Killing Joke - RMXD flowerbed

June 6, 2018

I've just ordered one from HMV. Did you get a refund from the retail seller for the CDR. If mine arrives and it's a CDR I'll request a refund. Either that or write to Jaz. 😂

Killing Joke - RMXD TimBucknall

May 6, 2016
well if you can get a version that isn't a cdr (see previous review) this is a really fun compilation, I love it *ALMOST as much as wilful days.
if memory serves Track 5 was supposed to have been on the Kings & Queens 12" but was accidentally replaced by another mix so this in fact its first release
in fact some people were starting to doubt its existence until this compilation came out

Killing Joke - RMXD zevulon

May 13, 2016
So what mix is this then? Killing Joke - Kings And Queens There is no other remix title presented there?

Killing Joke - RMXD Stahlnetz1

December 9, 2015
Beware! I just purchased a copy of this, and it was a CDR. It was new, sealed and I purchased it from a respectable retail seller. It's really bad when a major label like EMI releases CDR copies. :/