Metro Area - Fabric 43 dickonstone

December 6, 2016
Unless I'm going completely mental, there is a track between Gary's Gang and Voyage. And I would love to know what it is. Otherwise, there's another version of either of those tracks that I need to find. Can anyone help?

Metro Area - Fabric 43 mrd

March 29, 2013
This is a legacy for the future generations.

Metro Area - Fabric 43 as reviewed by jiggawhat

February 24, 2013
edited over 6 years ago

It's disco, but not the obvious vocal tunes, it's the dubs and the B-sides. The only track I recognized on here was Midway's "Set It Out", so look for Metro Area to dig up some rare grooves. If you buy this CD looking for some Bee Gees or Donna Summer you will surely be disappointed. But it's a fantastic mix that shows a different side of disco from the one illustrated on LCD Soundsystem's comparably strong Fabriclive 36 mix. It's a sound that in many ways has defined Metro Area, who play and produce a restrained, late-night form of house.

Metro Area - Fabric 43 as reviewed by Bitshifter

November 19, 2008

Finally a refreshment from fabric. Ever since fabric 29 (Tiefschwarz) I've been waiting for something good to come from fabric (excluding the Fabriclive series) and it finally came. A funky-groovy mix by the metro guys (highlights for me are Barbara Norris's Heavy Hitter, Voyage's Souvenirs and Open Mind by Jean Luc Ponty). I must admit I have not heard any of the tracks before listening to this compilation but was very relieved with the outcome. I'm already foreseeing another low, monotonic, minimal mix in the future by John Tejada in fabric 44, but at least for now I can enjoy this.
Thank you Metro Area!