D.J P.C* - Inssomniak as reviewed by martin.log

February 6, 2016
One of my favourites sounds in 1991. Advanced sound for that time.

D.J P.C* - Inssomniak Braindead

May 26, 2014
It's been commented before about reversing "Insomniac" and getting "I must sleep" in return. At the time my friend and I argued about what was said after "Insomniac", and it was spinning the record back that we heard the same line over. It only works if you say "insomniac" with the same intonations as this record...

Whether that was genius or accident is for others to decide.

D.J P.C* - Inssomniak as reviewed by BRUCE1991

October 24, 2010
edited over 4 years ago

As Jacky Meurisse said myself, this record was made completely by him.It was a one track order by whom he was only paid with no royalties. Because it was a huge success, he missed out on a bunch of money.
Later, he did not make the same mistake with "Pleasure Game Le Dormeur" with which he was fully involved.

"Inssomniak" has the typical M. sound.The same choir and bleeps are used, on "Le Dormeur" (SA42 mix). It also contains the same track structures and edits.
The beats and vocals are noticable sampled from Tyree : "Turn Up The Bass".
The only remaining mystery is where does the sample "Inss..." come from and how is it possible to obtain "I'm asleep" when played backwards...?
Sadly Jacky doesn't remember this detail.

After "Inssomniak" all the tracks made under the name "DJPC" were from Patrick Cools himself, but recorded in Jacky's studio.

D.J P.C* - Inssomniak SergioCocco

June 30, 2014
Insomniak-Sample comes from (David Bowie guitarist) Carlos Alomar only solo LP "Dream Generator" & track Insomniac (also a 12"), discovered this AB-hit (Ancienne Belgique, cult pre-New Beat club in Antwerp,open in 1983-1988) on a Liaisons Dangereuses tape (legendary Sven Van Hees radio Program playing mix of EBM,funk,wave,synthpop,afro-beat,ambient & forgotten b-sides..). This track is actually more instrumental funk.

D.J P.C* - Inssomniak as reviewed by robbie_kamper_collection

March 1, 2004
Played backwards "Insomniak" sounds like "I must sleep"!
I don't know how that's possible.