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Psi-Solation - A Global Compilation Of Music Made In Lockdown (FLAC, Compilation) album cover

VariousPsi-Solation - A Global Compilation Of Music Made In Lockdown

Label:Celebrate Psi Phenomenon – none
119 x File, FLAC, Compilation
Country:New Zealand
Genre:Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Non-Music


1Absolute PricksScrape6:28
2Alex NeilsonLow Life3:51
3Alkemia (2)Hostis Humani Generis3:37
4Amon DudePsi-Solation3:39
5Annette KrebsKonstruktion#4: Psi-Solated Movements27:47
6Antony MiltonHorror Vacui6:00
7AstroCranky Cranium7:31
8Attilio NovellinoLeere Als Gewalt5:28
9Bachelor Of ArchitectureIn For Four, Out For Seven8:47
10Beban*Four Dictaphone Meditations On Lockdown1:53
11Ben SpiersBetween The Cemetery And The Broad Bean Field1:47
12Brendan MurrayAlways Something Watching4:00
13Brian GraingerHoneycomb Fossil Irradiate23:11
14Brilliant SwordsEverythings An Omen1:13
15Cal LyallFrom Up Here Its Saharan Blue9:12
16Cats Are ArseholesCruising Underwater Strip Malls For A Waterproof Sleeping Bag3:30
17Chris O'Connor (6)940a New North Road, Mount Albert, Auckland3:05
18Clayton ThomasA Mix For Marilyn C10:58
19Crazy River56:01
20Darryl BaserColdwinter6:26
21Dave Edwards (30)Solitude11:55
22Dave McMahon Hitodama*Cheerful Din12:26
23DefektroLost And Found1:37
24DSLBSong For Wasps4:01
25Ducklingmonster*K Rd Saturdays14:48
26Edward Sol*There's No Remembrance Of Former Things11:49
27Energy Is Eternal DelightIn This Field5:03
28Francisca* & Alexander GriffinGhost Lights3:00
29Ezra WoolnoughPure Fart Dust52:29
30Family UndergroundGraffiti Ridge6:58
31Fordell Research UnitOn Sciatica4:44
32Fredrik Ness SevendalDa blænka so fint, onde felestræng..da spela so stilt bort i eistape eng4:24
33FurchickUpon My Chest3:11
34Gabriel GriffinNervous States2:05
35G CPunakaiki, Punakaiki2:19
36Gerritt*Untitled For Campbell1:55
37Glass Cannon UnicornEmbrace The Corners Of The Mind To Taste The Divine15:08
38Goh Lee KwangApril 12th 202014:06
39Greg Malcolm'2:21
40GreymouthGolden Hour Seashell Soup1:48
41Guillaume CailleauStaples In A Faultline6:23
45HenderwoodKing Tide3:38
46Hermione JohnsonBoiling The Envelope6:34
47Howard StelzerMaybe8:50
48Indira NevilleSlice Of Slice0:08
49Insect FactoryD-Drive6:58
51Jacob ArchibaldVoxtra6:15
52Jeff HendersonSaxotube Sun 12th April 20209:25
53Joe+NWalking Into The Wind5:30
54Jude SavageKarma Comes Around
55Jude* & Andrew Savage (2)Taking Pictures With You2:32
56Justice Yeldham*Back In Baxter7:02
57Kirsty PorterRuby Princess5:02
58Kraus (2)An Arrow In The Haunch4:07
59LA GloriaOne Guitar, Twice6:05
60Lasse MarhaugErud Isolation24:50
61Lea CummingsThe Waiting Grounds10:03
62Leighton CraigSoft Rhythm Of Existence4:21
64Like WeedsNo Longer Human8:57
65Luke Wood (4)Rural Amorous Feelings14:09
66Mark Williams (24)The Purple Bar2:44
68Mercede$ Cambridge*Lair9:11
69Mike Cooper (21)Quarantine - 3 = Tina Modetti18:46
70Mike BullockPsi-Solution, Florence, MA13:38
71Mike Minchington*Song For Sun Approaching7:06
72Mr SterileCrisis-Like3:03
73Mud DeathThe Ivory Gates4:48
74MurmerWhat Goes On Goes On12:18
75My Heart, An Inverted FlameDungeon Bias8:09
76Nathan TaareEssensual2:35
77Nathan ThompsonBorders Dissolve10:07
78Neil CampbellEaster Sunday pm4:42
79Noel MeekUntitled5:19
80Onion EngineStone Flower1:58
81Oona VerseOona Of The Lick Down3:18
82Our Love Will Destroy The WorldAnticosmic Bushido7:13
83Papa God Lord*Visions Of Islands (Duet For One Saxophone)5:22
84PefkinThe Drowned City8:09
85Peter BlameyToo Remote5:20
86Peter PorteousIsolation 38:58
87Peter WrightWe Go In A Circle At Night6:36
88Petter Flaten EilertsenThe Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees4:50
89Phil JulianApril 25:38
90PumiceGrey Funnel Line14:27
91P WitsThe Cold Flat Chest Of Her Indifference8:44
92RambutanBehind The Shadow Of Premonition5:52
93Richard FrancisIts Not Wind, Its Trees4:24
95Sami PekkolaPsi-Solation12:47
96Sam LongmoreUntitled (Morningside)5:20
97Sandra SeligThe Disc12:19
98SehtThe Milk Of Paradise5:37
99Simon O'Rorke & Blair LathamTrio For Two #27:05
100Smokers PleaseClean Sheets4:27
101Stephen McCarthy (2)Window Wars5:46
102Tangent (16)I Remember Outside4:49
103Thaniel Ion LeeDream Of Dreams4:55
104The Doll (2)Let Years Model2:54
105The OneirologistThis Is Not A Life9:22
106Thierry MonnierFor Campbell Kneale Pt25:22
107Tim CorneliusFalls Apart4:45
109TofujuiceI Am Dreaming About Becoming A Beast Made Of Mist And Fungus13:09
110Tom CarterChenevert Street Moan7:56
111Toni KendallShimmer2:30
112Úgjü SectasWelcome The New Earth3:29
113UtonVenusian Rays3:11
115VlubäLamento Felinae (Psi-Solated)5:36
116William Henry MeungThe Hammer And The Dance17:15
117Yoshihiro KikuchiPsi-Solation19:12
1180-0The Birds Are Back For One Last Hooray14:06
1191/3 Octave BandSubterra11:06


"Thank you global lockdown...

Get a load of this... 119 artists from all over the world. Old soldiers, hungry young hounds... astonishing collection of WAY left of centre music... and its free (if you want)."