1st Prodject - Right Before (Remix) / Shady as reviewed by spaceear

April 23, 2008
This is a must for the remix of Right Before - the original was a great track and so is this faster updated remix. I still play both original and remix regularly on my old school show on Stressfactor. Samples are from Mentasm and the Pin Up Boys remix of True Faiths - Take Me Away.

The flip side is also a good track with samples of A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head and Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation, thrown in with some nice breaks and a familiar uplifting piano sample from an old house fav.

The miss-press - I am so far the only person I know, who also has a miss-press of this tune with the B-side being changed for what can only be described, as an awesome tune! If anyone knows what this track is that has replaced Shady on the miss-press then please let us know. I would love to add the record to this database but have no idea what it is. I am guessing that there are some out there that think this track is "Shady" as the label suggests but as I have both, its obviously not. The correct pressing has the "Shades of Rhythm" sample. This tune puts the correct B-Side completely in the shade!

1st Prodject - Right Before (Remix) / Shady bloodhoundcoverband

December 22, 2015
miss-press sounds like a remix of Tim Taylor & Damon Wild Aurobora E-Strings on EXperimental 05

1st Prodject - Right Before (Remix) / Shady z_chromozone

February 5, 2011
I think you'll find it's the "Pin up Girls" not Boys ;)

1st Prodject - Right Before (Remix) / Shady trebor74

January 4, 2011
edited over 7 years ago
There are now 3 mixes of Right Before. You can now mix Love E remix into both Original and Remix on xfader. Recommended chopping on the xfade.