I'm Not A Gun - Make Sense And Loose (Remixes) as reviewed by restless

December 2, 2010
edited over 8 years ago

Once again, the cult but discreet Ulrich Schnauss hits the spot with a totally lyrical remix that sounds like the perfect cross between vaporous indie/shoegaze music (splendid use of guitar arpeggio licks) and IDM-breaks (not so far from Boards Of Canada's 'upbeat' moments), but without being too 'precious', ie here is a rare example of Mr Schnauss in a 'biting' and quite dancefloor friendly mood.
Anyway words are not enough do plain justice to this really unique 'mélange' tune. Splendid stuff.

I'm Not A Gun - Make Sense And Loose (Remixes) tonnyrulez

December 2, 2010
This truely ain't no cult artist, sorry...