NunSlaughter ‎– The Devil's Congeries Vol. 3

Hells Headbangers ‎– HELLS 244
2 × CD, Compilation
DVD, DVD-Video, Reissue

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CD1-1 How I Want To Die 1:12
CD1-2 We Bite
Written-By – Misfits
CD1-3 Terrorain
Written-By – Septic Death
CD1-4 Saw Me 1:38
CD1-5 Hell Yawns Before You 2:38
CD1-6 Shadow World 2:16
CD1-7 You Say My Name 2:15
CD1-8 Deathlehem 2:09
CD1-9 Unholy Scriptures 3:22
CD1-10 Jewrusalem 2:15
CD1-11 Unclaimed Cadaver 1:54
CD1-12 Burn The Cross 1:56
CD1-13 Ride My Nightmare 2:21
CD1-14 Burn The Cross 1:58
CD1-15 All Of The Dead 2:04
CD1-16 Leave The Church Behind 1:28
CD1-17 Titan 2:35
CD1-18 Healing The Possessed 2:56
CD1-19 The Fog
Written-By – Goatlord
CD1-20 Nocturnal Hell
Written-By – Slaughter (2)
CD1-21 Damned Be The Souls 2:02
CD1-22 Satanic Slut 2:12
CD1-23 Satanic Slut 2:52
CD1-24 Satanic Slut 2:12
CD1-25 Satanic Slut 2:29
CD1-26 Burn In Hell 1:45
CD1-27 I Am Death 1:54
CD1-28 Metallic Jam 0:30
CD1-29 Death By The Dead 1:57
CD1-30 Cataclysm 1:24
CD2-1 Altar Of The Dead 1:22
CD2-2 Death By The Dead 1:39
CD2-3 In The Graveyard 1:58
CD2-4 It Is I 2:54
CD2-5 The Fucking Witch 2:53
CD2-6 Sickened By The Sight Of Christ 3:27
CD2-7 Bring Me The Head Of God 1:40
CD2-8 She Lives By Night 2:05
CD2-9 Ouija 3:18
CD2-10 As The Cacodemons Feast 2:44
CD2-11 Raid The Convent 2:23
CD2-12 Torment 1:00
CD2-13 I Saw Your God Die 1:37
CD2-14 Angelhunt 2:16
CD2-15 Cerebus 2:29
CD2-16 Church Of Disgust 2:08
CD2-17 Sacrificial Zombie 2:00
CD2-18 Damned Be The Souls 2:13
CD2-19 It Is I 3:20
CD2-20 Midnight Mass 3:39
CD2-21 Poisoned Priest 3:20
CD2-22 You Bleed 1:38
CD2-23 Nocturnal Hell 3:31
CD2-24 Black Horn Of The Ram 1:56
CD2-25 Burning Away 1:33
CD2-26 The Devil 1:39
CD2-27 Mother Cunt Whore 20:3
CD2-28 Church Bizarre 2:26
CD2-29 NunSlaughter 3:36
CD2-30 Immune To Poison 2:29
CD2-31 Satanic Slut 2:28
CD2-32 Burn In Hell 2:31
CD2-33 Atheist Ways 2:23
Metal Assault On Australia (August 2nd-9th 2003)
DVD-1 Cerebus
DVD-2 Obsessed With The Visions Of The Satanic Priest
DVD-3 Burn In Hell
DVD-4 Immune To Poison
DVD-5 Devil Metal
DVD-6 Midnight Mass
Adelaide I
DVD-7 The Devil
DVD-8 Killed By The Cross
DVD-9 The Guts Of Christ
Adelaide II
DVD-10 The Crowned And Conquering Hag
DVD-11 Black Horn Of The Ram
DVD-12 As The Cacodemons Feast
DVD-13 Obsessed With The Visions Of The Satanic Priest
DVD-14 Altar Of The Dead
DVD-15 Raid The Convent
DVD-16 Midnight Mass
DVD-17 Black Horn Of The Ram
DVD-18 Fire
DVD-19 Altar Of The Dead
DVD-20 Church Of Disgust
DVD-21 I Am Death
DVD-22 Obsessed By The Visions Of The Satanic Priest
DVD-23 Sacrificial Zombie
DVD-24 Damned Be The Souls
DVD-25 It Is I
DVD-26 Raid The Convent
DVD-27 In The Graveyard
DVD-28 Midnight Mass
DVD-29 Burning Away
DVD-30 Thou Art In The Kingdom Of Hell
DVD-31 Poisoned Priest
DVD-32 Satanic Slut
DVD-33 The Sephiroth
DVD-34 Death By The Dead
DVD-35 You Bleed
DVD-36 Black Horn Of The Ram
DVD-37 Nocturnal Hell
DVD-38 She Lives By Night
DVD-39 Emperor In Hell
DVD-40 The Fucking Witch
DVD-41 Atheist Ways
Audio Assault
DVD-42 As The Cacodemons Feast
DVD-43 Raid The Convent
DVD-44 Torment
DVD-45 I Saw Your God Die
DVD-46 Angelhunt
DVD-47 Cerebus
DVD-48 Ouija
Satanic Sluts EP
DVD-49 Satanic Slut
DVD-50 Satanic Slut
DVD-51 Satanic Slut
DVD-52 Satanic Slut

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The first digit in the human-readable portion of the barcode is obscured by the release artwork.

The DVD is a reissue of the 2005 Metal Assault On Australia release. Includes bonus screensaver, photo gallery, theme for your PC, and the audio from the out of print live "Satanic Slut" 7" record that was pressed exclusively for the tour.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 27166 38882 3
  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): F92006 PO_12809/CD1
  • Mastering SID Code (CD1): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD1): IFPI 5J83
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): F92310 PO_12809/CD2
  • Mastering SID Code (CD2): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (CD2): FPI 5J83
  • Matrix / Runout (DVD): [GZ logotype] F92012 PO_12809/DVD
  • Mastering SID Code (DVD): IFPI LD02
  • Matrix / Runout (DVD): [GZ logotype] F92013
  • Mastering SID Code (DVD): IFPI LD02
  • Mould SID Code (DVD): IFPI 5J99