental, Video Game Music


ANo ArtistUntitled4:48
BNo ArtistUntitled4:57
DOOM (2016)
1Mick GordonI. DOGMA0:45
2Mick GordonRip & Tear4:18
3Mick GordonAt Doom's Gate1:11
4Mick GordonRust, Dust & Guts7:41
5Mick Gordon II. DEMIGOD0:50
6Mick GordonHellwalker5:06
7Mick GordonAuthorization; Olivia Pierce2:24
8Mick GordonFlesh & Metal7:02
9Mick GordonImpure Spectrum1:45
10Mick GordonTies That Bind2:07
11Mick GordonBFG Division8:27
12Mick GordonResidual1:57
13Mick GordonArgent Energy2:35
14Mick GordonHarbinger7:11
15Mick GordonBiowaves2:16
16Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderOlivia's Doom (Chad Mossholder Remix)4:41
17Mick GordonTransistor Fist6:09
18Mick GordonDr. Samuel Hayden4:10
19Mick GordonCyberdemon6:18
20Mick GordonIncantation3:36
21Mick GordonIII. DAKHMA2:17
22Mick GordonDamnation6:45
23Mick GordonThe Stench2:50
24Mick GordonUAC Report File; SHTO36U33:04
25Mick GordonDeath & Exhale3:49
26Mick GordonSkullHacker7:16
27Mick GordonLazarus Waves3:39
28Mick GordonVEGA Core8:03
29Mick Gordon, Chris Hite (5)6-idkill.vega.cih1:38
30Mick GordonMastermind6:38
31Mick GordonIV. DOOM1:47
DOOM Eternal (Part 1)
1Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderHell On Earth5:02
2Mick GordonCultist Base5:53
3Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBlood Harvesting3:37
4Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderSoul Extraction7:51
5Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBFG Division 20204:46
6Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderMetal Hell6:07
7Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderParadise Lost3:47
8Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderUrdak4:45
9Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderThe Doom Hunter5:09
10Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderInfiltrate the Cult 14:53
11Mick GordonCultist Prayer 14:06
12Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDemonic Corruption 13:57
13Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderMaykr Drones3:56
14Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderThe Khan Maykr (Chad Mossholder remix)5:12
15Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDeag Ranak2:18
16Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderMars Core4:58
17Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDeag Nilox - First Priest Death0:55
18Mick GordonThe Icon of Sin5:36
19Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderPhobos Space5:39
20Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderA Slayer City3:28
21Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderThe Super Gore Nest5:12
22Mick GordonThe Only Thing They Fear Is You6:53
23Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderAsteroids and Rockets5:56
24Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderYou Can't Just Shoot A Hole Into The surface of Mars1:42
25Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDoom Hunted4:26
26Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBlood Sacrifice3:35
27Mick GordonWelcome Home Great Slayer3:15
28Mick GordonPrayer of the Diminished1:41
29Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderGladiator Boss4:54
30Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBeast of the Arena1:46
DOOM Eternal (Part 2)
31Chad Mossholder, Mick GordonFortress of Doom3:00
32Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderRevenant Possession0:46
33Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderUsuper Gore4:21
34Mick GordonSinister3:51
35Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderSuper Shotgun Reunion0:46
36Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderThe Baron of Hell3:33
37Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderDoomed Hunter3:17
38Mick GordonCommand and Control5:07
39Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBFG 10k2:55
40Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderSams Base 5:07
41Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderPhobos Base3:31
42Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderAcquiring the BFG3:48
43Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderHeart of the Beast5:32
44Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderConsumption6:09
45Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBio-organic Continuum Gate5:09
46Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderMassive Demonic Presence8:11
47Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderArmored Response Coalition3:06
48Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderKalibas the Sightless Judge5:44
49Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderS.O.S. from Earth2:41
50Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderBarging In2:40
51Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderTaras Nabad5:31
52Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderKing Novik1:55
53Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderThe Khan Maykr7:42
54Mick GordonMeathook6:07
55Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderEternal Prophecy6:52
56Mick GordonThe Betrayer6:01
57Mick GordonDoom Eternal4:58
58Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderEnd of Level2:30
59Mick Gordon, Chad MossholderFinal Sin - Sandy City1:54


Included in the Collector's Edition of DOOM Eternal released on the 21st of March, 2020. The cassette itself plays 2 unnamed tracks. Side A plays ambience and side B plays demon noises from the game. On the back is a redemption code for digital copies of both soundtracks, which is redeemable on The DOOM Eternal lossless download was delayed until April 19th due to unannounced circumstances.



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      SuperClass47 you couldn't be more wrong. It has nothing to do with the tape. LOL!
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        Edited 3 years ago
        Just a heads up for anyone. The release sounds awful with HEAVY compression all over the tracks. BFG Division 2020 alone sounds like a insult compared to the original from 2016. Casuals might not notice such issues at first but if you compare these tracks side by side, the difference is day and night.

        I have absolutely no idea what went wrong in the finalization of this amazing OST but Bethesda screwed up again, like so many times in the last years. It is also not the first time they screw up soundtracks. Some of their officially sold OSTs have MP3 128Kbit quality, namely Fallout 3 and Wolfenstein New Collossus. They dont really seem to take care about their franchise music.

        Right now it seems like they are ignoring the game and the whole OST situation. Wouldnt wonder me if there is a law battle behind the scenes since Mick Gordon, main composer of the OST, wasnt that cheerful about the whole thing. But I dont really care about all this. The fact they sourced the music from ingame music, is the main problem. They are too compressed to begin with.

        I hope that they might release a proper mastered OST later on together with the DLC music from Andrew Hulshult but somehow I doubt this. Originally they wanted to release the Eternal OST for everyone but it didnt happen. Either because they are working on a better release, or, what I think, they just try to put the whole thing under the rug. Has been almost a year now anyway.
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          Has there been any update on a standalone release of the Doom Eternal soundtrack?


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